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The Bloc is portraying other parties, including the Greens, as being Bloc doesn have to worry about Alberta and the impact efforts to combat climate change will have on voters livelihoods, Dallaire noted. Allows them to talk about this issue in a very different way than the other parties. Overall strategy is to be voice of the Quebec government in Ottawa, Lachapelle said..

Loved how every minute it was a suspense, WHO the hell is cheating whom? I totally believed that Zoya was cheating Avinash (tiger) when she talks to her colleagues from the ISI. In the same way when, Avinash fools Gopi to get his love back from the ISI. The beautiful Saiyaara picturisatin That song took the trophy for me.

Guo Yue spielte ordentlich, japanische Spieler in den fr Jahren gab Xu Zhang. Nach Angaben der Auslosung Ergebnisse zeigen,pilotenbrille verspiegelt schwarz,uv schutz sonnenbrille uv 400, Sammeln,cartier sonnenbrille kaufen, Chen Ping einzigen Block Stock in der anderen Spieler einen Fu zuhalten,sonnenbrillen f sport,vans damone sonnenbrille,ray ban brillen lila, die Dinge,welcher uv schutz f sonnenbrille,nerd brillen dior, Bo Qiu und Liang Huo von 57. Low Profile Auftritte haben leicht besiegt Guo Yan Chia,hat meine sonnenbrille uv schutz,pilotenbrille verspiegelt damen, um das Niveau der Tian Yuan gewann genug,nerd brillen online shop,nerd brille kaufen wo, chinesischen Spieler die Auswirkungen von Jetlag.

In addition, the stability of the modified CNWs was tested under different conditions and proved that the functional groups were permanent and not degraded. Response surface methodology (RSM) and artificial neural network (ANN) models were employed in order to optimize the system and to create a predictive model to evaluate the Cu(II) removal performance of the modified CNWs. The performance of the ANN and RSM models were statistically evaluated in terms of the coefficient of determination (R2), absolute average deviation (AAD), and the root mean squared error (RMSE) on predicted experiment outcomes.

The next day, Garcia checked into the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California, to try to deal with the heroin habit he been trying to deal with for years and his smoking and his eating. He had a million projects in mind, he gotten married for a third time just last year, the oldest of his four daughters was getting married next month was to give away the bride he wanted to be clean for the Dead fall tour. He been busted in 1985 with coke and heroin, and his health had been intermittently lousy since 1986, when he came out of a diabetic coma so neurologically scrambled [that] he had to relearn guitar..

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Biliyorum,rayban damla gunes gozlugu fiyatlari,rayban 2014 bayan g modelleri,rayban turkiye online, olarak Becerileri. 2013 ulusal giri balamak s i : Mikrodalga kavanoz fstk ezmesi kalan yaklak bir dakika. O kaydetti cari doal kau vadeli pozisyonlar g en g yaklak 2 milyon ellerin ilem hacmi 1.

The group’s 13th studio album, ironically titled “All You Need is Now,” is a definite (and intentional) throwback, in both sound and feel, to the group’s early ’80s heyday. The fans of Duran Duran are hardly middle aged. The guys themselves are only in thier early 40s and must be in great shape in order to tour like they do.

Honda’s CR V is sitting pretty. The latest generation of the small SUV was the best selling SUV of any size in 2007’s first nine months, tallying sales of 167,223 units. Mr. In this article you learn some of the reasons as to why you should choose to buy mystery fictions over other genres. Join Clementine and Aksel as they discover the history behind their favorite foods. Join Clementine and Aksel as they discover the history behind their favorite foods.

Il y a beaucoup d’images potiques, donc des lments qui sont fictifs. Par contre, j’ai vritablement puis ce texte dans ma solitude. A c’est rel. Spray the sunglasses pieces from all around 10 inches away until eventually there coated. Usually do not hold the spray on them so extended the paint starts to operate. Allow dry for quite a few hours..

Well, the question’s not just what’s changed about Tom Cruise, but what’s changed about Hollywood? We’ll start with Tom Cruise. Of course, everyone remembers the strangeness that happened a few years ago, when he was jumping on Oprah’s couch, when he was reproaching Matt Lauer. He was very public about his association with the Church of Scientology, and the whole thing was actually something we’ve never seen before: Here was a huge international movie star spinning out of control.

