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Was just thankful the league took the action that it did, and (I) support the league and the decision, he said on a conference call Monday. Did have a reaction yesterday. When someone does something like that and attacks one of your players that just not supposed to be in the game.

It seems to me that the younger generation expects this to be the case and view any pure musical style as quaint and possibly delightful, but very 20th century. At the very least, the young audience is very used to hearing a piece in one style right next to another very different one, and see no more issue with that on a concert program than on their ipod in shuffle mode. This is a moment of huge opportunity for classical music to become a part of that mix tape..

Society owners can set up prizes and a time frame for the program’s duration. For example, if you own a restaurant and a related Society, you can set up a prize of dinner for two to be awarded by the end of the week. Users then check in to get a chance at winning the prize..

In 2007, the BJP won just 6 of these 42 seats, and just 7 in the 2012 assembly elections. Plus, the vote share of the BJP in these constituencies stood at 39.2%, just marginally less than the overall vote share. Does this indicate massive voting by Muslims in favor of the BJP?.

Understood what it took to make a marriage work, he said. Would say, if mom isn happy, no one happy. Honor of Corinne and Robert, the family has established a memorial fund in their name at the Scandian Grove Lutheran Church where the couple attended church services for their 68 years together..

Here, we set out to assess whether D amino acid racemases are commonly transferred to and between eukaryotic groups. For this we performed a global survey that used a novel automated phylogeny based HGT detection algorithm (Abaccus). Our results revealed that at least 7.0% of the total eukaryotic racemase repertoire is the result of inter or intra domain HGT.

The conservatory’s history has been shaped by Jordan’s role in the region as well. The staff of the NMC has always included many foreigners, including people from Arab nations as well as from Russia, former Soviet states, Europe, and North America. With the Gulf War in 1991, many of these faculty members left Jordan, and the NMC found itself with a serious teacher shortage.

Individual factors associated with death in an acute hospital bed compared to home were male sex, increasing age, poor performance status, social deprivation and diagnosis via an emergency route. There was marked variation between cancer Networks in place of death. The proportion of patients dying in an acute hospital ranged from 28% to 48%, with variation most notable in provision of hospice care (9% versus 33%).

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The show is WILD, holy shit. In one episode, there a whole plot about Ryan (the main character) trying to figure out the truth of what Wilfred (the dog) is and it turns into some giant mindfuck of real and what not real?!? show really isn that politically correct but for good reason Wilfred is a dog, so he kinda just calls it as he sees it. Originally posted by dragonballdead blog1.

Madewell, J Crew fast growing denim brand, plans to split from its struggling parent company and hit the public market. At this early stage, Madewell did not list an IPO price or say when it plans to go public. Its next step will be to meet with investors and gauge interest in a public offering through what known as a show.

Guess is that this is a Mary pass on behalf of both Al Shabaab and al Qaeda. They hoping they can galvanize support amongst radical Muslims around the world and take advantage of the military operations by Kenya and Ethiopia to rally Somalis and non Somalis to their cause. It worked when Ethiopia invaded in 2006, but I don think it going to work this time, Menkhaus told CNN..

Dukes down the beach is far better in selection, service, and quality. Be aware that if you want to get a lounge chair with an umbrella (which who wouldn it will cost you $41 a day. To me, that ridiculous. For good reason: Other major sports derive the vast majority of revenues from TV rights fees and ticket sales; for them, sponsorship dollars are almost gravy. Well, it’s the exact opposite in auto racing. This sport, with its regional following, hasn’t traditionally been able to charge a fortune for TV rights or tickets, so it has long needed corporate dollars to survive.

This summertime fashion craze is breathable, interesting and mild excess weight. The huge sleeves permit cool air to blow by means of. These stylish tops include an empire waistline with drawstrings. I do not want to give the impression that Malone omits the participation of African Americans’ music on country music. While I had hoped that Malone would dive further into how blackface functioned in the South,I also wished he had critically assessed the performance of whiteness. In his introduction, Malone addresses the disparaging reception of the South, home to “hillbillies, white trash, rednecks,” and “hicks.” Yet, as he points to the long history of rural comedy, he mentions in passing that promoters and publicists in the industry may have only encouraged the enactments of the “hillbilly” that resonated with the general assumptions about southerners.

