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But the conference might bring about some interesting hardware news as well. There have been a lot of rumors floating around about the next Surface device. Seeing how the Sufrace 3 is still quite new, its successor is unlikely to come anytime soon, but that doesn mean that Microsoft can share some information about the future of the tablet line today.

1 Kentucky illustrates college basketball uncertain landscape n Evansville upset at No. 1 Michigan State n Kentucky freshman Tyrese Maxey shows star quality in Champions Classic victory over No. 1 Michigan State n n n n n n Kentucky n n n 11 /06 /2019 n n n n n n n n n n n n n n Getty n n n n n n n Texas Andrew Jones scores career high 20 points in return from leukemia n Texas Andrew Jones scores career high 20 points in return from leukemia n n n n n n Texas n n n 11 /06 /2019 n n n n”,” n n n n n n n n n n Getty n n n n n n n Kentucky vs.

Shares in Essilor, the world leader in corrective lenses, surged by 13.8 percent on the Paris stock exchange and Luxottica shares were up 8.2 percent in Milan on the news as of 1100 GMT.The combined group will have a market capitalisation of around 46.2 billion euros ($49 billion), based on both companies’ closing share prices on Friday.Under the terms of the transaction, the family of Leonard Del Vecchio, Luxottica founder and chief executive, will hand over his stake to Essilor, which will then launch a public bid to buy the remaining shares.Del Vecchio, 81, controls a 62 percent stake via holding company Delfin.”Finally, two products which are naturally complementary, namely frames and lenses, will be designed, manufactured and distributed under the same roof,” Del Vecchio said.”With this agreement my dream to create a major global player in the eyewear industry, fully integrated and excellent in all its parts, comes finally true.”The combined group, to be known as EssilorLuxottica, will have annual sales of more than 15 billion euros and employ a workforce of 140,000 worldwide.The merger is expected to create synergies that will save between 400 million and 600 million euros a year in the medium term.Bryan, Garnier Co analysts called the merger “a perfect fit. As both groups are leading their respective categories” of lenses and frames.But they said the new group “might face anti trust barriers since it would become a ‘hegemonic supplier’ for many independent opticians.” ‘The same vision’ Del Vecchio will become chief executive of the new group and Essilor head Hubert Sagnieres, 61, will be his deputy, with “equal powers”, a joint statement said.”We share the same values, the same vision, the same interest in the products,” Sagnieres said.Del Vecchio returned to the helm in January 2016 after two years of management turmoil sparked by a falling out with his right hand man Andrea Guerra, who quit in 2014.”Leonardo Del Vecchio’s inability to find a successor probably weighed heavily on this idea of coming together” with Essilor, said a strategist at the French brokerage firm Aurel BGC.”The idea. Has been around a long time, and though not on everyone’s mind recently, and is now bearing fruit,” he added.The two groups made a failed attempt to merge in 2013.Founded in 1961, Luxottica owns the Ray Ban, Oakley and Sunglass Hut brands and licences for designer frames such as Giorgio Armani, Chanel and Ralph Lauren.The Italian group, which employs some 80,000 people, generates annual sales of around nine billion euros, while Essilor booked sales of just over 6.7 billion euros in 2015.

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We all want what is best for our children and we all aspire to have a happy family. This blog is for the mother with the high power career. This blog is for the mother who has sacrificed her career to stay at home with her children, and also for the mom whose decision to work outside the home has less to do with choices and more to do with financial necessity.

I tried it out with a postcard I got from Proctor Gamble for Mach 3 razors. After I took a picture of the offending junk mail, the app needed my name and address. Once I confirmed I really wanted to unsubscribe, it sent off a request promising to resend if it didn hear back in 13 days, but I received confirmation about 60 seconds later that I have been taken off their list.

You can slap as much pop sheen on it as you want, but the most interesting rock roll is based on deconstruction. It heart and soul. Black Adidas plays a bit outside the yard in some places, but still feels like one of those bands.. Is a massive undertaking that normally pushes students far beyond traditional course expectations and comfort zones but also delivers much more than just a grade. Ideally, these lessons will stay with them for many years to come. Event drew approximately 1,000 fans to Memorial Gardens to cheer on the Lakers varsity hockey teams and support mental health awareness and fundraising efforts..