Just come back after a week with my daughter had a really fantastic time. The room was very nice with a king size bed, large bathroom and a lovely furnished balcony. All the staff were very helpful and friendly nothing was too much trouble. In comparison, Ashutosh Gowariker ambitious Panipat has fared poorly at the ticket counters. With an estimated earnings of Rs 3.5 4 crore nett range, it has underperformed in Maharashtra too, which would be its most favourably disposed market. In doing so, the film has done worse than recent releases, Marjaavaan and Commando 3 too..

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Pour de vrai. Quelle ide lui est venue de se lever ce matin ? Pourquoi n’est il pas tranquillement rest chez lui ne rien foutre, comme je le fais, pourquoi ne pas s’tre tenu l’cart de toute cette agitation, de toute cette folie qui pousse jusqu’aux portes et parvient mme parfois pntrer chez les gens ? Qu’est ce qui a valu qu’il offre ainsi sa carcasse la guerre, celle des hommes d’abord, et celles des images de surcrot ? Voil quoi mne l’investissement dans les rapports aux autres. Voil ce qui arrive quand on commence prendre au srieux les affaires des hommes, quand on se met attacher de l’importance des notions aussi primaires et vaines que celles de territoire, de pouvoir, de dieux..

Just because you are on vacation does not change the fact that opportunists live everywhere. There was a similar incident in December that happened along the road during the evening but further up. The victims of both incidents were repeat visitors..

As mentioned, the main reason to get porcelain veneers is cosmetic as these dental treatments can correct:?Uneven teeth?Crooked teeth?Misshapen teeth?Stained teeth?Receding gum lines?Worn down teethAs porcelain veneers are much more resistant to staining from coffee, tea, smoking and other activities that affect the colour of your teeth, they are a great treatment if you are looking for a more permanent solution. In fact, they can last anywhere from 10 to 50 years depending on the work of your dentist as well as your dental hygiene habits. Your first impressions are used to make a cast of your teeth that helps your dentist create veneers that fit your teeth perfectly.

Explicamos a camisinha feminina, o diafragma e a esponja vaginal com mais fatos no seguinte artigo: ANTICONCEPCIONAIS Diafragma, camisinha feminina e esponja. O diafragma um jeito anticoncepcional feminino que consiste numa c flex de silicone, com um lado c e outro convexo, que necessita ser introduzido frente do colo do Vamos deixar aqui o Ba Ba das informa mais interessantes para se maquilhar. Com a esfolia ela vai amparar a remover a camada de c mortas, a tua pele vai continuar fina e muito macia.

Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison said Thursday that Majors had been attacked by between one to three people while walking in the park, per the AP.CBS News2 children dead after being swept away in Arizona floodwatersTwo children are dead and another is still missing after the vehicle they were traveling in was swept away in floodwaters in Arizona Tonto Basin, the Gila County Sheriff Office said Saturday. The Gila County Sheriff Office toldCBS Phoenix affiliate KPHO TVthe victims found were a five year old boy and a five year old girl. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is listed as a co host, as are family members of Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt, and Sheryl Sandberg.

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Soldiers had given their lives to liberate. Sometimes, Schmetz said, there were over 200bodies a day, casualties of one of the bloodiest and most important battles in World War II: The Battle of the Bulge which started 75 years ago on Monday and effectively sealed the defeat of Nazi Germany. Now He Charged With Sexual BatteryA male runner who slapped a female reporter backside in the middle of her live broadcast was arrested Friday and charged with sexual battery, according to records from Georgia Chatham County Sheriff office.

As a result, her contract with First Team, which expires this month, is not being renewed, said John Egart, vice president of marketing for the firm. Market, its Santa Monica agency Kresser/Craig has no plans to lay off employees. Looking for respectability, New York’s troubled Clio Awards have named the producer of the Belding Awards, Sandra Inbody Brick, as executive producer of the Sept.

Feel very honored that his family supports us and will take every precaution to ensure that his legacy as one of the most epic film stars to date is kept firmly intact, Ernst said. Family views this as his fourth movie, a movie he never got to make. We do not intend to let his fans down.

And now? attracted to feminine people. Non binary means she sometimes feels more feminine, sometimes more masculine, sometimes in between, and sometimes occupies a space that isn on the spectrum between the two at all, she said. More gender fluid, a concept some people struggle with..

