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NEW PEOPLE, San Francisco premiere destination for all things Japanese, has just hosted an event to celebrate the debut of the fashion line, which was previously only available for purchase in Japan.You may not be sure what you are looking at if you spot a woman wearing doll like clothing, highly detailed accessories such as patterned stockings or ruffled cuffs, small hats, and long curled, flowing hair. Does she carry a small purse with handles? Does her clothing seem as if it come from another century?Many Americans may be familiar with the word from Vladmir Nabokov 1955 novel, which tells the tale of a middle aged man who falls in love with a twelve year old girl. The novel has remained a topic of discussion ever since, spawning the pop culture version of lolita, which was once used to describe a precocious girl.However, another aspect of the word describes youth, and it this meaning that intended in the fashion style that bears this name.

Stavite njihove emocije igrati,naoale sa rupicama,ray ban naoale snienje, izjavu Olimpijski Organizacijski odbor I Bolt kao Postoji motkom kraljica Jelena Isinbajeva i kubanska zvjezdica Roberts. Bez jamstva ili obeanja,sunane naoale split, ali Nadal u Dohi naknadne poraza Davidenko bolesti utjeu samo je do polufinala u zapisnik. Dva tinejdera provalili u istonom Queensland, Nakon 1 sat 18 minuta nakon zavretka natjecanja.

Titanium rings are indubitably among the toughest rings ever made. Yet there are several opinions concerning its scratch resistant nature. Because of their durable and tough nature, it is difficult to scratch them and the process of getting them scratched might also take a long time.

A constant was added to allow for a minimum sole thickness of 5 mm and an average wall thickness of 8 mm. Data were evaluated using descriptive statistics and two level linear regression models with claw nested within cow. Based on 219 claws, the recommended dorsal wall length from the proximal limit of hoof horn was up to 90 mm for 96 per cent of claws, and the median value was 83 mm.

There has been a lot of speculation about what Microsoft might choose to do in this department. One clear area of opportunity for the company is in the area of itsXbox gaming and entertainment console. Developing a headset for that could work well with the company Kinect gesture based features, but also potentially as a new screen for experiencing not just games but other media..

New Delhi: All four men accused in the gang rape and murder of a young veterinarian in Telangana were killed while trying to flee from police custody, police have said. “The accused were killed in a Police encounter at Chatanpally, Shadnagar today in the wee hours, between 3 am and 6 am. I have reached the spot and further details will be revealed,” VC Sajjanar, Cyberabad Police Commissioner, was quoted as saying by news agency ANI..

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It caused some to wonder whether Lieberman attended, amping the buzz that he will jump to the GOP. The pol’s spokesman Marshall Wittmann told us: “Sen. Lieberman has no intention or desire to leave the Democratic Caucus. Afrikaans Amharic Arabic Bangla Basque euskara Bulgarian Catalan catal Chinese (Hong Kong) () Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Croatian Hrvatski Czech etina Danish Dansk Dutch Nederlands English (United Kingdom) English (United States) Estonian eesti Filipino Finnish Suomi French (Canada) Franais (Canada) French (France) Franais (France) Galician galego German Deutsch Greek Gujarati Hebrew Hindi Hungarian magyar Icelandic slenska Indonesian Indonesia Italian Italiano Japanese Kannada Korean Latvian latvieu Lithuanian lietuvi Malay Melayu Malayalam Marathi Norwegian norsk Persian Polish polski Portuguese (Brazil) Portugus (Brasil) Portuguese (Portugal) Portugus (Portugal) Romanian romn Russian Serbian Slovak Slovenina Slovenian slovenina Spanish (Latin America) Espaol (Latinoamrica) Spanish (Spain) Espaol (Espaa) Swahili Kiswahili Swedish Svenska Tamil Telugu Thai Turkish Trke Ukrainian Urdu Vietnamese Ting Vit Zulu isiZuluBlogger is a free service for communication, self expression and freedom of speech. We believe Blogger increases the availability of information, encourages healthy debate, and makes possible new connections between people. It is our belief that censoring this content is contrary to a service that bases itself on freedom of expression.However, in order to uphold these values, we need to curb abuses that threaten our ability to provide this service and the freedom of expression it encourages.

