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The perfect building blocks toys not close at this as there are so many other superior informative playthings available in the market, that the parents are use to teach their children that how to be artistic and get excellent creative and illusion abilities. The toy has the very light weight building blocks that customers can appreciate when playing with the toys and dishonesty about through. The building block is as well set up in different type of colors and can be easy to bring together and place to instruct the child fundamental aptitude and others surveillance..

Now with his share of the proceeds from the robbery and a plan to hire a lawyer and appeal his conviction, Bowie invites Keechie to join him in his flight, mostly of fancy, and mostly at night. (Bowie: “I don’t wanna get you in trouble, Keechie. I tell you, I’m just a black sheep.

Throughout Hong Kong history, we always had a great relationship with the police force. Just look at the Umbrella Revolution of 2014, it was pretty dang peaceful considering the number of people out on the streets. Sure there were isolated incidents, but overall? There was a mural agreement between protestor and police.

In some places, you can find detailed photos and customer reviews and this creates trust. And, after a little bit of search, you decide to buy from the same online jewelry store too. This is the bystander effect used in the context of marketing. Which came first: bread or beer? The question remains unresolved, but evidence suggests barley was first cultivated about 10,000 years ago the same time humans were abandoning the hunter gatherer lifestyle and sowing the seeds of civilization. What was the catalyst for the transition? A steady supply of barley bread is one possibility. Brewing copious amounts of barley beer is another..

Despite her work ethic, it is a struggle to make ends meet, and it is difficult to adjust emotionally and financially every time they move. 997The mother of this small family is battling colon cancer. She has endured many rounds of chemotherapy since the beginning of the year and is starting radiation treatment.

A black frame makes a great gift, especially if you are unsure of what to get. The gift recipient will always be able to find a photo to display in a black frame. So if you want to give a gift that is practical, useful and appreciated, you can’t go wrong with a basic black picture frame..

“The results we getting with those students has been fantastic to date.”Exshaw School is currently seeing attendance rates around 86 per cent, MacPhee said.”That very high. And I worked in a number of Indigenous schools across this country,” he said. “I think the rates are high due to the resources we are able to put into place that the federal government has granted in the agreement that was in place for some amount of years.”One year extensionAccording to MacPhee, communication with the federal government has been difficult but after months of trying to secure a meeting, the school division was offered a one year extension to keep the school open.”Just recently, we got a communication that they have permission to extend the agreement for one more year.

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With the fierce competition in the fashion industry, keeping up with other online sellers can be extremely difficult. Lucky for you, 1Digital can help. At our genius eCommerce agency, we have the expertise you need to run an aggressive SEO campaign to improve your organic search engine rankings.

A rep for Dion did not comment on the new report. But those claims that first surfaced about Munoz in July have been previously denied by Dion management and marketing team. They have said, have nothing better to do than to spread untrue gossip. Don sound very sure. He leans his head down sightly, catching your eyes. His face has gotten significantly closer..

The day before yesterday, Chen Xian Mei has just returned from his home in Foshan. The rumors in the landlord under threat,louboutin pas cher, Chen Xian Mei, a move out of the Hardware City rental housing, the landlord can not stand so multimedia. Truth: original rental is still living in the house.

We used factor 30 all week and came back with a lovely tan. Do make sure you take plenty, as the sun cream you can buy from the shop is very very expensive. This is due to the island having to import everything. U . S . Colors offers a lovely hue of light azure shades using grey coloured lens.

Kahkonen made 27 saves. The Wild won in its final game of the week with a 3 0 shutout victory against the Reign Sunday in Iowa (11/10). Mayhew, F Cody McLeod and Sturm netted a goal apiece. Buses stop right outside reception if you wanted a trip into Kardema or even Kos, Kardema was only 1.80 euro each way and still cheap getting a taxi. I recommend the pirate ship 3 Island excursion from Kardema ( only on Thursdays ) where you’ll have food and drink on the boat after a short stay on the Galini beach and swim in the sea. Then onto the volcano island of Nisyros and then the Paradise beach before heading back, excursion time was 9.30 am to 5.00 pm so a good day out for only 25 euro per person.

No longer just for affable and hippie types, calligraphic pants are one of this season hottest trends and number one is definitely whereas everybody. Getting the look is easy if you choose the directorship wheedling pair of printed pants for your figure and accessorize cleverly. So get hold of how against work the ascending and how up make choice of the pants that would abdominal epilepsy your figure radically.

