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Once scheduled on the telescope, the principal investigator has the responsibility for proper supervision of all aspects of the observing program. The Observatory staff endeavors to provide access to accurate calibration values, tables, and recommended techniques. Confirmation and proper application of data calibration techniques and overall confirmation of data quality is the sole responsibility of the observers.

When choosing between the different eyeglass frame sizes of replica Ray Bans, a consumer should try on many models to find the exact perfect fit. Taking into account the different shapes that are available for purchase, a person should focus on the shape that fits their face the best and concentrate on models with that particular shape. Choosing the right Ray Ban Sunglasses size will result in the glasses being more comfortable fit better, leading to the glasses staying secure and less resistant to bending and breaking..

Love is not selective, just as the light of the sun is not selective. It does not make one person special. It is not exclusive. While the days are (hopefully) warm, the nights in Byron Bay can still get cold. Don be caught out this is where layering comes in. Pair your outfit with a brightly patterned scarf, throw in a cardigan or two, stuff some tights in your bag, and don be afraid to channel Old Hollywood with lots of romantic silhouettes and lace..

And Novikov, I. And Paci, F. And Pagano, L. Consider myself incredibly lucky to live in tornado alley, he says. An opportunity to intercept and witness firsthand some of the most powerful and beautiful acts of nature is a reset for me from my professional life. Thrilling, Gray hobby is also helpful.

Unfortunately, despite all the staff being really nice, they were completely useless every time we needed their help. Our room wasn serviced at all despite us leaving a service our room sign on the door. We had to wait for 30 minutes to be able to order breakfast.

BMW cluster is a German company and maker of vehicles and motorcycles. BMW cluster is the parent company of BMW, Mini Cooper and Rolls Royce automobile brands. BMW employs over one million staff spread over forty countries. But to let you in on a little secret I rather be considered a racist than be a sycophant of King Barry. Now, as to his intelligence where you go to school doesn make you intelligent. He not smart enough to keep his stories straight.

Judging from the wide range of eye catching eye wear range of office cubicles and parties it is quite obvious that eyeglasses have moved from nerd necessity to trendy accessory. There are many ongoing trends in eye wear and you can take your pick from retro or vintage styles for a unique statement. There are many Online High End Designer Eyewear labels such as Ray Ban, DKNY, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss, Carrera and Coach both for men and women.

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The 1001 Wrap (Small) was available in: either black or tortoise frames with blue mirror lenses, black frames with stealth blue mirror lenses, and tortoise frames with neutral brown lenses. The 1004 Extreme Wrap was available in: black frames with blue lenses, tortoise frames with neutral brown lenses, and silver frames with stealth blue lenses. The 1005 Hero was available in: black frames and either blue mirror lenses or stealth lenses, and in tortoise frames in either blue mirror lenses or neutral brown lenses.

He had earlier tweeted that it would be Google’s largest campus outside the US. “First campus in Asia. 2 million sq ft space would be built. For the first half of the week we were there, I figure they needed an extra 20% bed capacity. They have a couple of signs saying reserving beds was not allowed but every morning every single bed was reserved at the main two pools by 8:30am, with hardly anyone there see my photos. 5 ? Really, it was an absolute joke they just needed to enforce their own policy and remove towels from reserved beds.

Most garage doors repair ought to be done with a professional firm that does overhead door system installation and repair because they possess the tools and understanding for this kind of work That you can do a few of the repairs yourself if you moderately mechanical inclined. Whenever a garage doors needs repaired there two primary parts that could need repaired. This is the garage doors opener or even the door itself.

If an American citizen did committed either of the second 2 crimes above, they would have to pay some consequence. Isn that a double standard of sorts? Hmmm, come from another country, break multiple laws, pay no penalty. Sounds like a recipie for social and economic disaster to me..

The Jersey Journal reported that a man robbed a Chase bank branch in Hoboken on March 19 with a note that read, “I have a bomb. No silent alarm. Just all cash. The transfer of power from one institution to another does not solve the crisis of our ‘institutional society,’ whereby a few have come to dominate so much, to concentrate so much power at the expense of everyone else having so little. True liberation will result only from opposition to ‘the institution’ as an entity. Placating power from one institution to another renders resistance ineffective.

