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Frank Luke (US)”Balloon Buster”: American pilot famous for shooting down 18 balloons and planes in 17 days. Balloons were was the most difficult target for many reasons, as explained by Eddie Rickenbacker in one of his books as a tribute to Frank Luke. One reason was that guns on the ground could protect a balloon better than a plane because the balloon stayed in the same place, so a curtain of antiaircraft fire could be set up around it.

Mr. Johnson received his bachelor’s degree from Northeastern Illinois University in Business Economics, graduating with highest honors. Mr. In the Merriam Webster dictionary, the word fun a noun, verb or adjective, depending on usage is described as a noun as such: provides amusement or enjoyment As a verb: indulge in banter or play And as an adjective: entertainment, amusement, or enjoyment. A word that has been pulled out of the back pocket of players in interviews often this season. It been used to describe themselves, their game, and most often, the way things are in the dressing room for the team..

Mr Sheen Multi Surface Polish 5.55 Shop it nowThe cult Mrs Hinch approved product is proven to pick up two times more dust than using a dry paper towel alone with a formula which promises a smear free finish.6. Flash Anti Bac Wipes 1 Shop it nowStory continuesAnother item the ‘cleanfluencer’ swears by is Flash XL Floor Wipes which will cut through grease and dirt dragged indoors within minutes.Plus, it leaves a fresh lemon scent. What’s not to love?7.

Now every man buys at least two to three expensive watches if he can afford it, apart from the other watches he has. The quality and style of fastrack and casio watches is unmatched. The watches made from this brand are sold not only in india but across the whole world.

U Using digital processing methods, Revo is avle to provide sunglass lenses that meet your individual prescription needs. Revo Authentic Prescription lenses cobine sophistacted engineering and industry leading digital technology to deliver a lens that specially customized for each individeual eye. The result is exceptional clarity and comfort with reduced eyestrain.

As a result of checking through the the web and getting ways which were not pleasant, I thought my life was done. Existing without the presence of answers to the problems you have resolved all through your main posting is a critical case, as well as ones which might have negatively damaged my career if I had not encountered your web site. The mastery and kindness in taking care of every part was vital.

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A new algorithm is proposed for the computational generation of realistic asphalt mixture porosity for computational simulations. The algorithm starts by generating in a 2D domain a number of randomly positioned circular or elliptical elements that are meant to represent virtual asphalt aggregate particles. These elements are then grown by mimicking the biological mechanism called contact inhibition until a target air void content (AVC), chosen by the user, is met.

Kelly has been charged with kidnapping, forced labor, and sexual exploitation of a child in federal court, and has pleaded not guilty. The suburban Naperville community came together for an anti hate forum Thursday evening after two racially charged incidents. A student at Naperville Central High School was charged with felony hate crime after allegedly posting a racist ad to Craigslist.

Moreover, the simultaneous presence of radiation and convection related to upstream wind, in addition to the combined impact of back ventilation and surface convection, is barely addressed in literature. However, these simplifications can result in the unrealistic loading climate conditions. This paper aims to present a unique experimental setup to provide more realistic climate conditions for investigating the ventilation potential of the underneath.

If it fails, or there no vote, move to step 2. March 13: Vote on No Deal Brexit. By this date, Theresa May will table a Commons motion asking MPs for their “explicit consent” to leaving the EU with no deal. The crowd for a reformed Big Audio Dynamite set Saturday night wasn’t the largest to gather around the festival’s second outdoor stage. Yet the audience provided one of the larger cheers of the day. Leader Mick Jones said midset that the next song would be one he “wrote with the late, great Joe,” the anticipation level was high..

Although inhaled antibiotics have the advantage of being able to deliver high intrapulmonary concentrations of drug, antimicrobial resistance can still develop and is a concern in CF. Antimicrobial resistance might be mitigated by using non antibiotic treatments, antibiotic adjuvants, which have activity against bacteria. Examples include agents such as gallium, antimicrobial peptides and anti biofilm compounds such as alginate oligosaccharides (OligoG) and garlic.

Lawmakers and Democratic presidential candidates have quickly and rightly criticized the NBA today for folding on human rights in pursuit of cash in China. Government. Government must first explain to the American people that this is not an isolated incident; Beijing has been exporting its political censorship abroad as part of its comprehensive effort to interfere in free societies.