RECEIVE A FREE HINSONGAYLE HANDPICKED DESIGN WITH ORDERS OVER $100. Free gift promotions require that the free gift item be added to your cart plus you must apply the coupon code during checkout. Limit one free gift per customer. Purpose. (1) to assess the responsiveness of the Short Form 36 Health Survey (SF 36) and Patient Generated Index (PGI) in people with knee pain who were given oral analgesics; and (2) to perform content analysis of the SF 36 and PGI aiming to identify differences between the instruments and causes of different responsiveness.Methods. An observational study nested within a randomised controlled trial comparing oral paracetamol, ibuprofen or a combination of the two in 884 community derived people with chronic knee pain.

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Great assessment, exceptionally precious thanks! Deciding on Camelbak Products StoAway Hydration Packs (Black, 100 Ounce). I have had in no way found this Camelbak Products StoAway Hydration Packs (Black, 100 Ounce) evaluations. Camelbak Products StoAway Hydration Packs (Black, 100 Ounce) is really wonderful top quality.

Hawkins was rebuffed by Jahangir, but Sir Thomas Roe, who presented himself before the Mughal Emperor in 1617, was rather more successful. Two years later, Roe gained Jahangir permission to build a British factory in Surat, and in 1639, this was followed by the founding of Fort St. George (Madras).

In Keats).18 This article continued by paraphrasing Shindo: “Tak says musicians speak a common language. And that the question of minority groups would be settled in a hurry, if we could all get together through music.” Throughout his life, however, music proved just as likely to reinscribe racial boundaries as to transcend them. While leading his multiracial band, Shindo also pursued educational goals that would ultimately shape the rest of his career.

Can count the times that I had situations where I hit the ground, hit in the head, lose it, you don know for a while, says the number one overall pick in the 1965 AFL draft. Used to call it your bell rung. And then whenever you took some time, maybe a little oxygen, you went back to work.

Find best budget hotels and clubs to enjoy your evening. This is a very popular route for Tibet trip. Bookings for Perth accommodation is expected to surge as tourists from around the state flock to the festival which highlights art, culture, and an incredible display of local.

Dark purple or blue “fashion” lenses cause the most color distortion and should be avoided by drivers. The National Society to Prevent Blindness also notes that lenses whose color depends on light or heat are not ideal for drivers. The society said that in a car, many of these lenses don’t get dark enough because the windshield reduces the heat and light that make the lenses darken..

And this time around the hotel was full, so we did not get a premium upgrade to a beach side room. We did get a larger room with a courtyard/garden view. Check in was easy, luggage handled before we could get near the front door and the room was clean and ready for out 6 days of Cayman fun.

Sometimes a television show or film creates a moment that is truly a masterpiece. A moment that is so beautiful, it transcends language to describe it and transcends the screen while viewing it. A moment that stirs something deep inside your very nature and reminds you what life is all about: LOVE..

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The goal of most websites is to attract visitors. Beyond that, you want the visitor to register. Why? Connected visitors tend to engage more than non connected visitors they’ve already engaged once by registering, after all. Sometimes, you may realize something fits you, but discovering that part of yourself doesn feel like some great big thing. You may not connect with the community. It may just be something mildly interesting, but that you don really care about.

“The hilsa stock that congregate in north Bay of Bengal mainly takes three routes for their upstream journey during the spawning season: the Hooghly estuary, the Meghna in Bangladesh and the Irrawaddy in Myanmar. But, due to high siltation and virtually unrestricted fishing in the Hooghly, the fish has been changing its migration route and is moving up mostly through the Meghna,” says Utpal Bhaumik, retired divisional head of Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute. Today, about 75% hilsa is captured in Bangladesh, 15% in Myanmar, just 5% in India and 5% in other countries.

Performing admirably and slipping into second place on it’s second week in the box office, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 managed to bring it’s overall box office gross to $60.6 mil. Thanks to an estimated take of $21.5 mil. Over the weekend. MILLIS, Mass. Kanguru is proud to announce the launch of the world first OS Agnostic, Fingerprint Access Hardware Encrypted Flash Drive with remote management capability. This new biometric fingerprint access flash drive supplants the bulky pinpads and fussy combo keypads of leading encrypted devices, making it much more convenient and easy to use.

Love doing graphic design work on the side. After discovering that Etsy allows you to list digital products, I created editable Photoshop templates, such as media kits, greeting cards, and resumes, and published them on the platform. Than some maintenance and customer support, this income stream has been quite passive and can be managed anywhere with Wi Fi, she says.

I agree completely ^.^ and it is amazing the number of times the biosphere produces an answer just in time to avoid disaster. In the early Devonian period the first trees appeared and for 100 million years trees grew, died, toppled over and were ultimately buried under hundreds of feet of dead and fallen trees. During all of this time the trees were removing CO2 from the atmosphere and levels fell to somewhere close to current levels.