IllustrisTNG is an on going series of simulations. So far, there have been three IllustrisTNG runs, each one creating a larger simulation than the previous one. They are TNG 50, TNG 100, and TNG 300. In the movie, Jones and Smith are two Division 6 immigration workers whose top secret special job is to monitor the United States’ sizable but hidden population of beings from outer space. Smith is a rebellious, smart and tough street cop who is recruited by Jones after a big alien bust near the Mexican border required Jones to retire his current partner and erase his memory. As soon as Smith passes his tests and joins Jones in the field with the beaming approval of their boss, Zed (Rip Torn) things start popping..

Unsurprisingly, the world’s greenhouse output has continued to soar. In 1997, global CO2 emissions added up to 24.4 billion metric tons, according to the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. In 2014, the total was 35.7 billion metric tons a sobering increase of 46%.

So I agree with you about SAT IQ, and IQ SES. I think if you look at it all, there a large dose of conscientiousness (which standardized testing companies are now going after), and attractiveness but that on the individual side of things. Offhand I don remember the numbers, but standardized test score probably correlates .45 or so with first year college grades? Think about that for a second.

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Waste is generated from residence, factories and other places. If you are thinking of cheap skip hire services, you will be able to manage the rubbish intelligently. Waste is generated from residence, factories and other places. Crucially, this choice is technically natural due to a shift symmetry. Moreover, vacuum energy sequestering selects radiatively stable initial conditions for the collapse, which guarantee that immediately before the turnaround the Universe is dominated by the linear potential which drives an epoch of accelerated expansion for at least an e fold. Thus, a single, technically natural choice for the slope ensures that the collapse is imminent and is preceded by the current stage of cosmic acceleration, giving a new answer to the why now? problem..

It is a nice gesture, but we were low on cash by the end of the trip. All in all Chuck still worked to give us some discount, just not as much as I’d expected if we’d paid cash. Chuck also made up for it connecting us to other resources like zip lining and negotiated us one free rider!On a separate note careful wearing sunglasses in the water duh right.

2. Have a Belt. Belt anything you wear this summer with a wide, colorful, and preferably straw ish belt. The Acuvue Advance Brand Family has two kinds: Advance amid HydraClear, and Advance for Astigmatism. HydraClear keeps on on wetting your eyes to still be them moisturized and newly written all day so you will not feel uncomfortable such as investing in other get a message to lenses which get too dry. Advance for Astigmatism persists in the lenses stable in your eye, so you get a consistent and basic vision specifically calculated for Astigmatism.

In sport coats, basketweave and glen plaid patterns are news. But it’s the tailored jackets in knit fabrics that have the forward approach. Coordinated slacks have a soft drape for the season with a fuller silhouette. Finder please return valaaolc papers. Nick Mazur, 116 LIsgar. Ph.

The main feelings our movies give off these days are exhaustion and inertia. The comedies have rarely been so frantic and the action movies so superpowered, but they have scant ebullience or spontaneity. They’re the spawn of artificial hearts and minds.

Isabelle Bates, 10, told the Daily Mail: was asking her random questions, what do you do for Christmas and that. Were talking about mince pies and she said she never had one but she was going to try one tonight. I thought she was really fun. Why, one might ask, was a chemical plant allowed to function in a densely inhabited portion of the city? The same question should be asked in many countries such as the US, where hazardous wastes’ disposal sites are disproportionately located in poor and minority communities. We know that long before the incident, numerous warnings had appeared in the local press of the dangerous and unsafe conditions in the plant. There are far too many hidden scripts, many hitherto still unexplored, in the narrative that is now known as the ‘Bhopal Gas Leak Tragedy’..

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There is just a flicker of sunlight left in the sky as Jan finishes her story. I hurriedly stand up from the table, dropping my napkin to the ground. Jan, who has not finished her glass of wine, asks me where I’m going in such a hurry. En outre, les r de Californie qui sont des utilisateurs inscrits aux Services et qui sont de moins de 18 ans ont droit, en vertu de la Loi de Californie, de demander et d’obtenir le retrait de contenu et de renseignements qu’ils ont eux m affich en tant que Contenu de l’utilisateur sur les Services. Veuillez s l’option Confidentialit comme ligne d’objet et incluez dans le corps du courriel (i) Une d que vous demandez, en vertu de la Loi de Californie, le retrait de Contenu de l’utilisateur; (ii) Une description du mat que vous souhaitez supprimer et des renseignements raisonnablement suffisants pour nous permettre de localiser le mat et (iii) Votre pr nom, adresse courriel, adresse postale (y compris la ville, l’ province et le code postal) ainsi que l’ann de naissance, afin que nous puissions traiter votre demande. Nous comptons sur votre consentement pour vous envoyer des messages marketing directs sur nos produits, services et promotions et pour vous envoyer des publicit cibl la fois sur et en dehors des Services.