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Two of the patients were checked out and released on the scene. Bean was sentenced to 30 years in the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) with 1,106 days (3.03 years) of jail credit. The incident happened in December 2016. However, on the off chance that you needn bother with it professionally, you unquestionably require it on the off chance that you expect to the product or concentrate a specific part from your photograph or picture. What more, with the end goal to do that, you should know a few nuts and bolts of cutting and trimming in Photoshop. A standout amongst the most well known picture trimming or cutting ways is Clipping Path..

He carries the film heroically, like a soldier bearing a wounded comrade across a battlefield. He is the very best thing in a very big picture. Back home he became bitter, questioning his old values of family and patriotism, before convincing himself he could best serve his country as a squad leader in the war against the war.

Talking about some normal features about the glasses is they are water resistant and durable. People prefer these glasses during their travel time and when they are about to go for any mountain trekking. Young crowd like to wear these glasses in parties and even in their colleges.

Us done! The seamstress beamed at him, packing away her things. In Delilah hands now, she be styling you and the other boys. Rami has Julien all to himself! Gwilym thanked her as she began to leave the room with her team, collapsing on the leather sofa at the side of the room.

Dickeya solani and Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. Brasiliense are recently established species of bacterial plant pathogens causing black leg and soft rot of many vegetables and ornamental plants. Pseudomonas sp. 5. Change the way bankers get paid. We need new laws preventing Wall Street executives from getting bonuses upfront for deals that might blow up in all of our faces later.

One can think of it more imaginatively as a school where life’s lessons are imbibed: while Ravi [Vijay’s brother, played by Shashi Kapoor] goes to school, where under the umbrella of the textbook, the national anthem, and the discipline of the rod he will learn to become the dutiful subject of the state, Vijay takes up shining shoes on the footpath. It is on this footpath that some of the dialogues inescapably associated with Deewaar take place: issuing a retort to Jaichand for throwing money at him after his shoes have been polished, the young Vijay says, ‘I polish shoes and do not beg for money. Pick up the money and place it in my hands.’ Vijay, Davar later cautions Jaichand, is the steed that runs long races (‘lambi race ka ghora’): ‘He is not going to be shining shoes the rest of his life.

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Together with $3000 raised from the sale of Christmas cakes and donations from local businesses, a raffle has cleared almost $2100 after expenses. The raffle, conducted over a three month period, was drawn by Mrs Tubb on Thursday April 17 at Port Central. A last minute rush resulted in a total sell out of tickets.

And that fantasy plays out in the globe scene, not in hamlet, of course, but in aziraphale. Because of his quiet acceptance of the coin toss, because of his hopeful look, because of his smile when crowley does something nice for him. Crowley knows it isn going to last, he knows that aziraphale hasn changed his mind about any of it, but he can walk away with that smile burned into his eyes and pretend, just for a while, that it could be that easy..

And Morgante, G. And Mortlock, D. And Moss, Adam and Munshi, D. New GODIVA seasonal thematic series includes three delicious indulgences, which put the four most respected symbols of Christmas, say, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, snowman and Christmas cabin, into the modern design. GODIVA will launch special unique limited chocolate for the Christmas quarter. The snowflake shape of the chocolate filled with Christmas atmosphere is very lovable.

Meaningful Products, Not Status SymbolsGotch immediately understood that millennial women don spend money in the same way that generations did before. There certainly a subsection of women who care about buying flashy with giant logos, but in general, millennials tend to be more subdued in their tastes. They judge a brand by how expensive it is, but how it them feel.

Now, here are a few celebrities disguised as the Easter Bunny. You have to see through their costumed and figure out who they really are. The answers are on Extra Page.. If you stand out when you start a business, people will be curious and check you out. If you just one of many businesses doing the same thing, why should others care about you? Why should they choose you?And yet, most people play it safe:Most people go to school and then college then because that what everyone else does. They don know what they really want to do, so why not take the traditional route? And that fine, but it good to look into other options.

If you need to step it up a little, I hightail it over to Heath Ceramics on Beverly today or tomorrow as everything in the ENTIRE store is 20% off. Like these beautiful bud vases, $25 (less 20%). They come in any number of gorgeous Heath glazes. None kno regret But we remember when others forget the depths of our deep remembered family. Interment in the fam ily plot SU James Cemetery. Jnnunrv 9.