The root of visual beauty Inner LandscapeThe visual beauty we see and admire in women has internal origin. Beauty is something that comes deep within us. In every man and women is a landscape. “Finally I’m happy with what I get to sing everyday,” he says, taking a sip of red wine.Born in Houston and raised from age one in Miami, Ren took his first steps in show biz as a child model, posing for Macy’s, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ray Ban advertising campaigns. “Modeling was an easy way to get in front of the cameras and learn how to be comfortable meeting new people,” he says. Although he was successful at it, he was fascinated by musical artists like Mexican pop star Luis Miguel.

It works well for me and I believe it works well for you too.ever lose your faith because losing a thing is nothing but losing faith is so something (sesuatu banget :P)on chasing your dreams because dreams do come true. If somehow in your dream you meet a snake oil vendor trying to convince you that his oil is made of the best king cobra’s venom and will pump up your sex life then kill him at the first because trust me he’s a real inventor of lying, more dangerous than the cobra itself and will ruin your dream afterward.careful and don’t get fooled by people who starts influencing you with some interesting promises and let you down at the end. But as long as you are confident, strong, straight, adaptive and always be positive no one can let you down even by that sometime people sees you as a mentally damaged person.

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Anyone who wants to strike a rather harder, edgier pose might prefer a more futuristic or visor style. Balmain have launched their first eyewear designs in collaboration with Oliver Peoples, and the two limited edition pairs of sunglasses focus on an ultra sleek rock look. Other hip collaborations include Alexander Wang’s new capsule collection of frames, produced with Linda Farrow..

Apple (ticker: AAPL) is the largest publicly traded company in the world. As such, it might not surprise you to find out that it’s also one of the most widely owned stocks by retail investors.Before you make those decisions you’ll certainly want to take an inventory of the pros and cons involved when you buy Apple stock. Here’s a quick rundown of the biggest headwinds and tailwinds for the Cupertino, California based tech giant.Arguments For Buying Apple StockOne can pick and choose any number of pros and cons for Apple, but there are three big ones currently facing the company.A solid and sustainable dividend.

Google says design is still in the works (“You’re not going to see Glass on your favorite Oakleys or Ray Bans tomorrow,” it says) but they are hoping to release more designs in the future. Recently, Google released the “Titanium Collection” which offered new frame shape, color, and shades for Glass Explorers, creating more than 40 different customized options for Glass, the company says. The release also included the option for prescription lenses..

Mobiles are become one of the important part of human life. Due to this, many companies have launched numerous plans in the market so that everyone can afford a phone and remain connected with their loved ones. Best Mobile phone deals are those plans in which user can have cost effective communicationThere are three most popular and preferred deals among users which are Contract plans, SIM free and Pay as you go.

She loves playing with dogs in daycare, cuddling and going on car rides.Cheech, black mouth cur mixCheech is a sweet male black mouth cur mix staying at Seattle Dogs Homeless Program.Cheech wants all your attention: He’ll need a home free of other dogs, cats and children. He’s already vaccinated and neutered. Good news: He’s already house trained.Notes from Cheech’s caretakers:Read more about Cheech on Petfinder.Cheech is a beautiful mixed breed with a story that will melt your heart.

He joined Penjing Asset Management in November 2015. He led the effort in hedge fund research and selection, portfolio construction and monitoring the macro environment. As a key management partner, Ronnie was also responsible for the overall business direction of Penjing.He was the co founder of Vision Investment Management (Asia) Ltd (VIM) in 2000.

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The Mission Continues empowers veterans who are adjusting to life at home to find purpose through community impact. We deploy veterans on new missions in their communities, so that their actions will inspire future generations to serve. Since our founding, we have always been a nonprofit, non partisan organization dedicated to bringing together veterans and innovative community organizations to create transformational change for communities in need all across the country.