I had to talk to my sister, my nieces, my grandson, everyone is affected by this.”He added of their support: “My daughters love their father obviously and I love my daughters. The love there and the care and family, it’s always good to have family in these tough times.”But my kids know how tough their dad is, and what a fighter I am. I’m also very cautious and I’m doing all the things it’s a lifestyle change.

That path, however, is likely to lead to some split the differences agreements with Republicans that liberals will find frustrating, such as continued funding for Trump border wall. Pelosi typically proceeds with care before committing to such deals, consulting with stakeholders inside the party such as the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. 20 deadline to complete their work without resorting to a third government wide stopgap spending bill..

Ali ja osobno, u finalu u Parizu Tenis Masters turnira,ray ban naocale mostar, sudjelovati u ranim godinama na tijelu viak mukaraca muay tajlandski turnir igre i naslov nagrada prvaka. Ali ne boriti i ne,muski okviri za naocale za vid,ray ban naoale njukalo, a kada je stigao svoju maksimalnu brzinu,police naoale, enskim parovima i mjeovitim parovima u svakoj od etiri para igraa debi. U iduih 20 godina,ray ban naocale bez dioptrije,naoale dioptrijske, Nacionalna Igre 11.

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This access to research groups and data makes for exciting projects from which to write your thesis. It can also provide opportunities to work on real data that may contribute to ongoing research projects on the whole. For me this was the best part of my MSc, conducting fieldwork with a NGO..

So, when Theofanis learns Yosha is heading off on a jaunt to Miami to play gin rummy and prepare for trials, he asks Yosha to pay a visit to the Colliers and put in a good word for Butler. Collier’s final JUCO season was over, so it was too late to actually watch him play, but Theofanis was willing to take him on Evans’ recommendation. Someone just had to make a sales pitch and take a look at the kid..

I wish I had the time to write up well thought out responses to articles, but unfortunately, that just not possible right now. And just FYI: not a lot of thought goes into my tag commentary. N n. M. And Perdereau, O. And Perotto, L. Lenses may be held in a solid plastic frame or in a metal frame held together with a small screw. Metal frames can be repaired with a screw or, temporarily, with wire. If a plastic frame has not broken, you can snap the lens back into place by pushing it firmly into the frame, usually from the reverse side.

Don see Claire as cruel. I see her as calculating. She a businesswoman. Just saying the word out loud makes it feel like money might accidentally trickle out of your bank account. The luxury on this island nation is abundant and business owners know its high rolling clientele are willing to cough up big bucks for lavish stays. One of the most over the top accommodations: Hilltop Residence, which is located at the peak of Laucala Island in Fiji.

Whether GLAAD handing with glee on You Need to Calm Down or protesting institutionalized sexism with incisive economy on The Man, Lover is Taylor Swift’s most socio political effort so far but it’s also a welcome return to the sillier side of Swift that’s been largely absent from recent efforts. Jargon) and the spoken word waltz interlude on Lover is a masterclass in mixing self mockery with romantic sincerity. From synth bops to acoustic laments, we’ve heard these sounds from Swift in the past, but never before has she sounded so comfortable, mature and downright happy delivering them.

Pick from a huge variety of glassesGet the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribe We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see ourPrivacy Noticefor details of your data protection rightsBurrows Wozencroft has been providing top quality eye care service in Derby since 1937. It is the oldest independent practice in Derby and is located at the top of Normanton Road, opposite the old Natwest building and is within easy walking distance from Intu Derby and the city centre.

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EVERYONE WANTS our barf bag. Spike and Mike’s 1997 Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation is about to begin, and the late night capacity crowd is revving into a high pitched frenzy of anticipation and dread. The full color program being handed out the door promises, “Bonus! You get a FREE BARF BAG with each admission.

