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The Weipa Radar is situated at Weipa Airport. Good coverage can be expected in all directions from Torres Strait in the North to Edward River in the south.Australia’s ageing population and increasing rates of diabetes (the most common cause of treated ESKD) are estimated to contribute considerably to the predicted increase.The ACCC warns that misleading practices will attract severe penalties for each contravention of the guidelines of up to $220,000 for individuals and as high as $1.1 million for companies.Retailers need to ensure that the agents they employ for door to door marketing are complying with the law. If a retailer’s agent breaks the law, not only is the agent liable, but the retailer is as well.The discussion paper aims to generate discussion of the various issues relating to the regulation of interactive gambling.Water Safety DVDsWith the warmer weather arriving, it is time that many people will be getting out their swimmers and venturing back to the beach, swimming pools, creeks and water holes for a refreshing swim.It is important that water safety is observed at all times, especially with children.Recently, I had the pleasure to meet again with legendary swimming coach and water safety advocate Laurie Lawrence to help him commemorate the one millionth copy of his “Living With Water” DVD.The DVD has been a valuable tool in Mr Lawrence’s ongoing campaign to promote water safety and prevent childhood drowning.This DVD has a helpful water safety message for parents, grandparents and anyone else who may look after young children.A large turnout of veterans, widows, family members and representatives from veterans’ organisations attended the forum, which I organised.Issues raised included the indexation of the Department of Veterans Affairs payments, insurance issues for serving soldiers, support services for returned soldiers, government support for widows and more.Senator Ronaldson assured those present that a Liberal National Government was committed to the correct indexation of veterans pensions.The forum was a great opportunity for the Shadow Minister to share ideas and listen to the issues of concern to the veterans community..

It has since received over 200 thousand views. Ken murrell gave us permission to show you that video. A warning it might be intense for some. “We work at the same place, and we saw the breaking news alert pop up on the phone. So, we decided to drop our meetings this afternoon and run down here.” Peterson and McNamara have been together 21 years, and when asked if they thought they would see the day where they could get married, McNamara didn’t hesistate. “I thought I’d see it, and I thought I’d see it here, though I didn’t think it would be this fast.”.

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