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He met his wife, Martha, who had two daughters from previous relationships, within his first few weeks at Buckingham. She was an instructor there and taught the rookie guards. During a break in class, he won her over with a wisecrack about his talent for giving boots a military shine.

Writing this piece whilst browsing Ali express I purchased 4 sets finish up I hope I have helped you out and that you excited to go onto this site and start buying. I want to ask you to keep in mind what you buying, if you stumble across some designs that are a clear rip off of another designer or the image looks familiar please don buy it. We work so hard at designing our collections and this site does have fakes, they even rip off small independent brands, you can spot them, sometimes they even have the audacity to use their images.

You know, the idea of the Silicon Valley professional who works a lot and puts everything on the line to make the business successful. Which is then contrast that with the necessity to then immediately have a good night’s sleep so that in the morning productivity can be at its best again. And the Guardian article points out that this is creating a lot of stress in people’s lives which not surprisingly affects the way in which we sleep..

These include Lauper’s minor hit from 1994, “Hey Now (Girls Just Want to Have Fun),” to which I devote the latter part of this essay. “Hey Now” offers a commentary on earlier versions of “Girls” (Hazard’s, as well as Lauper’s own) by revisiting issues of feminism and gender, but also sexuality. Significantly, the singer’s re cover addresses another aspect of the song that has been perceived as weakening her feminist agency: its preoccupation with “girls” instead of “women.” This is clearly what journalist Joyce Millman had in mind when she dismissively declared that, “Ms.

Reduxcin vedada qualquer reproduo, totalidade ou parcial, de qualquer elemento de identidade, sem expressa homologao. A violao de qualquer recta mencionado implicar na responsabilizao cvel e criminoso nos termos da Lei. Os preos dos produtos esto sujeitos a alterao sem aviso prvio.

Mission Bar Mitzvoth apporte beaucoup de bonheur des enfants dfavoriss de Beer Sheva et leurs familles qui vivent dans la grisaille. Le sourire radieux de ces gamins nous comble de joie. C’est un grand privilge pour moi de prendre part chaque anne une aventure humaine aussi merveilleuse et gnreuse.

Amo le persone rare, credo ai gesti e mi fido di chi di poche parole. Sono abbastanza strana, ma penso che ognuno sia normale nella sua pazzia. Amo le foto perch anche se le cose cambiano, restano in essi immobili. 1 Million is a spicy and woodsy scent for the man who enjoys being outdoors. An aromatic and intriguing scent, this fragrance combines the popular notes of grapefruit, mint, blood mandarin and cinnamon with the classic note of rose. Citrus scents are infused with the tangy essence of citrus fruits and these perfumes are energetic and best enjoyed as a daytime delight and during spring summer or fall months of the year..

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It’s critical that those patriots on the frontlines of liberty, the streets of Kyiv, have as much moral support as possible. These brave men and women of all ages should not think they’re alone. In that regard we can make a small, yet important contribution to supporting them and President elect Yushchenko..

Anxiety. Gloomy weather. In July. But the reissue of this album for the fans is not about the thirteen original tracks (after all, we already know and love them!), but all the extras including demos, b sides and live rehearsal recordings. This is about hearing the band stripped back and gaining an insight into what some of the songs from the album could have sounded like, and opening up the debate about which version was better along the way. The third disc brings in the remixes as well as some interesting b sides; the Manics are up there with for banging out a great b side..

Dislikes unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Horny. In my previous blog, I wrote about how I had a realization while riding in Kona, during our training trip. I was climbing a really tough hill and I found myself unable to control my emotions. Turns out, I realized that a lot of my life pre amputation was similar to coasting downhill.

Or is Intermezzo not an intermezzo? Not an intermezzo in the sense stated above. Perhaps we are not talking about music. Perhaps we want to talk beside music, or better yet, with music. I moved on to the Italian brands now, and Persol is my new favourite. Shopping destination: York City, hands down. People make Paris sound like the fashion capital, but I think it overly expensive.

Now knowing the right method of excising for it and timing of it is very important. Hence, here is a post to guide you through all of these. But most of the time we are unable to use is useless when we can not take the proper weight. In addition to going public, Smith said Vice may consider launching its own network following the success of its HBO show. Selling so much TV and creating so much IP now that it always smart to own your own platform if you can, he said. Can look at buying distressed media assets and seeing if we can turn them around.