Stacey Slip On Sneakers by Rebecca Minkoff ($79.97). (That bow though.) The shoes featured in the outfit are the Stacey Slip On Sneakers by Rebecca Minkoff ($79.97). But you can also get the look with these Keds Triple Kick Leather sneakers ($64.95).

Another theme generating buzz is the recurring motifs, echoes and reverberations between many of the plays on the docket this season. While there are 11 plays in repertory on 3 stages, many theatergoers sought out the echoes between VIII, and in a three play marathon. Check back for reviews later but know this now: Rauch blood pumping world premiere of Bill Cain Elizabethan thriller rocks.

When it comes to selecting the right type of swimsuit, many women are faced with a dilemma. Well, not everyone is blessed with a body like Angelina Jolie so it’s perfectly alright if you are a bit conscious about your flabby imperfections, that will show up in swimwear. In such cases the best option, in my opinion is slimming swimsuits.

Zdanie prawa jazdy daje liczne mo pozwala sta si bardziej samodzielnym, a nawet zwi szanse na zdobycie atrakcyjnej profesji. Codzienne dojazdy do szko pracy czy dalsze wyjazdy wakacyjne nie b ju uto z brakiem luksusu, lecz zupe odwrotnie. W szko nauki jazdy w mo uzyska prawo jazdy na wszystkie kategorie, co otwiera drog do wielu profesji, w kt dane uprawnienia s wymagane.

Fuck it, they get a quick shag in here, they both needed it. Then Harry could take her back to his for round 2. He eat her out until the sun rose. I could call it brunch but always think of sandwiches being eaten by men with curly moustachios when the word brunch is mentioned. Don know why. And for some reason this image really creeps me out.

Who says you need to be festival bound to wear a cocktail of crochet and fringing?! I spotted this incredible top on a member of Topshop staff in the Oxford Street branch last week and dragged my friend Charlotte off in search of it. It pretty pricey (65) for something that is essentially made of holes but it does have leather patches all over it which have clearly bumped up the price. It got great movement in the long fringe trim and is light enough for hot summer days so all round a perfect summer staple!.

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A series of explorative cross coupling reactions have been developed to investigate the local nanoscale environment around catalytically active Pd(II)complexes encapsulated within hollow graphitised nanofiber (GNF). Two new fullerene containing and fullerene free Pd(II)Salen catalysts have been synthesised, and their activity and selectivity towards different substrates has been explored in nanoreactors. The catalysts not only show a significant increase in activity and stability upon heterogenisation at the graphitic step edges inside the GNF channel, but also exhibit a change in selectivity affected by the confinement which alters the distribution of isomeric products of the reaction.

He has forgotten. The saddest thing of all is we lost another young man who was just at the beginning of his adulthood. Tragedy.. Jejuni strain NCTC11168 contains 29 loci with polyG/polyC tracts of seven or more repeats. This protocol outlines a method for rapidly determining ON/OFF states of these 28 phase variable loci in a large number of individual colonies. The method combines a series of multiplex PCR assays with a GeneScan assay and automated extraction of tract length, repeat number and expression state.

Try a cabinet door replace for an easy kitchen renovation. Easy Issues It’s essential to Know In Interior Design within kitchen cabinetry open up the space and provides it a extra airy feel. Add In search of Information about Interior Design? Take a look at The following pointers! or two to the cabinets for additional visual appeal..

Similarly the President of the Indo American Chamber of Commerce, Prabharkar Bothireddy, has some misgivings that the bans send the wrong message to investors at a time when there are vast opportunities for businesses in both countries to work together. Under Secretary for International Trade, Franklin Lavin, was more forthright in declaring that the bans constituted a for the Indian economy. Lavin characterized proponents of the bans as people who do want to treat foreign companies fairly and criticized their attempts to dominate the discussion.

I am a true mix of hundreds of different nationalities and my family before me are also like this. Somehow, I still can get over the confusion I feel every day about it and if I can understand it, how can I expect other people to understand and respect me? I don think it is seen as a good thing right now, it just makes me different.At the age of 11 I just moved up to a senior school in Dorset. I afraid and different to the rest of my year.

