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I have basil growing in my sunroom right now but I wouldn’t think twice about using dried basil or dried Italian seasoning on these. Personally, I think I could just about get by with Italian seasoning as the only herb in my kitchen. I even get the stuff that is 50 cents to a dollar a bottle..

The City of Kingston won over $1.5 million for its Kingston Connectivity and related projects. The money will be used to implement a rail trail network that will be designed and constructed to provide safe, universally accessible alternatives for bicyclists, pedestrians and other non motorized transportation.grant will allow us to make these necessary infrastructure improvements, which will enhance the quality of life in our community, which is a draw for economic development, the mayor said.Gallo credited city Economic Development Director Gregory Swanzy with crafting the package.is remarkable; it a catalyst project for Kingston in creating not only a rail trail hub, but just a much more livable community in terms of how you get around, Swanzy said.A grant of $1 million will be applied to build the Taylor Biomass plant in Montgomery. The project includes building a large scale waste to energy facility that will generate clean energy, using a renewable and unlimited feedstock, with minimal emissions.Orange County Chamber of Commerce President John D was pleased with the grant.have been strong supporters of [company owner] Jim Taylor and that project since its inception and we are really thrilled that this million is going to that project, D said.Another $1 million will be awarded to establish a national center for additive manufacturing (3 D printing) at SUNY New Paltz.

In alabama, the sun is out but people are being urged to stay off icy roads. Parts of south central and south alabama got two to three inches of snow. And with temperatures well below freezing, some roads are still considered unsafe. I’m told assistant chief fred shelton will be named the interim chief. We’ll have more on this decision and reaction later today. Live in columbus, cody long, wtva 9 news..

Growth mindset is a belief that intelligence is malleable instead of fixed and can be increased over time through hard work, effective strategies and feedback from others. When people possess a growth mindset, they are more persistent, flexible and better equipped to handle adversity. They understand that struggle and mistakes are part of any worthwhile learning process..

As with the original show the talky scenes are incredibly long, to tastes this is either the appeal of the show or its downfall, that it is happy to chatter, rather than bursting in to action of three minutes. Though this is not to say that action sequences are absent, in fact they are big show pieces, showing off a great deal of technical capacity. Yet as always the show needs long moments in which the characters can unravel the ridiculously complicated plots to the viewer..

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