Furthermore, Trans Mountain said, it is working to address impacts in an effort to mitigate any identified concerns. For land rights and construction impacts are handled differently. The company provides compensation for land rights to the landowner at the time the agreement is signed, Trans Mountain said, while compensation related to construction impact mitigation goes to the current landowner..

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The folks at Redbird Flight Simulations designed the TD and the TD2 to accurately reproduce the cockpit experience of a single engine aircraft. At $6,995, the TD model represents a standard aircraft configuration. At $7,995, the TD2 provides a complex airplane configuration, adding propeller and gear controls and displays for manifold pressure and gear position..

European travelers to the Indian subcontinent and colonial scholars did everything to encourage the idea that India was a stagnant country and its people largely immobile, but this view betrayed Europe’s own parochialism and the inability of Europeans to confront some of the exceedingly cosmopolitan cultures of the Indic world. Buddhists and later Hindu kings were carriers of Indic culture to Southeast Asia in the second half of the first millennium, and though Bali is generally characterized as the Hindu “paradise” or “getaway” in Muslim Indonesia, the Prambanan plains of central Java are a striking testimony of the infiltration of Hindu culture into all of Southeast Asia. Down to the present day, the Javanese are steeped in the culture of the and the Mahabharata.

Inman took precedence over Tyrell Williams in Week 4, hauling in seven of 11 targets for 120 yards and a TD. Inman has good size (6 3, 205 pounds), but Williams is even bigger and seemingly has more overall upside. However, Williams came up gimpy in the second half of last week’s game, which further opened the door for Inman..

Ray Ban Sunglasses In case you wondering why these sunglasses have become a hit in the market, there is so much to say about Ray Ban. For starters, these sunglasses are versatile and recognized for their timeless designs which keep evolving on a daily basis. Aviator and Wayfarer sunglasses for women and men are the two main versions whose popularity has increased.

Respect others and if they have questions about Glass don’t get snappy. Be polite and explain what Glass does and remember, a quick demo can go a long way. In places where cell phone cameras aren’t allowed, the same rules will apply to Glass. The weather is just fucking bonkers in yonkers. Everybodys clothes looked like they oughta weigh two hundred pounds. Everyones goth but goth isnt a thing yet so they dont even know it.

In our part, we order Prosciutto di Parma (A pizza that comes with Smoked Bacon, Ruccola, Pineapple Arabiatta, Mozarella, Padano, and Prosciutto), Seafood Aglio e Olio (Pasta, ingredients: US Scallops, Mussels, Clams, Shrimp, and Spaghettini, so far my favorite), and their signature Rizal Pork Adobo with pork belly, annatto oil, grapes, dates and figs , good for 2 3 persons (I really don know if this menu really comes with four cups of rice, when in the first place the Caf Manager told us it only offers two free cups of rice, but luckily we are attended by an Ilocano waiter and gave us four, lol). We settled a Php. 1,765.00 bill (We are four in the group).

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So I figured it was time for me to finally make a recommendation post for my favorite band, Kalafina. Kalafina is a Japanese band that was formed by the composer Yuki Kajiura (who also happens to be my favorite composer).AdoreBlazeRing Your BellSymphoniaNOTE: Kalafina has an official Vevo channel where they uploaded most if not all of their music videos. I really recommend checking it out, especially if you want to hear the studio versions of their songs or are looking for more music!Seriously, Kalafina is out of this world (they sound like goddesses!) and I want everyone who reads this post to listen to them! Also, here a great fansite that has lyrics and other information.

Vaping has accounted for seven deaths in six states, according to the CDC. In comparison, cigarette smoking will account for roughly 480,000 deaths this year in the US, the CDC added.While New York and Michigan hope the ban on certain e cigarettes will stymie use among children, Mike Helms, a firearms historian, believes these decisions may have unintended consequences. Helms said he suspects that the proposed bans may lead to a rise in a flavored e liquid black market and accelerate stockpiling.

On the surface he’s a gentleman, but don’t mess with him or his business. He can tuck in the message end of the Marc McNairy “F Off” pocket square ($18), but he’ll know it’s there. Though it’s not quite zero dollars, you can help him live out his 007 fantasies in the Riviera Polo Shirt ($105).

Casio watches prices in india are different depending on the color, style and design. This watches starts from lower range and are available till upper range. When you are planning to buy any watch it is always better if you try the watch on your wrist.

They will manufacture both fashion apparel as well as wholesale active wear at best affordable prices. In the year 2019, there are a number of trends, which are outdated. For the fashion freaks, it is always a better deal to avoid outdated fashion trends.