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In a letter to Wolfgang Dohrn, Jaques Dalcroze marveled at how Tessenow so aptly realized the social vision inherent in their music pedagogical project: “In their simplicity and harmony the style of [Tessenow’s] buildings match perfectly the style of rhythmic movement of the body. This is very important for this particular genre of staging” (Appia 97; original). In a separate letter to Jaques Dalcroze, Appia agreed: Tessonow had perfectly understood that “the architecture of the [main] building had to disappear behind the activity you [Jaques Dalcroze] wanted to give birth to there” (97; original)..

In such cases, the need to wear glasses to make a serious statement becomes a priority. One must stick to traditional colors like gold, silver, brown or black. One should also give up the temptation of picking up a frame of unusual type or funky color.

Nesta etapa avaliado se uma operao de risco para comprador e para banco, porque este quem assume sua dvida com a construtora ou com proprietrio. Geralmente, para essa estudo, utilizado histrico de compras em outros setores e tambm pode ser utilizado cadastro positivo das organizaes de avaliao de crdito. Se quiser saber mais infos sobre o assunto desse assunto, recomendo a leitura em outro muito bom website navegando pelo hiperlink a a frente: Engemarinha.

When the polarized technology was introduced Ray Ban also incorporated this into their Aviator sunglasses to protect against infrared and ultraviolet rays. The design of the lens is an innovation just as much now as it was when it was first introduced: it is based on a tear drop design that is set at an angle so that the pilot can easily focus on the plane instrument panel. Ray Ban only made their Aviator range available to the general public in 1937 when it became extremely popular a popularity that has continued almost unabated ever since.Ray Ban continues to sell thousands around the globe every year.

The team at Derby Specsavers are committed to their work and helping patientsGet the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribe We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see ourPrivacy Noticefor details of your data protection rightsDerby based opticians, Specsavers in the Intu Centre, has been shortlisted for a prestigious national award. The store has been announced as one of five finalists in the Practice of the Year category at the AOP Awards 2020, run by the Association of Optometrists (AOP).The AOP Awards recognise the highest levels of achievement in UK optics; the 2019 AOP Awards attracted over 20,000 votes from both optical professionals and patients.Uan Gohil, store director at Derby Specsavers, said the team are delighted to have made it to the shortlist in this category, commenting, “It is fantastic to be shortlisted in this category which recognises clinical and customer service excellence in eye care.”It’s already a huge boost for the team, and we’re encouraging all of our customers to visit the awards website and place their vote to help us take home the award.”AOP chief executive, Henrietta Alderman, described the importance of celebrating the profession, “Many of our members will view providing high quality eye care simply as the norm, but the AOP Awards is a great way to show that optometry, even the day to day, incorporates exceptional performance and tremendous passion.”We are delighted to provide an opportunity to recognise these individuals and teams who provide a vital healthcare service.Voting closes at 5pm on Wednesday, December 18, 2019, and the results will be announced at a black tie dinner on Sunday, January 26, 2020.To find out more or to book an appointment at your nearest Specsavers, visit the website.Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterSpecial FeaturesLocal optician shortlisted for national awardSpecsavers Derby has been nominated for Practice of the Year at the AOP Awards 2020National TrustHow to get a holiday from 10pp in your local paperExtend your holidays with our brilliant breaksChristmasYour indispensable guide to surviving this year’s office Christmas PartyA top East Midlands employment solicitor, Alexandra Bullmore of Smith Partnership, gives her advice to both employees and employers on what to do and what not to do this festive seasonChristmasNobody should be alone on Christmas so join the team at HazelgroveThe local care home is inviting everyone to Christmas dinner with its residentsSpecial FeaturesSpreading the spirit of Christmas from The Meadows care homeResidents at the local care home have been busy making up shoe boxes for Operation Christmas ChildMost ReadMost RecentNewhallNeighbours speak of shock following stabbing in streetA man was hospitalisedUK World NewsTeenager who is voice of Peppa Pig ‘earns 1,000 per hour’The actress admits she finds it ‘weird’ that kids don’t recognise herDerby NewsParking crisis branded a nightmare for residents of Derby suburbThey are outragedNoel Mooney smirked at his victim as he was sent downEducationDerbyshire secondary named top state school in the region’We are so proud and honoured’BurtonAll the death notices which have appeared in the Burton Mail this weekDetails of the people from around the area who have died recentlyTraffic and TravelHeavy rainfall sparks Derbyshire flood alertResidents have been warned to ‘be prepared’.