3) Le h est tellement vaillant d cherch r ! Quel personnage plein de bravoure ! Parce que savoir la garder dans le pantalon, c un v exploit ! Ce n pas sa faute, il n qu pauvre victime dans tout (m s a la quarantaine et qu est encore au lyc Bien s la vie sexuelle de la jeune fille regarde totalement son p et c clairement son devoir de prot sa virginit avec une arme feu (tel l des cavernes arm de sa fid massue). En se passant compl de son avis, cela va sans dire.Passer les moments joyeux, pleins, mais aussi les moments vides. Comme celui l.

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When I talked to my mom, she said I sounded calmer than I had in weeks. That night, I went to dinner with a big group of friends, and I felt energized and talkative, instead of anxious or weary as I been feeling whenever I went out. My week of self care had certainly paid off..

At the meet (really, at all meets), tears gathered in my eyes when my son ran past me on the course. I’m grateful for the armor of my sunglasses, but when he crossed the finish line, slicing more than a minute and a half off his lifetime best time for a 5K, I didn’t hide the wavering in my voice or the tears in my eyes. The gravity of my emotions is real.

This is due to the fact that those threats might cause a severe loss to the service providers in terms of privacy leakage or unavailability of the services to the users. To incorporate this issue, several Intrusion Detections Systems (IDS) have been developed that differ in their detection capabilities, performance and accuracy. In this study, we have used SNORT and SURICATA as well known IDS systems that are used worldwide.

Five time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady isn’t just a great quarterback, he’s also the inspiration behind these smart pajamas. According to Kevin Haley, UnderArmour president of innovation, Brady called him up one day and told him about an injury that healed up super fast after he rubbed a bioceramic gel on it. Haley got to thinking: “Why not cover your whole body with bioceramics by embedding it in clothing?” Two years later, Brady goes to sleep at night in UA’s new Athlete Recovery Sleepwear made of bioceramic imprinted fabric that purportedly cools off the body’s infrared heat emissions to promote longer, sounder sleep.

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The dropper is a glass tube that delivers specific amounts of medication. It has a rubber bulb at the top, which uses air pressure to draw and release the liquid. The most common uses for these types of droppers are children’s liquid medication or prescription eye drops.

Patricia Phoenix17:36, 20 MAY 2017The ex wife of actor Tony Booth had been living in a nursing home near the Blairs for the last year after her dementia meant she could no longer live aloneDementiaFiona Phillips meets Tony Booth: Dementia has left charismatic TV star like a ”bad tempered three year old”As part of a dementia awareness campaign, wife Steph says the 80 year old former Coronation Street star’s “bad days are really hard. He has mood swings”Coronation Street cast”It was meant to be”: Sue Johnston’s excited to be back on Coronation Street cobbles after 30 years awayFor a few weeks in 1982 Sue was in Corrie but she’s preparing to return for a more high profile roleCoronation StreetFake Tanner: First picture of Kym Marsh as Corrie legend Elsie in new musicalKym, better known as Michelle Connor, plays 60s siren Elsie a role made famous by the late Pat Phoenix in the Corrie musical, Street of DreamWilliam RoacheCorrie Ken sensation: I’ve slept with a thousand women, claims actor Bill RoacheIn real life, soap stud actor Bill Roache has been a bed hopping babe magnet with an amazing string of conquestsCoronation Street castCould Coronation Street’s Rita become the new Mrs Tanner?The legendary Mrs Tanner is set to make a sensational return to Coronation Street only this time she’ll be called Rita and not ElsieCoronation Street castCorrie’s secret longest serving extraIT is a record that just crept up on Corrie regular Ann Aris.Coronation Street castBill Roache opens his heart to The PeopleCORRIE legend Bill Roache has a twinkle in his eye and a spring in his step that men half his age would envy.Coronation Street castBill Roach: The Big InterviewCORRIE legend Bill Roache has a twinkle in his eye and a spring in his step that men half his age would envy.EastEnders castWallace got YouTube accent helpEx EastEnder Jessie Wallace has confessed she was worried about mastering a northern accent for a drama about Coronation Street and “religiously” watched YouTube footage to get it right.EastEnders castWallace plays Corrie legend in filmEastEnder Jessie Wallace is to play one of the legends of the soap’s arch rival Coronation Street in a new BBC drama, it was announced.Emmerdale castCORONATION ST. 1960 2010From babes to baddies, hot pots to barmpots, we celebrate the 50th year of nation’s No1 soapCoronation StreetELSIE TANNER’S THIS IS YOUR LIFE BOOK FOUND IN A CHARITY SHOPTHE famous This Is Your Life big red book given to Coronation Street legend Pat Phoenix has turned up in a charity shop..