My goal each morning is to live my life with passion and joy, and to fill my days with the things that I love. When you sit at a desk or in a classroomfor hoursa dayit easy to fall into a rut exhausted, stressed, and effortbecomes a truly foreign concept. MCLV was created to not only motivate me to continue doing things that interest, stimulate, exhilarate, and amuse me, but to share them with you and inspire you to do the same..

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Son parti pris pour les oubli son engagement contre les injustices, il les a d et cultiv tr t sur les bancs de l’ primaire. J’avais huit ans et je rageais devant cette galerie de cur ce panth de gouverneurs, cette file d’aristocrates perruques, de faux h invent par des historiens nationaux. [.] On parlait plus de Maria Goretti que de la Huronie d.

The profits earned by some farmers prompted others to go for the cultivation of strawberry and it led to the mushroom growth of such nurseries in Usheri Dara. They say that they are now earning millions of rupees every year. Medar Khan is one such farmer in Usheri Dara, who says that strawberry saplings were produced in Usheri Dara successfully four years back.

But warmer ties with other countries might help lessen the impact of the loss.Davis Horovitz, editor in chief of The Jerusalem Post, told CNN that “Israel does not see Greece as a replacement for Turkey, but it is determined in her quest to widen warm relations with potentially compensatory players.”Many in the Israeli public, however, seem to be viewing Greece as a natural replacement for Turkey, at least on a personal level if not a political one.Israelis, who are generally barred from traveling to most Arab counties, had been flocking to Turkey, enjoying budget vacation packages without having to travel far afield. But this year, Turkish officials say, Israeli tourism is down 90 percent.Turkey’s loss became Greece’s gain, Israeli tour operators say, with a large number of people changing their destination.Greece welcomed the shift, which came as its economic woes kept away many European tourists, who feared strikes in the economically beleaguered country.That shift may have been eased by the fact that the Israeli public already had a cultural affinity to Greece. Traditional Greek music is huge in Israel, with Israeli fans closely following Greek music and its stars.

Without exception, they expect profits to rise as much as 15% for 1987. Eugene Melnitchenko, an analyst with Eppler Guerin Turner in Dallas, believes that a 15% annual increase can be maintained for the foreseeable future. Many analysts say Bausch Lomb is dramatically undervalued.

Meanwhile, general mathematics qualifications remain largely disconnected from vocational learning. Following a brief historical survey of mathematics within vocational education, the paper presents findings from a nested case study of student groups in three large Further Education colleges in England. The primary unit of analysis herein is student groups learning Functional Mathematics in two vocational areas: construction and hairdressing.

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DAVENPORT, IOWA The owner of Shenanigans in downtown Davenport says the bar will close it’s doors at the end of the year. Owner, Donnie Davison, says New Year’s Eve will be the last day in business. Davison says they won’t be open that night. Aug. 14 at Sears Optical, then fled the area in an unknown vehicle. Detectives are investigating.

Intelligence officials received a wake up call in February 2016, when an operative from al Shabaab, an al Qaeda affiliate in Somali, detonated a laptop bomb on a Daallo Airlines flight from Mogadishu to Djibouti. The explosives were hidden in a part of the laptop where bomb makers had removed a DVD drive, according to investigators. Airport workers helped smuggle the bomb on the plane after it passed through an X ray machine.

The lights and the video would go out.Thomas: People would think the power went out. Especially early on, we were playing more DIY shows in alternative spaces and that could have happened.Jacob: We wanted to end it with that moment hanging, leaving everyone wanting that chorus.So the version I’ve heard isn’t incomplete? That’s how you ended it live and chose to end the recording, as well?Thomas: We’ve gotten emails saying, “I’ll pay you money if you’d just finish that.” But we’re just constantly moving so, you know. We keep it up there as something people can listen to because it has always gotten such a strong response.

And if they grow up in a culture that insists on weeding out anything “beyond them” from literature to history, perhaps they’ll mature into adults who still think a work of art or entertainment has to come to them.Judging from the Nineties’ box office hits, that’s already happened. What many of us look for in pop culture isn’t stimulation or surprise but flattery. NBC’s Tim Russert once used the phrase “Ralph Kramden politics” to describe the current “What’s in it for me?” climate.

