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SARDINIA: Sure, there are beautiful bays in the north of the island filled with yachts owned by Europe pretty people. Nothing wrong with that. But you also find fantastic wine, mysterious mountain peaks and endless beaches fronting clear blue Mediterranean waters.

Have 191,000 folks in the database here, and that wonderful Maloney said. Also know that there are tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands more of these commendations that were awarded, and because of poor recordkeeping, or because of the nature of the way they were awarded, we not able to honor those people properly, and we can fix that if we get organized. Maloney and Larkin urged anyone who may have had a relative, even generations ago, to search family records and personal affects, for papers, even medals, then get in touch with the Hall of Honor..

“A modest advantage, though not nearly enough to swing the election,” Donovan notes. “But in the states where it mattered, the picture was very different. In Michigan, late deciders favored Trump by 11 points. Although it would appear a health code violation, businesses cannot ask people if their dog is a service dog, which is frequently the excuse now a days for having pets in public places. I went round and round with the county health inspector when I was dining at the BLACK BEAR restaurant in Walnut Creek and a couple had a Yorkie Terrier that was on the bench seat with it feet on the table and licking food off the table at the same time. I was appalled when I saw this and neither the manager nor the county health inspector would take action.

Lions Campground request: To get a decision from Council now on renewing the lease for 5 years after it expires in 2016, to facilitate improvements. Council defeated a motion to agree to the request with no conditions, because they liked the suggestion from Tourism Rossland that getting Destination BC approval would make the campground more of a tourist draw and would contribute greatly to the campground’s viability. A motion that the City organize a meeting with the Lions and Tourism Rossland to explore the long term viability of the campground CARRIED.

She is not scared to sit on the toilet and will do small poos if we catch her in time. Most of the time, though, she’d rather jump around doing the ‘poo dance’ and when we say you want to go and do a poo? she just says and eventually fights off the urge until the next time. Please can you suggest anything.

Esta imagen es una composicin formada por observaciones anteriores hechas con el instrumento Wide Field Imager, instalado en el Telescopio MPG/ESO de 2,2 metros en el Observatorio La Silla de ESO, y los nuevos datos recogidos por ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array). Las observaciones de ALMA revelan, con una resolucin sin precedentes, la estructura de las nubes de gas en las que se estn formando estrellas. Crdito: ESO, ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO)/A.

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