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Powell wrote, store was founded in 1808, within the year during which Hillsboro was chosen as the county seat. Dr. Jasper Hand, from Pennsylvania, began dispensing drugs from his saddle bags when virgin timber still stood in the main streets and his pay was a cut quarter or produce from the land.

Dear Dad: I hope your son listens to his peers, because they are right. I validated their points by talking to two professionals. Joe Rodriguez of the National Strength and Conditioning Association says, “Lifting weights without giving the muscle opportunity to rest can actually shrink muscle over time rather than build it.” He also says the reason most gyms don’t allow kids to train without supervision is because over training can damage growth plates..

John Zoelle: A 1966 graduate of Goodrich, Zoelle participated in football, wrestling, and track for the Cardinals. Zoelle earned 6 All Conference awards in the 100 and 220 yard dashes in his time at Fondy. He was a 2 time state champion in the 100 yard dash (1965 and 1966).

The committee’s recommendations preview an election security report expected to be released in full in the coming weeks. It is the first of four reports planned as part of the panel’s wide ranging investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the panel, released the recommendations ahead of Wednesday’s hearing.

Miscelleneous items and loose change were taken from a Nissan Altima that was parked overnight on Bernini Court. Someone took three pairs of Ray Ban sunglasses, Bose headphones, a Fitbit and a sweater from an unlocked GMC Acadia overnight on Kingsgate Road. An orange change purse with an elephant on the outside and $6 in change inside was taken overnight from a Kia Sportage on Snowbrush Court.

26, 2018″ > >Pennsylvania congressional candidates, new map in hand, finally hunting for namesPennsylvania’s congressional candidates, who have ridden a roller coaster since the state Supreme Court threw out the state’s district map last month, finally can move on to the next step in their campaigns. Starting Tuesday, they can circulate petitions to get their names on the May 15 primary. 26, 2018″ > >Scott Wagner vows to school shooters with death penalty if elected governorIn a fiery campaign speech, Scott Wagner vowed to “kill” school shooters by signing death warrants if elected Pennsylvania governor and called one of his political opponents”gutless” and the other a “liar.” Wagner, a Republican state Senate and business owner from York County, spoke Monday to the.

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