I watched the first few episodes of Martha Stewart’s new daytime cooking/crafting/gardening show and while I love Martha and like her vast new set, there’s sort of a discomfiting self satirizing aspect to it in that she won’t shut up about her prison past. Most of her time with guest David Spade, for instance, was spent cheerfully answering his sassy questions about life in the clink. And, sheesh, it was “Poncho Day.” (Martha and her entire studio audience wore variations on her famous prison made poncho.) But without her prison anecdotes, Martha probably wouldn’t have all that much to talk about that’s “relatable.”.

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So why not team up and do it together? You provide your expertisein dispensing optical prescriptions, properly fittingframes, and responding to individual needs. We bring our expertise in sunglass technologyand provide you with a full range of products to meet any sunwearneed, be it RevoRx, The RevoClip, or Revoplano sunglasses.Sadly, this variety of options for prescription Revosunglass wearers is no longer available. While the RevoPrescription Lab is accepting prescription orders for nearly all of their current models, the flexibility of the Sunglass Clip, or RevoPrescription Lab support is not available for vintage Revosunglass fans.

There is no bigger propaganda job than the christian religion. Just see how Catholics lie about condoms and gays while protecting pedophile priests. No thanks. Kate MiddletonKate Middleton reveals how Mary Berry inspired Prince Louis’s first wordKate makes the revelation about her one year old son while appearing alongside the TV cook in a new BBC festive special, A Berry Royal ChristmasTwo freed as death of woman found at village house deemed non suspiciousShe was found at an address in Austrey Road, Warton, near Tamworth, early on Saturday, December 14Bartley Green and WeoleyHusband of Polish born scientist who helped save cancer patients condemns Tory landslide and said she died believing her ‘devotion’ to Britain was ‘appreciated’Richard and Lucy Zybert worked together to link hospitals across Europe so doctors could diagnose breast cancer more accuratelyThe astonishing image which shames city parking as driver plonks Skoda in middle of junctionThe silver Skoda was seen dumped at the junction of Willows Crescent and Harbury Road in Balsall HeathTrain driver dies following ‘serious’ incident at Tyseley DepotEmergency services called to maintenance site at around 8.30pm on Saturday, prompting the Rail Accident Investigation Branch to open an investigation.FacebookCar overturns after two vehicle crash outside West Bromwich cemeteryThe car, believed to be a Vauxhall Corsa, flipped upside down following the smashWest Midlands PolicePlea for help after man killed and woman seriously hurt in Wolverhampton crashWest Midlands Police has urged to public to come forward following the fatal crash on Parkfield RoadHouse remains sealed off after woman found deadOfficers were called to an address on Austrey Road in the village of Warton, near Tamworth, shortly after 12.15am on SaturdayWest Mercia PoliceMan arrested and two on the run after break in at Reservoir Road in RednalThe bag was stolen from a woman at around 2.15am on SundayCastle BromwichPedestrian badly injured after being hit by car in Castle BromwichThe victim of the collision, a man in his 20s, suffered serious facial injuries after he was struck at around 5pm on Saturday, December 14CourtsThis week in court Armed robber, lorry driver and mechanics involved in ‘chop shop’ among othersOur list below names some of the people who have appeared at magistrates and crown court this week. It is a round up of some of the biggest cases across the regionNorthfield’Armed police’ reported in city street after gunman alertA resident claims she was told to move to safety by a firearms officer as they swooped on the street in Forrell Grove, West HeathFacebookPolice reveal dangers of life on beat after deadly machetes seized in WalsallThe massive machetes were sized following an undisclosed incident in WalsallHalloweenViolent Joker obsessed thug jailed for savagely attacking ex girlfriendWarped Noel Mooney smiled in the dock as he was sentencedSelfridgesWatch heartwarming moment crowd dance at free silent disco near Selfridges and it’s back on todayA joyful crowd were filmed cutting shapes to festive classics outside St Martin’s Church and the Bullring despite there appearing to be no musicConservative PartyJess Phillips calls on Labour to ‘try something different’ as leadership race hots upBirmingham Yardley MP seemed to make potential leadership pitch but shadow chancellor John McDonnell said he ‘prefers others’ before describing her as ‘really talented’West Midlands Police’Despicable’ thieves steal laptops worth 10,000 from Birmingham primary schoolThieves broke into Warren Farm Primary School, in Kingstanding, and snatched the grey Lenovo V145, leaving pupils with limited technology provisionFears grow for missing schoolboy Ryan Molloy who could have travelled to BirminghamPolice increasingly concerned for the 15 year old’s safety after he vanished from his home in Swindon almost a fortnight agoBirmingham City CentreMan threatened to jump from bridge over Smallbrook QueenswayMajor traffic and travel problems in Birmingham city centre before he was talked to safety by a negotiatorFacebookWatch Screams as huge three on one brawl erupts in Bore Street, LichfieldThe fight erupted early on Saturday morning, December 14 and was captured on cameraJewellery QuarterPolice shut Smallbrook Queensway for hours sparking Saturday night traffic chaos in city centreOfficers closed off part of the major city centre route amid an incident on Saturday, December 14Hare and HoundsSister of tragic David Weaver says: ‘Someone knows who killed him but they are too scared to reveal the truth’Family of ‘peacemaker’ fatally attacked at Erdington’s Hare and Hounds searching for answers’Why won’t they let me learn?’ heartbroken autistic boy ‘denied education’ for more than a yearJoanne Roberts, from Solihull, has been denied funding to homeschool Dylan despite his autism, dyspraxia and severe separation anxiety.Shard End’All I want is a bit of heat before I die’ mum was left with no heating for 14 months in Shard EndLinne Smith, who has terminal ovarian cancer, says she’s been without consistent heating and hot water for 14 months after her boiler broke down last OctoberNewsallMost ReadMost RecentAppleLive updates: Smallbrook Queensway partially closed and buses diverted for police incidentSeveral services affected and major traffic problems in Birmingham city centreWest Midlands Police’Despicable’ thieves steal laptops worth 10,000 from Birmingham primary schoolThieves broke into Warren Farm Primary School, in Kingstanding, and snatched the grey Lenovo V145, leaving pupils with limited technology provisionHouse remains sealed off after woman found deadOfficers were called to an address on Austrey Road in the village of Warton, near Tamworth, shortly after 12.15am on SaturdayWatch as brazen man stops in middle of road tips a chicken, chips and rice takeaway and drives offThe driver pulls up in his smart looking saloon and dumps all of his left over takeaway on Dora Road, Small Heath before leaving. A resident cleaned it up himself.