In an effort to further enhance the benefits and better assure the success of the VTH program, Haak also has been in conversations with social worker Neely Conner, practice manager of Carilion Clinic’s EAP. Conner has expressed a deep interest in veterinary social work and believes that Carilion’s wellness approach is transferable to the program at the veterinary college. “We’ve been talking about how we can align our programs more closely and work together to address compassion fatigue,” Haak said..

I your lockscreen? looks a little confused for a second, before realisation in hitting him in the form of slightly flushed cheeks. Weren supposed to see that. Course I going to see it, dumbass. C dans le contrat. Quant aux montures Ray Ban, quand j’ai voulu les vendre 69 euros, bizarrement, je n’ai pas t livr. Nous avons alors dpos plainte, pour refus de vente, mais nous avons perdu.

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All social issues aside, Google Glass is an impressive kit of technology. However, that might not be enough to secure its future. The novel PR campaign that is the Google Glass Explorer program seems to be failing. We are a mature couple who had just one full day to take in all the sites of Phnom Penh. Our driver and guide gave us a fabulous day. His personality was such that we felt by the end of the day that we had a new friend.

John Englehart, Arnell’s managing director, was the former head of worldwide client services for Interpublic’s Lowe Group. At Interpublic, Englehart introduced Arnell to Lowe clients, specifically to Coca Cola Co. “Lowe’s Sprite business was in serious jeopardy,” Englehart says.

Tupac ‘seen’ with Beyonce and selling DVDs in Glasgow after death says conspiracy theoristsFollowing speculation reigniting that the rapper is alive here is a look at some the weird and wonderful ‘sightings’ of him and some include him with celeb palsSign up to FREE daily email alerts from mirror celebsSubscribe We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see ourPrivacy Noticefor details of your data protection rightsThank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailTupac Shakur death is still not accepted by many and theories that he is still alive have been reignited following footage filmed in 2011 emerging that is claimed to show the star.The star, known as 2Pac and Makaveli, was just 25 when he was shot twice in the chest, once in the arm and once in the thigh following a drive by shooting outside Las Vegas Club 662 in 1996.He died six days later on September 13, 1996 and this year marks 23 years since the rapper passed.With new footage emerging of him supposedly being in the background of news reports here is a look at some the weird and wonderful of him including Kim Kardashian saying she has laid eyes on him as well as snaps emerging of him posing with Beyonce and 50 Cent.It is even claimed that he has a new job selling DVDs in Glasgow, after a source revealed to Mirror Online: “I’ve seen Tupac alive,he’s working in the Barras market in Glasgow selling dvds!”Tupac Shakur is alive and living in Malaysia, claims Suge Knight sonAnother celebrity who supposedly has hung out with the Ghetto Gospel singer is 50 Cent.An unknown source shared a picture of 50 Cent, real name Curtis James Jackson III and 2pac online, which many conspiracy theorists believe to be legit.One thing is fact and that is Cent is not a fan of the Tupac biopic All Eyez on Me that was released in 2017.Blasting the movie following its release, he told his Instagram followers: “Man I watched the 2Pac film, that was some bulls. Catch that sh on firestick trust me SMH TRASH.”Tupac Shakur final hours reveal how he is still alive, say theoristsSpeculation once again circulated about the singer faking his death after footage from 2011 of Occupy Wall Street in New York was analysed by conspiracy theorists, who point to Tupac allegedly wearing a yellow rain poncho in the background.The rapper only appears for a matter of seconds but it is enough for many to enhance their theory that he hasn died and has, instead, made a new life for himself away from the spotlight.In the clip, the person that is claimed to be Tupac, is seen looking straight at the camera before disappearing into the crowd.The same person then reappears a few seconds later but this time they are obscuring their face with a hood before dancing back out of shot.The video was shared widely on Twitter and garnered plenty of comments from fans who thought this was proof that the rapper had survived the shooting.One dissenter pointed out that it was hugely unlikely that Tupac would appear at such a public event.They tweeted: “I love the idea that Tupac went through the trouble of ditching his multimillion dollar career, faking his murder and fleeing the hemisphere for 15 years to escape the overlords, but then decided to show up at an Occupy rally in NYC in 2011 without a face cover because why not?”.

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Build a collection so you can pick and choose a look depending on how you feel!The retro style dies hard luckily!! It seems the timeless All American look of the 1950s, and will always be in vogue. The retro style embodies an everlasting, classic feel reminiscent of James Dean in those classic black and white films of the Ray Ban can be thanked for keeping the retro trend around. The classic Wayfarer model has been a brand staple for the better half of the century, and the iconic shape is mimicked by a plethora of other labels.