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A Judas to the apostles in blue. The eyes on me in grocery stores and restaurants, the unrelenting judgment. I was looked at as if there was someone just over my shoulder out of focus and disquieting figure.. In this stage, Scorpio is intensely protective of the partner and any threat to the relationship. They are tuned in, psychic to your emotions and needs, and receive many prophecies and visions about you. Scorpio is also remarkably life changing for the partner at this stage, they may challenge you to ask and accept better from yourself, and help soothe, cleanse, and perish your hidden wounds.

(Privacy Policy)TripleLiftThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)Say MediaWe partner with Say Media to deliver ad campaigns on our sites. (Privacy Policy)Remarketing PixelsWe may use remarketing pixels from advertising networks such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook in order to advertise the HubPages Service to people that have visited our sites.

Whether these factors outweigh the potential damage to your credit score is a call only you can make. When I was deep in debt, I canceled my accounts. I glad I did. The South was heavily influenced by enslaved Africans and their African American descendants. French Catholics were among the big players in New Orleans, while Germans and Latinos made their mark in Texas. Likewise, the West Coast, California in particular, is a microcosm of the greater American hodgepodge, with large Chinese and Japanese populations..

Religions were a familial, clan, regional, ethnic, national, or professional identifier; they were a sign of loyalty and community, but philosophy transcended all this. A family’s ethics were not informed by gods, they were informed by philosophy. In this sense, Christianity did not enter the Roman world so much as a religion, but as a philosophy1; to the pagans, the Christian God was a great offense, and counter to everything they thought intuitive, but the pagan philosophers had already unknowingly established inroads for the Christian message2..

This procedure reduces glare and adds contrast. Orange the complementary color of blue will truly make your eyes pop. Mix match patterns and colors or possibly try leggings and a lengthy shirt. True, but dropping even good creative into a social network and not supporting it with an adequate marketing budget is exactly what you shouldn’t do. In fact, one of the best times to put more marketing weight behind creative is when it’s good. Your media planner will tell you that, so why is it different for creative made to be shared on social networks?.

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The rainy time of year reduced my progress substantially, which led me to enroll on the nearby health club. It was time to join a health club to maintain my body in the best condition for spring. The gym had a local kettlebell teacher doing a training series at the time.

Samsung HDTVs over 50 percent off MSRPSamsung 65″ 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TVVIZIO 50″ 4K Ultra HD SmartCast Smart LED TVDell Inspiron 15 Gaming Edition Laptop PC for $999.99 ($300 savings)Call of Duty Dragonfly Drone with CameraDrones from DJI, Parrot, Autel, Yuneed and more starting at $199Nerf N Strike MEGA Mastodon Blaster with Free Blaster for $51 ($28 savings)Sunglasses from Prada starting at $99.99, with other savings on brands like Ray Ban, Gucci, Miu Miu, Cartier and more on MarketplaceWatches from Michael Kors starting at $99.99, with other savings on brands like Omega, Movado and more on MarketplaceHandbags from Rebecca Minkoff starting at $71, with other savings on brands like Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Fossil and more on MarketplaceBoots from brands like Frye and UGG starting at $135 on MarketplaceOuterwear for the family starting at $9Diamond jewelry savings up to $3,000Walmart website will also have an online comparison tool to check the retailer prices against its competitors. Free shipping will be available on orders of $50 or more and free pickup is offered at Walmart stores, an increasingly popular option. During the first two weeks of November, pickup orders placed through the Walmart app have increased more than 75 percent over the same period last year, the retailer said..

During the last tech bubble, the industry did not have the global market that it does today. Now, demand from the rising emerging market middle class is kicking in, as it is for commodities. The 20 month tech rally we saw from the 2009 lows could just be the down payment of a decade long bull market in these stocks, which will end with another bubble..

My own teaching career has encompassed two public institutions and one private. It began at Brooklyn College, one of the senior colleges of the City University of New York, where most students come from working class families that is, if an intact “family” exists and at least one parent is even employed. The school provides an important gateway for the newest waves of immigrants, and the racial and ethnic make up of the student body is constantly shifting.

The lower court judge temporarily halted the ban after determining that the states were likely to win the case and had shown that the ban would restrict travel by their residents, damage their public universities and reduce their tax base. Robart put the executive order on hold while the lawsuit works its way through the courts. The decision led to tearful reunions at airports round the country..