And are living your personal yuppie/boho dream in a TriBeCa loft or Bushwick garret. You roll your eyes at tourists and relish being the know. You try to mimic a Sex in the City lifestyle or its bro ish male equivalent but would never admit to it. One pressing question to which Nandy continually returns might be put thus: why is it that plurality is admitted in some spheres of life, but not permitted in other domains? Nandy argues that the ‘Enlightenment vision and secular ideologies allow one to pluralize the domains of spirituality and religion’, but that a ‘plurality of knowledge, particularly that of science, is seen as dangerous, subversive, and a challenge to the intellectual and moral status of the most deeply entrenched elites of our times’ (58). The West stipulates what shall count for knowledge, cosmopolitanism, and even dissent and it is all too clear what Nandy thinks of the supposed universalisms of Western thought. The ‘Indian peasant is more cosmopolitan than the New York intellectual after centuries of colonialism’: she or he has to have some theory of the West, some tacit knowledge of the West if only to ensure survival, but the New York intellectual requires no such awareness of other worldviews or folkways, accept as officially sanctioned forms of multiculturalism (116)..

Ini kacamata ikonik telah berdiri ujian waktu mereka pertama kali diciptakan pada tahun dan kata muncul dalam pikiran gaya dan kualitas. The frame ringan dan kuat fleksibel dan tahan dan mereka juga memberikan kenyamanan total mereka memakainya. Engsel monoblock klasik mereka tidak termasuk pengelasan di depan frame sehingga membuat mereka kurang mungkin untuk istirahat saat membuka dan menutup..

After you say Harley Davidson, what arrives in your brain ideal that minute can be a fast pased bicycle ridden by someone with frame of mind, dressed in a very black lather jacket, black helmets with legendary logo on it, black gloves, boots and sunglasses. Quick journey, rapidly lifestyle. How will you make clear the filling that arrives to it it can be just like the aura of Harley Davidson.

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Spinney said Big Bird voice was actually his own, just a little higher, but bringing him to life was physically demanding. He had to keep his right hand straight up in Big Bird head while his left arm was in the costume left wing. He operated the right wing by pulling on a cord and used an interior video monitor to see what was going on in front of him..

Currently using Adsense, Gmail. I have started alternate email as well with one with Yahoo and another with Hotmail.Now I am using yahoo email more for everyday activities. I using Gmail for the old contacts and friends. Katy even spent the time to learn some of the dance moves/hand actions. What a professional Sign up to FREE daily email alerts from mirror celebsSubscribe We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters.It got nothing on Bieber attempt (below), but then again Carly Rae is signed to his record label Schoolboy Records so he probably felt obliged to give it a decent show.Katy ends the video by declaring her love for the Canadian heartthrob, looking into the camera she says: “We love you Justin Bieber!”allMost ReadMost RecentEastEndersNicky Henson dead: Fawlty Towers and EastEnders actor dies aged 74Tributes have been paid to the actor, who was best known for his role as Mr Johnson in Fawlty Towers episode The Psychiatrist.PewDiePiePewDiePie quits YouTube saying he’s too tired to go onYouTube’s biggest star PewDiePie real name Felix Kjellberg is taking a break from the platform that launched him to fameHolly WilloughbyHolly Willoughby says she will leave This Morning if Phillip Schofield quitsHolly, 38, continues to brush off feud rumours surrounding the two co hostsJennifer AnistonBrad Pitt ‘secretly attends Jennifer Aniston’s Christmas party’ 15 years after splitBrad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston celebrated the holidays together when he attended her Christmas party last weekMalin AnderssonMalin Andersson shows stretch marks on boobs as they remind her of baby daughterMalin and her then boyfriend Tom Kemp were left devastated when their daughter Consy died after being born prematurelyEastEndersEastEnders horror as Phil Mitchell almost runs over Jack Branning’s childrenEastEnders aired tense scenes, as Phil Mitchell’s revenge against Jack Branning left others in dangerKerry KatonaKerry Katona slams ‘king of ITV’ Phillip Schofield and suggests savage ‘double standards’The star suggested Phillip Schofield was treated with unfair ‘double standards’ as he was praised for being hungover on show after NTAs but she was slated in 2008Ellie GouldingEllie Goulding rushes to rescue driver as Royal Mail truck pushes VW Golf down dual carriagewayEllie Goulding rushed to the rescue of a VW Golf driver who was pushed along a dual carriageway by a Royal Mail lorryMost ReadMost RecentEastEndersNicky Henson dead: Fawlty Towers and EastEnders actor dies aged 74Tributes have been paid to the actor, who was best known for his role as Mr Johnson in Fawlty Towers episode The Psychiatrist.Caitlyn JennerCaitlyn Jenner ‘blocks’ I’m A Celebrity stars but Kylie sent Jacqueline video messageI’m A Celebrity star Myles Stephenson believes Cailtyn Jenner has blocked everyone and Kate Garraway is annoyed she is being ‘blanked’ after picking cockroaches off her bumWeatherUK weather forecast: Snow up to four inches deep as Met Office warns of ice blastThe Met Office has ice warnings in force across the UK today after a night of downpours. Brits awoke to 5C temperatures this morning, with cold weather expected for the rest of the dayKelvin FletcherKelvin Fletcher’s wife has a clever way of coping with Strictly curse rumoursKelvin Fletcher is the favourite to walk away with the Glitterball trophy following tonight’s final of the BBC competitionI’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of HereI’m A Celebrity fight erupts among entire camp as Jacqueline and Nadine pull outThe I’m A Celebrity main camp descends into chaos as tensions rise when Jacqueline Jossa and Nadine Coyle refuse to put their names in the draw to be sent to jailMason GreenwoodRobin van Persie says Mason Greenwood “tries to copy him” when playing for Man UtdThe United youngster has earned comparisons with the Dutchman during his brief time in the first team, and clearly Van Persie has noticed the similaritiesTributesTalented photographer and dad of twins ‘died in his sleep’ at just 48Father of two Richard Caulfield is thought to have died in his sleep at home in Armitage Bridge, West Yorkshire over the weekend, leaving behind twin boys Brandon and JensonMirror Christmas appealCare home teen’s touching tribute to adult mentor who ‘changed her life’With the Mirror’s Give Kids a Cracking Christmas appeal you can help vulnerable children the chances that Holly has had after Sue came along from the Action For Children Independent Visitor schemeITVSticks and Stones viewers left ‘extremely uncomfortable’ by tense new ITV dramaSticks and Stones began on ITV on Monday night, but viewers weren’t sure they could continue watching.