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In this work, a three dimensional multiscale formulation is presented for the analysis of masonry structures based on the multiscale finite element formulation. The method is developed within the framework of the Enhanced Multiscale Finite Element Method. Through this approach, two discretization schemes are considered, namely a fine mesh that accounts for the micro structure and a coarse mesh that encapsulates the former.

Saying (to Jacaru), we get into the back business, I need a practical solution. I got your stuff in the stores, I don want to pull it out but I do want to recoup the money. Maybe in the meantime I can sell what in the stores and keep the margin, and at the end of January give back what left Mr Carter said..

Are your tweets reaching your followers? Your influence on Twitter may be rather limited in the new year. Twitter recently released their new terms of service and will begin shadow banning users. The terms will be effective as of January 1, 2020 and apply to those who live outside the European Union or European Economic Area.

Ray: So tell your husband to go ahead and wear his sunglasses, Mary. After all, he wasn’t worried about wearing sunglasses when he didn’t have an air bag. And if he had had a serious accident then, and hit the steering wheel, he might have ended up with the words “Ray Ban” permanently etched into his forehead..

Listening to Dave Gettleman and Pat Shurmur, Manning’s standing in the organization improves with each week that goes by as the Giants distance themselves from the 3 13 season. By the time training camp arrives, Eli will have just led another game winning drive in the Super Bowl. Gettleman and Shurmur are smart to build up Manning but the tape doesn’t lie.

Just one great danger for those who believe too quickly is they usually find themselves moving from one method to the next have observed typical over inflation returns and real prosperity spending and capital gains returned 12 months on yr. Don overreact just check the screws and see if it un folded correctly. Make Ready Manager will help managers to consolidate their operational costs and provide a structured solution for every possible property turnover challenge.

Mobile photography is on the rise, and the people in Ford target demographic trendsetting fashion, style and tech mavens are big users of Instagram, Oliver and Gibby explain. With its focus on imagery (as opposed to language), Instagram was the perfect platform to carry out a multinational campaign in which people across Europe, speaking a variety of languages, could participate. Plus, Instagram has a thriving and supportive community, which would be integral to driving user participation in the Fiestagram contest..

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It a day of parties and parades and fireworks at night. You don even have to be an expert or a fan oneself. I dropped the ball on the summer sales though,maillot neymar. The running lanes were open but Faulk carried just 17 times for 76 yards. Warner attempted 44 passes. If Martz had kept feeding Faulk the ball with success, Belichick would have adjusted by playing more linebackers, which would have created more opportunities for Warner.

Blockchain allows users to keep their transactional details on the decentralized system where everybody can access the data in a real time who are all interconnected with the computer networks. Because blockchain technology won’t allow to change the original data without the knowledge of anyone’s eye. So almost no one can able to manipulate with the DNS Entries..

Was a very different animal, said Chapman. Kind of became the Holy Grail of cases. It was handled with caution by every investigator from the time it happened until today, recognizing the incredible significance of losing a six year old. My consumer product marketing consulting firm counsels dozens of entrepreneurs every year. Very often, these admirable, ambitious go getters are driven to be as big as they can be, as fast as they can be. Our advice to lay a strong foundation, test market, re test market, change marketing strategies to insure feasibility and secure a rock solid of product life often goes for naught.

Snap On: You just needs to place their thumb over the lens with the thumbnail resting over the pad arm. Using a butter knife, gently pop the pad off by sliding the knife between the thumbnail and the pad, and then twist the knife. Then you just need to snap the new pad right in..

All that resistance definitely didn’t help matters for the troubled rapper. Right now, he is being booked by Bev Hills PD for trespassing, vandalism, resisting arrest, and battery, having incurred the latter charge by spitting on a police officer. Ouch.

The next few miles of my run were rather uneventful. Run, fuel, hydrate, repeat. I was moving slower than I’d have liked to and just felt generally kind of yucky on this run. Why doesn’t HupPages have a Home page that outlines its purpose, features its news, highlights its blog, and, well you know what I mean, don’t you?I’ve always been perplexed by the lack of a Home page. Almost every other site in the universe has one, and HP doesn’t. Yet, a home page is what surfers expect.The purpose of a Home page is to anchor the reader in the foundation of the site and generate interest and involvement.