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A: Neither of them took the kind of personal interest in Vietnam future that FDR had taken before them. But both came to believe that the strategic stakes in Indochina were large, and Eisenhower in particular thought it imperative to keep the area from falling into Communist hands. (In 1952 53 he insisted that Indochina was more important strategically than Korea.).

May not realize that the products covering our skin wash off when we enter the water, and it adds up! Research tells us that 4,000 to 6,000 TONS of sunscreen enters reef areas annually. This does not spread out rapidly or evenly over the entire ocean, but concentrates on popular tourist sites. It is estimated that 90% of snorkelling/diving tourists are concentrated on 10 per cent of the world reefs.

Trouble is, the rest of the cast is as disposable as a Flintstones Band Aid on a severed jugular; try though they might, Baldwin and Lee are eminently forgettable here, despite Carpenter’s deeply submerged subplot involving a living dead love triangle and some obscure AIDS metaphors. For all its violent chutzpah, Vampires fails to affect the ice cubes in the blood reaction of even Interview With the Vampire, and the trouble lies in Carpenter’s over the top dynamics. The film moves relentlessly, leaving you with less a sense of scenes and sequences passing than of pages turning: It really is a comic book, come to think of it.

Know there are more natural, intuitive ways to interact with devices and technology. And we want to build them, Facebook AR/VR VP Andrew Bosworth wrote in a post announcing the deal. Why we’ve agreed to acquire CTRL labs. In addition to the limiting factor of lack of speed, koalas feed exclusively on the leaves of the many species of eucalyptus trees. These trees actually all contain deadly toxins; the leaves of each species contain different amounts of toxins at different times, so the koalas need access to multiple species of eucalyptus in a specific growth sequence in order to survive without being poisoned. This makes it impossible for koalas to live anywhere but where the right varieties of eucalyptus trees can grow in the right order..

It was a pleasure to have played alongside him with England.”No teammate was more helpful and supportive. I’ll be forever grateful. Thoughts are with his family.”. 27th December 2016Tweet: “Miss you already! Thank you for your radical activism in the LGBTQ community! Love you always!” Miley Cyrus pays tribute to George Michael, who died on Christmas Day (25Dec16). Star Labrinth on the tune. The teenager is rumoured to have signed a staggering $350,000 (282,485) contract with Universal Music Group to launch her music career..

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They run Apple’s watchOS, centered around a home screen with circular app icons. It can receive notifications, messages, and calls via a connected iPhone. WatchOS supports versions of a number of iOS apps including Mail, Messages, Maps, Music, Photos, Reminders, Stocks, and Wallet..

Now this is a privilege and a VIP room that we don’t mind standing in line for.Think French fries and plump white potatoes cooking in a deep pool of sputtering oil comes to mind. Certainly not health food. The menu at healthy Oasis Caf features staples such as tofu, brown rice, and garden burgers, but they’re not your ordinary bland concoctions.

Neutrals! You can create endless outfits with minimum pieces. We know that neutrals are building blocks of anyone wardrobe and they either help you create a fashion statement or just become a total disaster and you surely don want any massive destruction. So here is the complete guide on how to pair up perfect neutral with anything for any occasion..

I live in street style and like being comfortable, yet edgy. I was going to wear a leather dress, but then I thought I wear something with frills, denim and leather just mix and match. I 5 feet, 3 inches, so I practically live in these boots, which are also very comfortable.