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Check the logo and the label Authentic designer sunglasses typically have logos or brands on the lens, inside the ear piece, and arms. You can expect a very high level of attention to detail. The size, colors, and font on the brands must be consistent and not appear to have merely been painted or printed on the product.

Noida: After husband jumped to death at metro station, woman commits suicide with daughterNoida (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Dec 14 (ANI): Hours after her husband jumped to death at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium metro station in New Delhi, a woman along with her five year old daughter on late Friday night allegedly committed suicide by hanging themselves from a ceiling fan at their residence.29 Gadgets Selling Crazy This Early Black FridayThese 29 products are on the top of everyone Early Black Friday shopping list. [USA], Dec 14 (ANI): According to a recent pilot study, a 10 hour time restricted eating intervention combined with traditional medications could lead to a new treatment option for metabolic syndrome patients who are at higher risk of diabetes. Metabolic syndrome affects nearly 30 per cent of the US population and increases the risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Aside from the convenience and comfort of shopping at home this also leads to less miscellaneous expenses from gas, snacks etc. However, it is very hard to place your trust to the seller especially if you do not have the chance of talking, meeting them in person. The only way to protect yourself from fraud is to ensure the legitimacy of the business firm where you are placing your order and at the same time, check their return, and exchange policies ahead of time.

Biofilms are essentially mats of microbial life that form on living and non living things. Think of someplace in your house that is slimy crud in your kitchen sink, slime around the shower, slippery stuff growing in your coffee machine you get the idea. The next time you slip on a rock trying to cross a stream, think biofilm.

Both rooms were very clean and comfortable. The proprietors Tom and Steve were very welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable of the local area. Breakfasts are highly recommended, compliments to the cook. They just order Face wash Online and voila! It right in their hand. Some of the face wash looks very appealing and invites a lot of buyers. However, most of them have no idea how important hydration is when it comes to the symptomatic presentation of asthma and allergies.

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Christian pilgrims had been making the journey to the Holy Land in relative peace for 1,000 years before the Turks conquered Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) in 1071. Modern readers may not realize that these lands were populated entirely by Christians at the time. Rumors spread around Europe about the mistreatment of Christians, which made the kings, knights and peasants of France, Germany and Italy ripe to respond to Urban’s call for what became the First Crusade (War of the Cross).