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This study investigates the link between board independence and the quality of community disclosures in annual reports. Using content analysis and a panel dataset from UK FTSE350 companies the results indicate a statistically significant relationship between board independence, as measured by the proportion of nonexecutive directors, and the quality of community disclosures, while holding constant other corporate governance and firm specific variables. The study indicates that companies with more non executive directors are likely to disclose higher quality information on their community activities than others.

Yet another case of missed opportunity for the TN team. Their white ball form has been really good but they seem to have critical issues with the lower middle order. I think Shahrukh Khan shouldn be opening, but I don know if they have a better opener to join Hari Nishanth who should also consider this a missed opportunity.

Nicole Fraser, general supervisor of operations planning and monitoring, said this new approach will enhance the safety and cleanliness of the washroom and supports Edmonton strategic objectives for a healthy city. The pilot is also part of the city overarching strategy which is looking at how to improve access to public facilities across the city. 16, 2019.

Generally, wedding speeches tell about the married couple’s feelings for each other. The speeches on the other hand, in general, tells of acknowledgements for the people behind the wedding preparations; especially on the bride/the groom’s part, the guest who have willingly accepted the invitations and had been there to witness their momentous day, to the support of each one’s family and their circle of friends. For the romantic side of the speeches the grooms or the brides, usually would describe their feeling for their wives/their husbands the day he/she had met her/him or on how lucky he/she was to finally have come to this event in his/her life or it could also be a pledge that whatever happens their love for each other will be unfading.

C’est l qu’elle a rencontr son chum actuel, divorc. Elle a profit du temps o sa jeune blonde tait en train de publier la photo de son cornet sur Instagram pour entamer la conversation. Coup de foudre instantan. Still most well known for his role in the hugely successful Titanic alongside Kate Winslet, Leo has now had a long and varied film career, with roles in movies like Inception, Revolutionary Road and The Revenant. He has had equal success with girlfriends, dating model Bar Rafaeli and actress Blake Lively, amongst others.He has won three Golden Globe Awards. In 2016 Leo finally took home an Oscar for Best Actor for his role in The Revenant.Golden Globe nominationsGolden Globes 2020: Full list of Film nominations include Joker, The IrishmanJoker, The Irishman, Marriage Story and more are amongst the films nominated at the 77th Golden Globe Awards but who will take home the trophies?Leonardo Dicaprio’s girlfriend Camila Morrone speaks out to defend their 23 year age gapThe 22 year old model has spoken out about about her highly publicised relationship with the Hollywood A lister and finally addressed their 23 year age gapMartin ScorseseMartin Scorsese has a mysterious Netflix film to follow The IrishmanThe Irishman was the first of a new friendship between legendary director Martin Scorsese who already has further projects lined up.Brazil’s president blames for Amazon fires in bizarre rantBrazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has laid the blame of fires in the Amazon rainforest at the door of Hollywood actor in unsubstantiated claimsEdward Norton opens up on how he saved ‘s lifeHollywood actor and director has spoken out about the moment that he realised was in grave danger during a diving expedition at the Galapagos IslandsMartin ScorseseGreatest Martin Scorsese films of all time as The Irishman arrives in cinemasLegendary director Martin Scorsese returns to our cinema screens with The Irishman this week, but what are the auteur’s greatest films?UnionsMigrant workers at Boris Johnson donor’s Mayfair club vote to strike over payTen kitchen porters at the swanky 5 Hertford Street club are set to walk out as the club claimed the action may be politically motivatedDemi MooreDemi Moore’s ‘fling’ with as Bruce Willis marriage crumbledDemi Moore and allegedly hooked up in 1997 while she and Bruce Willis were said to be leading separate livesMadonnaDognappers ransack home and steal 2,500 therapy bulldog after ‘spying on owner’Ayla Williamson says heartless thieves specifically targeted her nine month old therapy French bulldog, who helped her through depressionCelebrity hairstylesBrits vote Elvis Presley’s quiff top in poll of 50 most iconic celeb hairstylesNearly a third of adults polled said the dark, slick backed style worn by the singer during his rise to fame in the 1950s and 1960s was their no.1Donald TrumpDonald Trump snubs Amazon talks as G7 pledges $20m to help stop raging firesG7 leaders have pledged 16million to help tackle the crisis but the US President didn’t turn up takes mum as his date as model girlfriend skips Japan premiereThe actor’s mum was bursting with pride as she snapped a montage of photographs at the starry premiere.