Each of their public appearances will make a hit and blow an entirely new gush of whirling fashion wind. Among so many world famous serials, Tiffany Jewelry 1837 Collection would of course be one of the most shiny and brilliant ones. Tiffany Jewelry 1837 Collection is available silver variety of gifts, which combines classic style and beauty, streamline polished surface engraved with Tiffany to commemorate the founding year of Tiffany Jewelry CO 1837 mark.

Dead people get nothing. So what is the point of doing that if you are already there. I will probably smile tomorrow and pretend nothing is wrong. Soon after daybreak Sunday, the big cleanup began. The scene on the hill was definitely post party. The sweeping views of Casco Bay, which provided a one of a kind backdrop for the concert the day before, were now obscured by mist and fog.

Little is known, however, about how patients and service providers view care after hospital discharge and the role played by primary care services, specifically GPs.Results: Although there were examples of well managed hospital discharges, many patients felt they were not provided with the information they needed about their injury, what to expect in terms of recovery, pain control, return to work, psychological problems, and services to help meet their needs. They also described difficulty accessing services such as physiotherapy or counselling. Service providers identified problems with communication between secondary and primary care, lack of access to physiotherapy, poor communication about other services that may help patients, GP service and resource constraints, and difficulties in providing information to patients concerning likely prognosis.Conclusion: Discharge from hospital after an injury can be problematic for patients.

Quem julga uma auto profecia? E se ela tiver origem no corao humano ou provier do Maligno? A Palavra de Deus no diz que o corao enganoso (Jr 17.9)? Ela no nos alerta quanto aos espritos enganadores (1 Tm 4.1)? Como, pois, algum pode mandar os crentes profetizarem para si mesmos? S mesmo um irresponsvel para fazer uma coisa dessa. SE O TRABALHO CONSUMIA MUITO TEMPO, ELA TIRAVA DOS FILHOS, SE SURGIAM PROBLEMAS, ELA DEIXAVA DE LADO O MARIDO. E ASSIM, AS PESSOAS QUE ELA AMAVA ERAM SEMPRE DEIXADAS PARA DEPOIS, AT QUE UM DIA, SEU PAI, UM HOMEM MUITO SBIO, LHE DEU UM PRESENTE: UMA FLOR MUITO RARA E CARSSIMA, DA QUAL HAVIA UM APENAS EXEMPLAR EM TODO O MUNDO.

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PLEASE keep a look out for these specific pieces and read this post for more info!Some items were very recently stolen from my warehouse. I own a wholesale crystal warehouse in Paramount, California. Some time between the night of Saturday, December 14th and the night of Sunday, December 15th, somebody stole about $1,000 wholesale value of crystals.

I used to plan my meals and exercise routine in hope that when I start to lose weight, I would feel beautiful. I lost the weight and finally started to feel nice in my clothes but all that truly changed was the number on the scale; I still expected more from myself. I still passed mirrors and wished I looked prettier.

And restore it back to it beauty. It meditative. Regift. Have some questions about some of the choices they made there in terms of the companies that got the funding, and how Westcap management made those determinations, said NDP MLA Cathy Sproule, after raising the Westcap issue in Wednesday question period. A number of those loans that are in arrears right now significant arrears. Such loan involved a $1.8 million investment in Infinite Investments Inc.

I didn say it was a court of law, its strictly civil must be handled in civilian court. Double jeopardy may not be the correct terminology. Although a renowned piece of art in its own right, the painting has been cemented into popular culture by the complex legal battle surrounding its ownership involving the Nazi’s rise to power. In 1925 after a lifelong struggle with poor health, Adele died of meningitis at the age of forty three. Shortly before her death, Adele Bloch Bauer expressed her wish that the painting to be given to the Austrian State Gallery, however, before this could take place it was seized by Nazi forces as a part of their organized effort plunder Europe’s artistic treasures to build the glory of the Nazi regime.

Since 2010, AT has pushed the dangers of texting while driving to the forefront with its emotionally charged “It Can Wait” campaign. In recent years, it has depicted heart rending, fictional tragedies resulting from mindless moments of device distraction; it also dug deep into real life stories, as in a documentary film from Werner Herzog. The latest campaign, from BBDO New York and directed by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Errol Morris, combines fact and fiction as it imagines what could have been for victims of distracted driving..

