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Even though he’s a star of sorts at LGOCA, St. John seems blase about the attention lavished on him. When the doors open Friday, though, he may have some high profile attention. The others took place in 1909, 1994 and 2004.Connie Heilaman, a long time area trail user with Alta Hikers, said going out in a group and making plenty of noise is one sure way of avoiding mountain lions and having them avoid you.Heilaman said she never spotted a cougar in the wild, including on many hikes along the Stevens Trail.I know they out there, Heilaman said.Alan Shuttleworth, a Colfax resident who regularly hikes area trails, said the encounter with the normally reclusive cat is an extreme rarity.been up and down that trail many times and never seen the actual animal or evidence of a cat., Shuttleworth said.Mountain lions cover wide areas of territory in search of game. Fish and Wildlife guidelines estimate a typical cat roams within a 50 square mile perimeter.For Kevin Gould, a Colfax resident who has chickens, a mountain lion is believed to have been raiding his chicken coup over the past several weeks. His property is on the other side of Interstate 80, near Colfax High School.(a mountain lion) has been coming up here, getting the chickens, Gould said.

Printable cigarette coupons are likely to become more widely available as new legislation passes to remove the tax advantage from buying cigarettes online. New York State has already passed a bill that prevents online smoke shops from shipping to New York addresses, as of June 18th. Pity the poor New York City smoker, whose cigarettes already run at about $7.50 a pack! And if you don’t want this to happen to you, write your Congressman..

“This connection to the civil rights movement is necessary to understanding the Free Speech Movement. It wasn just about the right of unrestricted free speech. It was about the university response to the political pressures from the capitalist establishment of California, which was trying to crack down and stop the mobilization of campus activists taking on the racist hiring practices of California corporations.

Baker) and found the back of the net to extend his streak of consecutive games with a goal to 28. The Dolphins won the ensuing face off and called a timeout with 33 seconds left. Following the timeout, Kevin DeBenedetto caused a Le Moyne turnover and the Hawks cleared the ball before calling a timeout of their own with 16 seconds left.

The other day as we were driving to school, my daughter Jenna boldly stated, Mom, for my birthday, I want a Pogo Stick. This statement made me curious so I asked her, Jenna, why do you want a Pogo Stick? Jennas reply was Mom, its easy. You just get on, fall off, get back up, and get on again.

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