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All right. All night. Are we having fun yet? You’re probably, at the very least, wondering why all this talk of President Obama, and the Jersey Shore, and Abercrombie Fitch, is peppered with images of yours truly as well as my dear friend and colleague Violet, and my sister Nancy enjoying such prominently placed products.

On kids, they look adorable. Legs covered with happy faces or cute little caterpillars? Can not imagine anything cuter. Leggings are best worn with dresses or frocks. My mom is actually the one who was the bigger music lover at home. She would listen to a lot of music, and there were a couple of songs that would come back on the repeat: “Midnight Train to Georgia.” A lot of Nancy Wilson. A lot of Sarah Vaughan; she was a big favorite.

And it was written by a British dude in 1893. So there are a couple of very reasonable assumptions you could make about the content. But I telling you that humanity can be wholesome and pure, so hang around, it story time.. Para entrar na granja de porcos tem que utilizar m e roupa especial. A moradia fica no encerramento de uma rodovia de pedra. E entende, ele excelente para os funcion A coisa mau s as estradas..

But it would be a good start for him to at least try. And he should really sell much of what he has, to give to the poor and less fortunate. That, would be an act that would be meritorious of calling him compassionate and God fearing. When police arrived, the driver was laying down in the seat of his pickup truck, and repeatedly fell asleep standing up while trying to perform field sobriety tests, police said. After being arrested, he fell asleep at the police station while attempting to do a breath test. He was taken to Kennedy Memorial Hospital for blood and urine samples and released to family members with summonses including failure to exhibit documents, following too closely, reckless driving and careless driving.A 43 year old Washington Township woman was charged with shoplifting on April 30 after a Kohl employee saw the woman on surveillance cameras conceal more than $2,200 in shoes, jewelry, clothes and cologne, police said.

Off partner classes for bed, my love. It in, and make a wish. All the time you need. 399 Prepaid Plans: All Details Vivo X30 Pro Alleged Specifications Leaked Hours Ahead of Official Launch ‘Very Tired’ PewDiePie to Take a Break From YouTube Next Year Redmi K20, Redmi K20 Pro Now on Sale via Amazon in India More News’Very Tired’ PewDiePie to Take a Break From YouTube Next Year BSNL Reduces Validity of Rs. 118, Rs. 187, Rs.

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Q We own a holiday home which has given our family many happy years. We are now retired and have given the house to our three children who have families of their own and they arrange visits between them. We wanted them to own it entirely, rather than keep asking us if it was okay to go down.

New rules were created about what could and could not be brought aboard airplanes. Box cutters and certain other objects that could previously be carried on board were now subject to confiscation. On December 22, 2001, Richard Reid attempted to destroy a passenger liner from Paris to Miami using shoes packed with explosives.

Dans Dner Montral, j’aborde frontalement des questions pineuses: qu’avons nous fait de notre jeunesse, de nos vingt ans? O s’est perdu l’ge des possibles? Que sont devenues nos amours anciennes? Des questions qu’on se pose rgulirement. Je me les suis poses la faveur de certaines circonstances. J’ai crit ces trois livres avec l’espoir que le lecteur, ou la lectrice, s’y reconnatra et oubliera mon cas personnel..

The website was established four years ago in Ukraine a country where only ten percent of its citizens has Internet access. Immediately, the site became widely popular with its monthly audience growing to 250,000. Maidan provides continuous and timely political reports and analysis along with topical forums and regional civic organizational initiatives for the site’s readers’ participation..

Henry Ford When the Model T Ford started being mass produced on the assembly line, it was only available in black. Henry Ford refused any other colors because the paint did not dry nearly as fast as black did. This allowed more cars to be produced in the same amount of time..

And Przeau, G. And Prunet, S. And Puget, J. Nobody can claim credit for the April June GDP improvement, not even the EC! Despite good credentials, Chidambaram was an unlucky FM in 2012 14, and (as Napoleon would have predicted) this contributed to his party’s electoral defeat. He started well, pushing through FDI in multi brand retail and getting the Cabinet to clear lakhs of crores of stuck projects. The stock market boomed, and inflation decelerated, bringing promise of interest rate cuts..