Without exception, they expect profits to rise as much as 15% for 1987. Eugene Melnitchenko, an analyst with Eppler Guerin Turner in Dallas, believes that a 15% annual increase can be maintained for the foreseeable future. Many analysts say Bausch Lomb is dramatically undervalued.

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Harnett alluded to the importance he places on his privacy during an interview earlier this year.”I purposefully didn’t want people to know too much about my personal life because I think a lot of people give it away for free,” Harnett said during an interview with USA Today. “I think if you spend too much time courting people’s attention into your personal life, you lose your ownership of it. That’s why I make sure my life is my own.

A self diving car’s sensors don’t understand human interaction and the subtle cues humans share as we navigate the road. Mapping systems still need improvement and even the powerful sensors can get stumped by something as innocuous as sunlight. A vision system might not be able to see if the sunlight is shining directly into it, explained Absmeier.

I tried to quit and failed within a month of each attempt. It wasn’t until I bought my first electronic cigarette that I saw a compromise to my desire for nicotine and needing to quit inhaling deadly tar and smoke. I feel great now. With the jihadi outfit the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) training its sights on a wide group of countries including India, the leadership in New Delhi cannot afford to passively watch developments unfold in West Asia. In a Ramzan speech ISIL chief and self proclaimed caliph of the newly declared Islamist caliphate spanning Iraq and Syria, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, called on Muslims to wage war against regimes in those countries where ‘Muslim rights had been violated’. With this message countries ranging from Morocco in the west to the Philippines in the east were brought within ISIL crosshairs..

We not pissing away brand money to drive visibility and impressions, we looking to drive engagement, sales, and brand value. Know a lot of people who are turned off to social because they think of it like it a vanity number, he told me. Focused on pay per performance campaigns.

I ask if she has been tested in case there was a genetic component to her mother cancer. Have recently asked but they haven come back to me. There quite a long waiting list but I vigilant about checking for lumps. This paper describes traceable measurements of the dielectric permittivity and loss tangent of a multiphase material (particulate rock set in epoxy) at micron scales using a resonant Near Field Scanning Microwave Microscope (NSMM) at 1.2 GHz. Calibration and extraction of the permittivity and loss tangent is via an image charge analysis which has been modified by the use of the complex frequency to make it applicable for high loss materials. The results presented are obtained using a spherical probe tip, 0.1 mm in diameter, and also a conical probe tip with a rounded end 0.01 mm in diameter, which allows imaging with higher resolution (10 m).

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Qu’est ce qu’une chanson, quelles chansons ont marqu l’histoire et nos histoires, comment se fabrique une chanson ? Le sujet est vaste. Ce cycle abordera quelques aspects de la chanson franaise, selon diffrents points de vue (historique, potique, artistique, sociologique). La dernire sance permettra une mise en pratique dans le cadre d’un atelier de cration..

Co written by Paul Schrader (“Taxi Driver”) this movie is so intense it almost hurts to watch it; De Niro and Pesci scorch the screen in their scenes. Scorsese had a “kamikaze” mood when he made “Raging Bull,” as evidenced by these remarks: “I put everything I knew and felt into that film . I thought it would be the end of my career.” It wasn’t. A knockout..

Dear guest, I would like thank you for taking some of your time to write about your experience in our hotel Hospes Palacio de los Patos We all are really glad to know you enjoyed your stay in our hotel. Customer’s opinions help us to improve and we are already working in this aspect you mentioned. We hope to welcome you back in your next visit to Granada.

Booked this hostal last minute because of price and location, very busy in Barcelona (when is it not!). The location and price were great, that much I knew already. The owner was in an adjacent bar when I arrived which I was directed to by the doorman.

The prices may be so ridiculous a $15,000 watch for $20 that the vendor admits to selling a forgery. But often, the fakes are passed off as real, with price tags that nearly match the originals, such as a $50 Polo shirt “on sale” for $35. But other investigations require more detective work..

It’s just a matter of personal needs and likes when you select a running shoe. Simply put, you should always try on any shoe you plan to purchase. Think about your foot and your needs. This is how you make me feel like I belong. I have the education and skills. Behind every successful idea is a bunch of back end work.

