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Fake Ray Bans

Article content “There wasn’t a lot of time for bragging rights right after I had won, and then when I came back in the summer everyone was whooping me,” Taylor said. “But to get a second win, and kind of back up that first one, meant a lot to me, proved that I could do it again. There was a long time period in there where I was in contention a little bit but definitely not as much as I would want.”.

Why do normies love CUVs? The same reason we like performance variants: people like what the car says about them better than what they think a wagon, hatchback, or minivan says about them. That why most people buy most cars, as a style statement first and foremost. Most people dailying mustangs or S5s aren driving any faster than the rest of us, but they want people to see them owning a fast fun car.

But in attracting one kind of audience, McCollum argues that these providers are alienating and underserving others without fully realizing it.you just looking at the universe of [traditional] TV watchers, you probably overestimating the importance of sports, McCollum says.Even if other companies wanted to offer sports free packages, their contracts with major broadcast networks might preclude them from doing so. Disney, for instance, might stipulate that a TV provider must carry ABC, Disney channels, and ESPN channels, and require that ESPN be included in the service most popular bundles. A sports free package that didn offer any Disney owned channels could run afoul of contractual obligations if it became too widely adopted.are lots of requirements in contracts about where networks have to be available, and to what percentage of subscribers they have to be available, McCollum says.

We’d all be healthier, however, if we focused on being a bit kinder to ourselves, and less hard on our physiques or our bad habits. “We should be asking ourselves what will make us feel good on a daily basis,” Braime adds. “There’s a lot of prescriptive advice out there but the key is to have the self awareness to work out exactly what you need.”.

Petyoung’s Interactive Dog Tug Toy is an extendable teaser wand designed to add an extra challenge to tug o war for your pet. A tug toy is attached to a durable yet flexible pole with an ergonomic handle. The length of the handle keeps hands and arms safely out of harm’s way when it comes to accidental scratches and nips.

That went well fortunately. First child was supposed to go to preschool before second child was born. Nope. Trust me on that. They’re not small, and they’re not cute. I was glad to get away.So, that’s something you’ve learned about me: I’m not fond of either swans or geese.

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