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The British fought the Opium Wars in the 1800s to force the Chinese to accept opium, on which the Brits had a monopoly. It is said that the influx of opium led to the downfall of the Chinese Empire. Civil War got hooked, too, with 10 million opium pills and nearly 3 million ounces of other opium powders and tinctures issued to Union forces alone, according to the BBC.

Breakfast baskets are easy to put together yourself. A package of some interesting pancake mix, a tin of maple syrup, a pound of excellent coffee and some fresh breakfast tea would make an excellent start. You might want to add small jars of honey and fruit spreads.

Kupersmidt’s words remind me of ecology and how each strand of an ecological web is critical for the survival of all. Researchers in education, such as Elizabeth Raposa, Sarah Schwartz, and those working with the America’s Promise Alliance have recognized this as well, and in particular, the importance of webs of support for youth. Just like an ecosystem, strong connections between youth and adults in their communities will build up not only individuals, but the system as a whole..

My commitment to the welfare of my fellow citizens will be nothing short of the diligence and commitment I gave my country when I wore my country uniform overseas in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I understand the needs of our community and I believe in service to community as this community has given me so much. Working together in unity, I know that we as a community can do more to continue to improve our neighborhoods and city overall.

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But that will be taken care of soon with a by election scheduled for Wednesday, March 18. Five Calmar residents will be running for the two spots available on Calmar council. The Leduc Rep spoke with all five candidates to see why they running, what kind of councillor they be and why residents should give them their vote on March 18..

When Schwarz Gilbert realized this, she started a crowdfundraiser on FundRazr with an initial goal of $5,000. That goal was reached in three days and she contacted the host site to see what to do next. They said she could change her goal so she raised to $20,000.

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