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In order to do that, the retina converts the light signal into a nerve impulse. Think of the retina as silky wallpaper that lines the inside of the eyeball. Unlike wallpaper, however, there is no glue. Bahkan selama musim gugur dan musim dingin penting untuk memakai kacamata hitam ketika Anda kepala di luar ruangan di siang hari. Sinar UV menyebabkan kerusakan mata bahkan ketika awan yang menghalangi matahari. Hal kedua yang harus Anda mengerti tentang kacamata Ray Ban terpolarisasi adalah bahwa silau Menghapus terpolarisasi.

Stalking, slinking in the midst of the tall brush. Every step carefully placed as she moves through the thicket, silence fills the air. The evening draws upon this cat who is on the prowl, the richness of light casts its shadow bouncing off her eyes to shine more light for this hunting expedition, This mystical creature, magically glides through the tall grass, slowly and watching every move..

The French Bakery and Courtyard Cafe will relocate from their current locationon Hilton Head Island to a location across the street from the 5 acre waterfront park at Shelter Cove Towne Centre.Woody’s Sunglass Shop, a new concept in sunglass retailing with an island vibewill open its first location at Shelter Cove Towne Centre. Woody’s will be a fullservice sunglass store offering major brands such Costa Del Mar, Maui Jim, and Ray Ban, among others.GNC nutritional supplements will lease the remainder of the building currentlyoccupied by Jos. A.

Avg HR 142, max HR 159avg cadence 178 spmI’m thinking about getting more into HR training again, but I’m never confident about how to determine my training zones. Anyone else have thoughts or experience in that regard?RIT researchers develop a Toilet seat that detects congestive heart failureThe toilet seat, invented by scientists in New York, fits on top of a normal toilet seat and incorporates sensors to pick up on the user heart rate and blood pressure. This toilet seat based cardiovascular monitoring system aims to lower the hospital readmission rates of patients with congestive heart failure.The product was developed by RIT researchers and will be put through the FDA clearance process by their company, Heart Health Intelligence.

Perhaps most importantly, we see a growing desire throughout Canada and the world to move from simply controlling or cleaning up pollution to preventing it in the first place. CEPA recognizes the need for preventive measures and, clearly, the objective of working with key stakeholders for pollution prevention as a national goal goes beyond existing laws and regulations. But we can do more.