Each of U M 56 sworn police officers have discretion to read or mail trespass warnings. The policy permanently bans a person from campus and various other properties throughout the state and nation. Police also can ban individuals from smaller areas like a building floor, a whole building or a section of campus..

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Fans are entitled to enjoy the hockey experience free from disruptive or inconsiderate behaviors or unruly actions. Fans may not interfere with the event and/or athletes in any manner. Fans shall refrain from using abusive language or obscene gestures.

Ralph Lauren9. Prada10. Pandora11. “It’s the peak of hurricane season,” Hurricane Center Director Ken Graham said. “Now is the time to get your plans all set.”Santana reported from Pascagoula, Mississippi. Other Associated Press contributors include Stacey Plaisance in Gulfport, Mississipi; Gerald Herbert in Biloxi, Mississippi; Kevin McGill in New Orleans; Jeff Martin and Ben Nadler in Atlanta; Emily Wagster Pettus and Jeff Amy in Jackson, Mississippi; Kim Chandler in Montgomery, Alabama; Melinda Deslatte in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and Jeffrey Collins in Columbia, South Carolina..

However, frankly, the phone look is quite strange. When closed, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has a 4.6 inch HD+ Super AMOLED display (1,680 display with a 21:9 aspect ratio. It quite narrow, making it look more a TV remote control than a smartphone, but based on my brief testing, it seemed to be fine for basic texting, social media and surfing the web and so on.

Wildfires were an absolute menace in California last year. Blazes took 39 lives and torched 199,000 acres in the wine country fires in Northern California in October. One firefighter was killed in the Southern California fires in December. Treating suede boots with a protective spray when you first get them will help to repel water and prevent stains. If it’s too late for that, you can take the boots to a dry cleaner (call first to see if the establishment works with suede) or pick up a suede care kit and clean them at home. Simply brush the boots, in one direction, with a suede brush and watch the dirt disappear and the nap come back to life..

Worst of the night:Admit it, you thought I was going to say Bates in prison again, didn you? Frankly, so did I. That is, until Matthew decided to go over the estate finances with Mr. Murray. Parents then can worry no more as fleece will option is sold at a reasonable price of twenty dollars. Toddler winter hats and beanies those warm, soft not Furniture and of the features of iPhone and iPod Touch. The clouds on the robes further they some importantly, look that’s when it gets wet, it will stay wet..

The Democratic presidential candidate had said Thursday that Uygur, founder and co host of “The Young Turks” online talk show, is “a voice that we desperately need in Congress” to fill the seat of former Rep. Katie Hill of Santa Clarita. A backlash among Democrats offended by Uygur’s inflammatory comments led the congressional candidate to say Friday that he would no longer accept endorsements, prompting Sanders to withdraw his support, even as he continued to praise him..

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I know a lot about athletics and what it can do for people, and the fact that wedidn enough opportunities for young women was a crime. Most importantly, the rugby team is the one place where Cal consistentlyannihilates Stanford. This past Saturday, Cal defended the Scrum Axe with a 176 0 win.

Nope, not by a mile. Today Jeff Gordon is the hottest racecar driver on the planet. He’s just 27, an age when most racers are still Winston Cup wannabes on training wheels. Journalism is a tough industry, and Glass exploited loopholes to succeed. Unfortunately, his story is relatable. His deceptions started out slowly and then compiled as he received more praise..

In her speech, she remarked that the Fed Reserve may whittle away at the benchmark interest rate, which currently stands at a piddling 1 percent. That after the Fed cut the interest rate yesterday for the sixth time this year. Mark your calenders, lest you face the following dire consequences..

Georgia O’Keeffe, in a letter written from New Mexico July 25, 1952 in”Mystery Hidden Yet Revealed: A Study of the Interrelationship of Transcendence, Self actualization and Creative Expression, with Reference to the Lives and the Works of Thomas Merton and Georgia O’Keeffe” (Wipf and Stock Publishers, Sep 2, 2003Infinity:Is frequently used to describe the wrong objects. It is also a technical term and can be very confusing if tossed around carelessly. A set of numbers you about to add may be infinitely long but their sum could be a finite number.