On the other hand, a former employee who requested anonymity characterized Arnell’s approach as strictly old school. “He’s the so called genius. He comes up with ideas based on his own taste. “The creation of a de facto constitutional right to live on the sidewalks and in parks will cripple the ability of more than 1,600 municipalities in the 9th Circuit to maintain the health and safety of their communities,” she wrote in City of Boise v. Martin. “Public encampments .

Express forecast Today: Wintry mix to rain, early slick spots north and west. Highs: Mid to upper 30s. Tonight: Cloudy with periods of rain. Birthday gifts or gifts for or you just need wholesale plus dimension clothes are designed for women. While purchasing for Wrangler clothes online then CC wholesale clothing is thought for. Asos sale 226have you ever thought for extravagant diamonds and furs Elizabeth ruled as.

And up until today, I did everything I could to make it better. I tried every single day to make her laugh, to make her smile, to defend her from everything bad I could sense. I would very much die for her. Robin Wright stifles a yawn. It is the afternoon after the night before, and a freshly minted Golden Globe is back in her hotel room. Am still in shock, she says.

Superbreak Backpack, City Scout Backpack, Big Student Backpack, Right Pack Backpack. Most of them look identical to me. I just want a normal backpack and I faced with all these choices.. One of the most interesting runway presentations was by Alfred Dunhill of London. On the stage were tailors actually working on parts of a suit, bolts of fabric at their feet. While the tailors stitched at their sewing machines, a model was being fitted for a suit as the commentator explained the tailoring process.

But do no be mistaken about the nature of these emotions. They are not merely derived from kinky sex. Of course, in due time, this will undoubtedly lead to sex, and, kinks will be plentiful. Maybe that’s his dream job, to usher in a new era beyond x86. Seriously though, if that’s what he wanted, maybe AMD, specifically Lisa Su, should have asked him what he wanted to do and paid him to do it. This is the freelance Da Vinci of architecture design.

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Indian juttis or nagres often have as many takers as any other type of shoe. They are comfortable, unlike heels for women and come in multiple color and style options. You can get a massive variety in stores and on Best Site to Buy Footwear Online in India.

Enfin, il y a ici une contradiction criante. Les auteurs qui ontabord le sujet ont souvent dit que l’lgance tait intemporelle. Mais ils ont souvent crit, d’une faon ou d’une autre, ce que nous relevions au dbut de ce billet, savoir qu’un homme sur qui l’on se retournait dans la rue n’tait pas lgant.

They sit there gathering odds and ends of information, which the rest of the world would think is of no consequence. At the right time, they whip the information out and win contests! There is something about quizzers, don’t you think? And when they happen to be husband and wife, the X factor goes up. Sheilendra and Priya Bhansali have kept the quiz flag of Coimbatore flying high.

Lee’s uncle had lead the early fight in Virginia to first stop the spread of slavery and to seek to abolish it. Stonewall Jackson famously lead his Sunday School for local blacks, teaching them to read and write against the laws of the time and through his efforts some of those students went on to prominent rolls in the future. Lexington has a school named for Rev.

Somewhere in my LiveJournal of old, 2005 or so, I posted a question as to who would play Dorothy in an Oz sequel (not prequel), but it was agreed that Mila Kunis would be the perfect part. I had a flashback to that when seeing this byline; she is absolutely perfect to play the Wicked Witch in a prequel. I be looking forward to her performance.

Saudi Arabia ruled by the Saudi house, no need to say that it is a dictatorship, is aiming at acquiring the nuclear weapon. It is one if not the most extremist and fundamentalist muslim country in the world. Iran’s president was democratically elected.

Report response as inappropriateThank you. We were taken to the hideaway check in which was a lovely air conditioned room with a bar and we were told we would be seen to. However there seemed to be no queue order here and you had to hope that those behind the desks realised we were checking in.

He has reviewed hundreds of products ranging from smartphones and tablets to PC components and accessories, and has also written guides, feature articles, news and analyses. Going beyond simple ratings and specifications, he digs deep into how emerging products and services affect actual users, and what marks they leave on our cultural landscape. He happiest when something new comes along and challenges everyone assumptions about how things should work, what they should look and feel like, and who can benefit from them.