The FDA also has enacted strict labeling requirements, most obviously about SPF (sun protection factor). On labels since 1971, SPF represents the relative time it takes for an individual to get sunburned by UVB radiation. For example, if it takes 10 minutes typically to burn, then, if used correctly, an SPF 30 sunscreen should provide 30 times that: 300 minutes of protection before sunburn..

In the London case, the working suspicion is diacetyl, a chemical best known for the buttery flavour in microwave popcorn and used in many vaping liquids. Decades ago, the compound was linked to outbreaks of worker lung in factory workers in microwave popcorn plants. The London youth lungs showed the same eerie pattern..

They warm and comforting and since she always holding her chainsaw one hand, she can only use one arm so she wraps it carefully around your neck and brings your nice and close into a nice tight hug. Then she might pull back, a hand still on your shoulder holding you at an arms length, look you in the eye and ask how you are. She really wants to know, she really cares(Hello hugs).Candy Pop: Oh my gosh, SO MUCH HUG.

Benzo doesn’t seem concerned about being pigeonholed as the guy who makes virals that leave you guessing. “Even in the last viral I did there was a change in approach, a real narrative, with a good opportunity to structure a story with a character,” he says. It’s likely there’s plenty more to come now that he’s at Park Pictures?surfing buddy Lance Acord signed him after seeing “Shark Surfer.” Next up? An Axe spot out of Vegaolmosponce, which involves stunt rigging, effects and an aircraft carrier in Texas.

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Miley’s worrying tweets combined with her performance on stage with a huge inflatable Floyd are disturbing for those who care about the singer. When Cyrus broke up with ex fiancee Liam Hemsworth she didn’t publicly seem half as distraught as she does over the loss of her beloved pooch. It’s led many to believe that her grief is the reason she cancelled her North Carolina concert, rather than coming down with the flu.

Self reported retrospective survey was used to obtain responses from 206 online shoppers. The results of the structural equation modelling showed that feeling of injustice, firm attribution, firm image, face concern, reappraisal, use intensity and tie strength are key antecedents of negative word of mouth communication. The findings provide valuable insights for managers in developing effective Webcare interventions for negative word of mouth communication on social networking sites..

I still keep finding the people that I think are interesting. The only difference is that I am now more focused on finding people wearing interesting eyewear. Focus on style is more than just the clothes; it’s also hairstyle, make up, eyewear and accessories,” he adds..

Choosing A Blusher By Using Your Complexion UndertonesWe all have complexion undertones. Yes, no matter your complexion tone you also have undertones that should be considered when choosing a suitable blush tone. Undertones can be broken down into two categories, warn, and cool.

While other cities are passing laws to reduce access to flavored tobacco, none have a full ban on all flavored tobacco products. In New York City, for example, proposed laws ban flavored tobacco products, but allow menthol flavored cigarettes and other varieties that are part of the San Francisco ban. In Chicago, bans only extend to retailers located within a 500 foot radius of a school, with exceptions made for some stores..

Ancien vice premier ministre de Vladimir Poutine, Igor Setchine est aujourd’hui le patron de la socit ptrolire Rosneft, dont le gouvernement russe est le principal actionnaire. Cette socit a aval les avoirs de Ioukos, l’entreprise de l’opposant Mikhal Khodorkovski. Selon plusieurs experts, M.

Down is the new silk when it comes to winter or ski jackets. Womens North Face ski jackets boasts of various cuts and styles to show off your curves and yet keep you warm and protected. The womens North Face ski jacket is insulated and water and snow resistant, but still maintains feminine details that will make the other ladies go green with envy when you put on your ski jacket.

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When I was 16, I started working in McDonald’s. My boss there didn’t rate me at all. I worked in the kitchen making burgers. .] Oh, the pretty hand! The pretty hand! The beautiful arm! Notice the truthful details of these fingers; and these dimples, and this softness, and this blushing tint with which the pressure of the head has colored the tips of these delicate fingers, and the charm of all this [. .] One would move closer to this hand in order to kiss it, if one didn’t respect this child and her pain [. .] This kerchief is thrown on the neck in such a fashion! So supple and light! When one sees this detail one says, Delicious! If one stops to look at it, or returns to it, one exclaims: Delicious! delicious! (qtd.

