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Fake Ray Bans

Highlights from the Staff report: “The County of Dane is requesting approval of a conditional use for a daytime shelter to allow the former Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce office building at 615 E. Washington Avenue to be converted into a daytime resource center for the homeless. Blair, with access to the site provided from a driveway located in the 33 foot wide projection out to E.

Our list of complaints is short: The fabric bag, while tough, is fussy to open and snags leaf debris, and the hose can take some time to become flexible, especially in colder weather. But the 159cc engine starts on one pull and the chipper shoot chews up any branch in the 1.5 inch diameter range. It takes up some space in the garage, but the time we save each fall is worth it.

Additionally, throughout the duration of the pandemic, there have been reported instances of corrections officers, or COs, refusing to wear masks. In one report, a prisoner, who requested anonymity out of fear for her safety, alleged that she was walked to the shower by an officer who was not wearing a mask. That CO reportedly tested positive for COVID 19 the next day.

It’ll probably take maybe another 3 weeks to complete the storm sewer, but then all of the utility work should be completed. Following the storm sewer will be the grading for the new street and sidewalk, and then they will be placing the gravel for the road base, then pouring the concrete curb, sidewalk and drive aprons. The concrete work will be followed by the paving and then the seeding and new pavement markings..

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They can accept her apology or they can not. It’s up to them. But it’s also not their place to teach her. “It wasn’t central to Old Town. We had a section of Van Dorn that was closed, a section of Eisenhower Avenue right near Cameron Run that was closed. Actually, Old Town, down by the water, was not that impacted,” Jeffrey DuVall, deputy director of the Department of Transportation and Environmental Services, said..

The sophomore was a javelin thrower and triple jumper in her days at Parkland, but she has been concentrating on the triple jump with the Dukes. She finished third at the VMI Winter Relays on Jan. 30 in Lexington, Virginia. Everyone: Aviators, like these Techno Color Ultra Light shades from Gucci, are practically guaranteed to flatter. “They’re on trend but timeless, and they look good on almost anyone,” he says. “And they’re a great investment.

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