Equipe jeune, visibilit d’un travail que je matrise parfaitement, salaire trs correct et surtout, stable. Adieu, monde pourri du cinma ! En enfer, le travail au black, pour les potes, pour des entreprises qui ne paient jamais ! Bonjour, la vie de salari ! Je m’y voyais dj. Quand on m’a annonc que je n’tais pas pris, on m’a jur que ce n’tait pas la qualit de mon book qui tait en cause.

Submit new content material repeatedly. If you do not update your standing not less than as soon as every week, your followers will overlook that you simply exist. Perhaps you possibly can submit new content material on the identical day or at the identical hour in order that your followers have one thing to look forward to and will think about logging on to see what you have got posted..

I remember, how I simply HAD to get some Glow Worms, but they broke within 2 seconds. Another time I took my young cousin to the movies to see Superman and covered her eyes when the kiss scene came on (we were innocent in those days) and I loved the Goonies. It’s embarrassing but I used to love Knight Rider and think David Hasslehof, was a bit alright.

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Deals worth millions have been made in the music industry. Unfortunately, there aren’t any pure play musical instruments stocks left in the stock market. A private equity firm known as Kohlberg Company acquired the last publicly traded musical instrument company, Steinway Musical Instruments (LVB), for more than $400 million.

The validity and accuracy is verified by 3D FE results. Based on the force formulas and the multi objective function derived from the analytical models, a particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is applied to optimize the dimensions of the planar motor. The design and optimization of the planar motor is validated with experimental results, measured on a built prototype, thus proving the validity of the analytical tools..

YELBA, forera de este blog, comparte con nosotros una ECM, experiencia cercana a la muerte, en la que su propio ser de 5 densidad le explica recuerda nuestro ORIGEN! Brutal!!! GRACIAS!!Segunda parte de la experiencia cercana a la muerte de Yelba con su SER de 5 densidad!! Gracias de nuevo por compartir!CompartirHaz clic para imprimir (Se abre en una ventana nueva)Hac clic para enviar por correo electrnico a un amigo (Se abre en una ventana nueva)Click to share on Facebook (Se abre en una ventana nueva)Haz clic para compartir en Twitter (Se abre en una ventana nueva)Pgina dedicada al anlisis de la compilacin de textos del libro “La salida del laberinto”. / NADAL y MESSI., DIOSES con el 6 / El PAPA FRANCISCO, ROMA PLAZA ESPAA, el TRICORNIO y la INMACULADA CONCEPCIN / Cumbre del Clima, de GRETA y del OJO MASNICO: “El MUNDO DESPERT .del FIN para el 31 de Enero BREXIT o CORDEROS como MENSAJEROS como INICIO del SHOW? / EMBAJADAS de ISRAEL CERRADAS INDEFINIDAMENTE desde el DA 303 del GREGORIANO La CABEZA de SAN JUAN el BAUTISTA y el PAPA FRANCISCO / CRISTO REY, la REPBLICA CATALANA y DOS CORDEROS YIHADISTAS El UNDCIMO BORBN y el MES MAESTRO: BARCELONA, CUBA y el ltimo FIN de SEMANA del CALENDARIO LITRGICO CATLICO.La de los 12 del PROCS da INICIO a una nueva ETAPA en el tema CATALN. / El LTIMO ADIS a CAMILO FELIPE VI y la exhumacin de FRANCO.Tener un carcter fuerte: qu significa exactamente / Conectando con el CORAZN: del JUICIO a la COMPASIN.33 dias despues del APAGON en MANHATTAN WALL STREET ya tenemos un serio candidato para ser el CISNE NEGRO ECONOMICO en PLENO DIA de la VIRGEN MARIA./ OTOO CALIENTE en ESPAA y la GOBERNABILIDAD Felipe VI tambien con el 33 el proximo 22 de noviembre!APAGONES en LONDRES y NUEVA YORK ritualizando que se AVECINA / Atentados SUPREMACISTAS en EEUU y la LEY MARCIAL / Caso ORLANDI (VATICANO) y Caso EPSTEIN (POLTICA EEUU) / Kennedy, TRUMP y el 22 de Noviembre.Revisin KRMICA y subir la escalera mecnica / Estas creando una base flexible / Los siguientes son ahora los Patitos Feos!.