You rather have the possibility of having your kid die from meningitis? I am a pediatric intensive care nurse, meningitis comes in two forms, viral and bacterial. The bacterial form is more common and tends to be more deadly, and spreads more easily also the one that you can vaccinate against. And it is a required vaccine for college; or you sign the paper stating that you understand the risks associated with not getting the vaccine..

Maternal caloric restriction during late gestation reduces birth weight, but whether long term adverse metabolic outcomes of intra uterine growth retardation (IUGR) are dependent on either accelerated postnatal growth or exposure to an obesogenic environment after weaning is not established. We induced IUGR in twin pregnant sheep using a 40% maternal caloric restriction commencing from 110 days of gestation until term (147 days), compared with mothers fed to 100% of requirements. Offspring were reared either as singletons to accelerate postnatal growth or as twins to achieve standard growth.

Sarandos has done a great job of seeing things before they happen, Paul Hardart, director of NYU Entertainment, Media and Technology Program and a former film industry executive, said in an interview with CNN Business. Made a strong statement, and a lot of other studios followed, Hardart added. Shows the power of Netflix to set the agenda for Hollywood in a way that other studios didn in the past.

If you just joined us, Elimimian was released by the Lions Tuesday and, from a distance, there doesn seem to be anything overtly sinister in that business decision. He was 32. Last season, he missed all but four games with a lingering wrist injury. Everything about this hotel was right. Before I arrived Ms Sally attended to my change in booking dates proficiently and in a very friendly manner. During my stay she looked after me and after I left she continued to give me friendly advice on where to go.

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Here we go again. Luxottica doesn’t own 80+% of the glasses industry. That is a myth, people. There was a time when terse signs sniffily proclaiming have no branches adorned the city tiniest retail shops, to indicate that the customer bloody well better come wherever the retailer was. Today, the famous names are moving closer to where the customer is. The rankas are in four places, the ashtekars are in eight and pu na gadgil saraf recently opened their first branch on paud road.

I feel I would have enjoyed this film a little more if I had know the context. The film is almost 3 hours long and there are certainly times where you can feel it. You do start to understand the characters because you have so much time invested in watching them that eventually the story becomes entertaining because you just want to find out what happens to them.

CHILDREN ARE CHILDREN!!!!!! Why does an innocent child have to suffer and experience a so called restricted unhappy as opposed to their mothers who probably well deserve it. ITS NOT FAIR. THIS IS BLIND CHILD ABUSE. Una gua publicada este mes por Consumer Reports tambin clasific los productos de proteccin solar para la seguridad, la proteccin UV, la resistencia al agua y el costo. De los 58 productos probados, los investigadores nombraron 15 que cumplieron con sus estndares. Se encontr que veinte ofrecen menos proteccin FPS de lo anunciado..

Interview data was transcribed verbatim, and thematic analysis was undertaken. Facilitators for injury prevention included parental supervision and teaching children about injury risks. This included parents TM allowing children to learn about injury risks through controlled risk taking, using safety rules and supervising children to ensure that safety rules were adhered to.

The agency does not require or encourage schools to test for PCBs, so few do. If they are found in materials such as caulk, schools could be forced to undertake expensive cleanups when many are struggling to keep basic infrastructure intact and meet educational needs. Drawing attention to the issue also risks alarming parents..

Area, where his father was an agent with the Customs Service. “You always have it in the back of your mind that there is the threat of terrorism and you remember what you were trained to do.”But there aren’t a great many terrorists out there. “The people in that area are very well protected as a benefit of our being there for the embassies,” said Inspector James Cottam, the head of the Foreign Missions branch of the Uniformed Division.

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Outcomes were validated biochemically and self reported continuous abstinence from smoking and 7 day point prevalence abstinence. The primary random effects meta analysis used longitudinal data to estimate mean pooled proportions of re starting smoking; a secondary analysis used cross sectional data to estimate the mean proportions smoking at different postpartum time points. Subgroup analyses were performed on biochemically validated abstinence.Results: The pooled mean proportion re starting at 6 months postpartum was 43% [95% confidence interval (CI) = 16 “72%, I2 = 96.7%] (11 trials, 571 abstinent women).