Lorenz, Frank, Randy and Imran were great at getting us organized for fun water sports. We had a wonderful meal at the Estate House. You need to make a reservation as soon as you can because it does book up. You have to play with extra structure. Senators did deliver plenty of fight in a game that had a little bit of everything.Nick Paul of the Ottawa Senators gets a stick to the face from Jakub Voracek of the Philadelphia Flyers in the third period.There were injuries, including Senators goaltender Craig Anderson leaving early with a lower body ailment and Flyers winger Travis Konecny departing with an upper body injury following a solid open ice hit from Mark Borowiecki. And there was bad blood resulting from the hit.In addition, there were weird bounces and a few odd goals, which tend to happen in afternoon games.Provorov scored early in the third period to give the Flyers the 3 2 lead, but Duclair finished off a pretty feet from Thomas Chabot to tie the game 3 3 with five minutes to go.Then came the Laughton game winner.Back in the second, Duclair tied the game 2 2, scoring shorthanded after Gostisbehere and Flyers goaltender Carter Hart crossed signals.Connor Brown, left, Anthony Duclair and Ron Hainsey of the Ottawa Senators celebrate a goal against the Philadelphia Flyers in the second period.As bizarre as the play was, it was in keeping with the theme of strange events.Perhaps it has something to do with players body clocks being out of sync, but afternoon games often lend themselves to the unusual.The Flyers entered Saturday game following Thursday 3 1 loss to the Arizona Coyotes, a rare blip in what has been an impressive ride up the Atlantic Division and Eastern Conference standings in November.They been especially strong at home, facing the Senators with an 11 2 4 mark at the Wells Fargo Center.Connor Brown of the Ottawa Senators positions himself in from of Carter Hart and Ivan Provorov of the Philadelphia Flyers in the first period.Much of that success has come thanks to the hands and feet of Hart, the 21 year old goaltender who stepped into the net with a sparkling record of 7 1 2, a 1.48 goals against average and a .944 save percentage in the building this season.The Flyers should have had no reason to look past the Senators, considering they lost to the Senators 2 1 on Nov.

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Son el accesorio de moda fundamental que proporciona distincin, que eleva la figura a un estatus superior al estar protegida por esos cristales. Es lo que tiene llevar gafas de sol, que te dan seguridad. Aportan un aire misterioso, son un antifaz sexual que atrae miradas, por no hablar del momento clave en el que alguien se quita las gafas y te mira directamente a los ojos.

We directly compare three widely used N body codes, Ramses, Pkdgrav3, and Gadget3 which represent three main discretisation techniques: the particle mesh method, the tree method, and a hybrid combination of the two. For standard run parameters, the codes agree to within one percent at k 1 hMpc 1 and to within three percent at k 10 hMpc 1. We also consider the bispectrum and show that the reduced bispectra agree at the subpercent level for k 2 hMpc 1.

Bonobos in apparel, Ray Ban vs. Warby Parker in eyewear, and Purina vs. BarkBox in pet food. With just four rounds remaining in the AFL season and the debut of Peel Thunder product Joshua Schoenfeld now a fortnight in the past, now is a great time to take a look at how Peel Thunder’s AFL products are doing. Below is how each Peel product has done throughout the 2016 AFL season. Hayden Ballantyne (Fremantle) This year has been a roller coaster for a player that is perhaps Peel Thunder’s most colourful AFL talent.

Luckily got that one over from Holder, and then I began to analyse why I’m going wrong. Realised I’m not a slogger but a timer instead, and then changed my playing style. I’m not someone who wants to entertain by hitting in the air. There are large ones as well as the smaller products that are a lot easier unto be knocked up around. Designer leather purses for women are also designed to give the user a scarcely ripened and new generation look. This enables them until make the inventor lick purses for women that are in tune regardless of the current fashions being picked in different parts of the planet.

The core faculty are complemented by highly qualified adjunct lecturers who are practicing professional planners.Adjunct Professor Carl Bray helps out on a SURP walking tour.You will be joining a profession dedicated to improving the future of natural and human environments. The MPL program has been accredited by the Canadian Institute of Planners for over 40 years. As a graduate, you will be eligible for professional registration across Canada and also throughout the USA, through arrangements with the American Institute of Certified Planners.

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It tells us that the Universe expansion, which is due to the Big Bang, will not continue forever. Instead, at a certain point in time, it will stop expanding and collapse into itself, pulling everything with it until it eventually turns into the biggest black hole ever. Well, we all know how everything is squeezed when in that hole.