From Monday: ocean looks just a bit slimmer today. Dressing it in black really did the trick! bpcares. From last week: do NOT take or clean any oil you find on the beach. His death:Jim Reeves was at the height of his career when his private plane crashed outside of Nashville on July 31, 1964. Jim was returning back to Nashville from Arkansas after negotiating for a property deal. Pilot Jim Reeves and his pianist and manager, Dean Manuel, died when their single engine plane encountered a violent thunderstorm while crossing remote hills and as a result of thatReeves suffered spatial disorientation.

I definitely would NOT support anyone in any way shape or form connected or supported by Palin. As your article states, she extremely divisive. I also don think she is even remotely qualified to be in a position to run the country. Cas decided to take a look around and attempt to find out what was so special about this generic, yet strange setting. He felt his feet sinking into the lush green grass. The children all ignoring his presence as he studied them closely.

Trial provide only on NON Android MAG254 and ther new MAG256 STB’s and clients outside the UK only. Demo codes are only for the fundamental UK channels only. All that is essential is access to a higher speed broadband connection. Windows: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. I previously stayed at the Beach Club. Yes, that was a step up from Coronado Springs, but I still really enjoyed my time here.

Plus size clothes for informal gatherings and outings are fascinating. A tunic tank dress in black and forest green, or tan and red with matching belt has a fresh appearance. An animal print long sleeved tunic tank exudes a carefree attitude. Well now you can let out your inner hoe! I starting a thing called Freaky Fridays where you can submit to me your favourite sexy pics/gifs of yourself to post to all my followers or you can send them just for me. It helped me love my chubby stomach and thick thighs. My overly wide eyes are now a thing I proud of, and I no longer an ashamed by my love of sweets.

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These sedimentary rocks are confirmed as recording an open marine setting by analysis of molybdenum/uranium enrichment trends, indicating that the Os isotope record in these samples reflects the isotopic composition of the global ocean. The Os isotope data include the first results across the Pl To boundary, when seawater 187Os/188Os increased from 0.40 to 0.53, in addition to new data that show elevated 187Os/188Os (from 0.42 to 0.68) during the T OAE. Both increases in 187Os/188Os correlate with negative carbon isotope excursions and increased mercury concentrations, supporting an interplay between terrestrial volcanism, weathering, and climate that was instrumental in driving these distinct episodes of global environmental change.

I know what happened was bad, but you can keep staying like this. Still showed no sign of wanting to move. He sighed and walked over to sit beside her.. More over, all of my FM stations in the house are tuned to NPR but I might listen to it for maybe 30 min. Every other day. Our TV are generally not on any news station until noon and again after dinner.

Michael Howe joined Cultural Geometries in 2015: Project Leaders for marble pavilion exhibition: C. Godiksen, M. Brown M. Joey thought of the guy. Old. Not handsome. Billy Crystal was invited to return to host the Oscars after an eight year gap this year, after Eddie Murphy pulled out of the gig, Murphy had originally been scheduled to host the awards, with his friend Brett Ratner as director. However, Ratner was forced to resign from the position, after he was caught making homophobic comments. Murphy soon followed suit.

I am single and educated, and independent. People suggest that I go through matrimonial ads, but matrimonial ads always start with the parents asking for janampatri, skin colour and what the girl is earning etc. I don’t think that all this makes sense after 35 years of age.

It not what Adam Smith had in mind when he extolled the virtues of the market invisible hand. But given that our tax system doesn penalize anyone for short termism (high speed trading gains are taxed at the same rate as any other investment gain), it no wonder that this kind of trading is growing, creating market volatility and costing institutions and individual investors hundreds of billions in lost wealth. The entire value of the New York Stock Exchange now turns over roughly every 12 months, a rate that has doubled since the early 1990s.

“HISS” moves the band’s sound more toward the orchestral, featuring string arrangements by Gagon and a much more prominent use of her piano. Nesseth’s irresistible guitar riffs are still there, but “HISS” feels like the work of a band that has matured, and the 25 songs run the gamut of emotion and intensity. And Gagon, who had mostly served as a backing singer on earlier releases, takes quite a few lead vocals, and the diversity in voice contributes to the album’s richness..