I going out on a high note, she told Marketing Magazine.At Google, Ms. Lamothe will oversee all business activities in Quebec.At L Canada, Ms. Lamothe led the company’s push into social media, turning the cosmetics company into one of the most Facebook savvy firms in Canada.

Hop Tea The subject of this article using a small sample of tea made with extract and your desired hop variety. This is probably the easiest way to get an idea of hop bitterness and boil flavor without brewing a full batch of beer. It can be made cold or hot.

He then bombed a certain four pointer when he dropped the ball over the line after the Blues had rallied to within 10 points of the Hawks midway through the second half. Forster Tuncurry coach Phil Adamson said it was a pivotal performance from his side who extended their winning streak to four games ahead of a home elimination final with Port City next Saturday. “It was pretty important for us to win and sent a message to everyone that we got good form and we also got some players to come back,” he said.

“People aren’t embarrassed to wear glasses anymore,” agrees Yvonne Davis of Specsavers Ireland who run an annual Spectacle Wearer of the Year competition. “With all these celebrities wearing them, it’s actually become quite trendy. Our biggest customers are 19 25 year old women even ones who don’t need glasses at all.

Additionally, referred to as the motorcycle or the biker jacket. That is the traditional, bad boy type of deal. Picture large lapels and flared collars, furthermore, followed by buckles, snaps, spikes and studs this type of jacket screams tough and rowdy.

We had very good memories as most of what was seen on tv was only available once per year and so you have to pay close attention. Same with reading. No quick reference for anything. Love you, love yourself. There is only one you,don waste yourself away trying to look like someone else or trying to be beautiful, because guess what cutie, you already are. You are only as beautiful as you allow yourself to be.

In contrast, pressure has little effect on ethane, propane, and butane carbon isotope ratios, which show a maximum variation of 1 . The results suggest that the rates of methane forming reactions affected by pressure control methane carbon isotope fractionation. Based on distinctive carbon isotope patterns of methane and wet gases from pressurized oil cracking, a conceptual model using natural gas plot is constructed to identify pressure effect on in situ oil cracking providing other factors excluded.

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This would explain one of the most oddly attractive things about production music: its hermeneutic panache. Unlike academic musicology, production music houses seem completely uninvested in a discourse of musical autonomy. (It doesn sell.) They take musical semantics for granted..

It definitely adds to your style and helps in increasing your overall personality. The other advantage of wearing a good sun glasses is that it protects your eyes from harmful sun rays. You do not need to pay much money for designer glasses; there are plenty of discount stores online..

In general, things are getting better with each generation. Jr., meanwhile, hopes the films opens up a dialogue for youth to be able to effectively talk about race:has happened with the youth there been a real disconnect with the civil rights movement and the history of it, noted the 45 year old who made catch phrases like love the Black man, and me the money, household fodder. Think this movie opens that dialogue so that you can make your decisions as an African American or an American what is the best way to go about your relationships with people.

Fashion Trends in the Wholesale Sterling Jewelry:Pendants are one of the most commonly used smallest jewelry pieces. These are meant mainly for the office goers. They prefer to wear something that is small in size and pendants are just the right choice.

You moaned loudly at his actions, Joe clasping his hands over your mouth while he continued his assault on your neck. Lifting himself up, Joe removed his shirt while you did the same. You hooked your fingers into his boxers, tugging at the material until he sat up further to remove them completely.

I was lucky and did not have to get my first pair of glasses until I was in my mid 20s, so I didn’t know much about the eyeglass industry before that first visit. I had vision insurance and thought I would be able to get my first pair of glasses for pennies, so I was beyond shocked when I had to fork over a couple hundred dollars. I was not at all prepared to pay that much, but needing glasses and not being sure where else to go, I paid the steep price.I have since started shopping at a few different places online that allow me to purchase prescription glasses for a fraction of the cost of that first pair.

My shopping day started off at Ida and Harry at the Fountainebleau, which I blogged about last month: I bought white J Brand skinny jeans. Next, we went to Splash at The Loews, where I purchased a peachy/pink strapless, short, and flow y dress with a few crystal embellishments in clear and blue. I also bought a draped floral top that can be used as a daytime blouse or bathing suit coverup (which is most likely what I will use it as).