Now 5h that tricky. This situation is completely out of pocket. I have to take it a part. Still a Larrie. Still a Bee. I defiant about it. Der Umstand, das in Indien Linksverkehr gilt wirkt sich dabei lediglich marginal aus, da ich persnlich damit rechne von allen Seiten angefahren zu werden. Die gnadenlosesten Verkehrsteilnehmer sind aber wahrscheinlich die Khe auf Indiens Straen. Ob mitten auf einer riesigen Kreuzung liegend oder auf der Mittelspur einer dreispurigen Einbahnstrae dem Verkehr entgegentrottend: Diese Heiligen haben stehts Vorfahrt und lassen sich nicht aus der Ruhe bringen..

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The lazy river was a lovely retreat if you needed it and the slides were great and you never had to queue for more than a minute or two. The grounds are beautiful and well manicured and the paths make it very easy to wander around from the pool to the beach. The food was amazing!!!! Massive selection and very high quality, always with a different theme night and fresh food being made to order.

And Benot, A. And Benoit Lvy, A. And Bernard, J. In this photo taken on Friday, Nov. 29, 2019, rescuers from Serbia operate at a collapsed building after the 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Durres, western Albania. In the initial hours after a deadly pre dawn earthquake struck Albania, pancaking buildings and trapping dozens of sleeping people beneath the rubble, the country’s neighbors sprang into action.

At first, critics warned the proposal was too broad and would impact county fairs, wildlife rescues or rehabilitation organizations. In response, lawmakers narrowed the definition of circus to include performance before a live audience in which entertainment consisting of a variety of acts such as acrobats, aerialists, clowns, jugglers, or stunts is the primary attraction or principal business. Law includes penalties of up to $25,000 per day for each violation..

And Kim, J. And Knoche, J. And Kunz, M. Koji gorko tri do 6 4 / 3 6 / 6 4 pobjedu nad Br 20 sjemena Estoniji Kanei Pi poznati. Auto udruga. Krenuo je rei,ray ban 3387 zagreb, Aska je odmah uz pomo arobnjaka magino doarati goluba u kavez, u skladu s olimpijskim kriterijima odabira Australian Plivanje tima..

When you have a north going through window, that works best. Otherwise, you might have a scrim, white bed sheet, or gauzy curtain to soften your light just a little bit. Light that is too harsh creates shadows. Sengar is set to lose his membership of the state assembly. Singh Sengar stands disqualified from date of his conviction by the court. Under the provisions of Article 191 of the Constitution of India, the Governor will disqualify him from the date of conviction on the report of the Election Commission of India, said CB Pandey former advisor to governor and a legal expert..

Estas galeras son uno de los mejores lugares que se pueden visitar en Pars en Navidad.Y si hablamos de escaparates, la capital francesa tiene otros dos centros comerciales que tambin reciben muchos visitantes a finales de ao: Printemps (al lado de las Galleras Lafayette) y Le Bon Marche (en la orilla izquierda del ro o River Gauche como dicen los franceses) La inspiracin de este ltimo cuando yo lo visit eran Pap Noel y sus renos, con mucho movimiento y msica en todos sus ventanales.Adems, algo que todo el mundo debe hacer es perderse por la Plaza Vendome, con todas sus joyeras de lujo, hoteles y normalmente un rbol de Navidad enorme (que ese ao no era tan grande debido a las obras de reforma de un hotel de la plaza)Otros de los destinos navideos por excelencia son los Campos Elseos y laAvenida George V, donde puedes encontrar preciosos escaparates de tiendas de lujo como Louis Vuitton, que se engalanan para la ocasin con sorprendentes ideas cada ao.Finalmente, pero no el ltimo lugar que ver, estara el monumento ms visitado de Pars, la Torre Eiffel, que siempre luce preciosa. Tuve la suerte de sacar algunas fotos desde el Campo de Marte con muy pocos turistas en una noche de niebla, en las que torre luce fantstica con miles de luces intermitentes.Espero que disfrutis de las fotos y que encontris inspiracinsi vais a visitar Pars en estas fechas.Today I would like to share with you some of my last clothing buys and ideas to make them more special with good accessories.Black is always a safe color for any season, it is also flattering and smart. You will never go wrong with this dark shade if you now how to mix and match it.In this occasion I got a really easy dress from H (that fits great if you are a curvy girl like me, emphasizing the waist, something that I love) and a gorgeous jumpsuit from Hoss Intropia (that makes your legs endless and has a very sexy back without showing anything, so you can wear it to a lot of dressy parties)In term of accessories to make the most of these great 2 pieces, I have chosen bold ones: leopard heels, chunky necklaces or Burberry lookalike scarvesthat change completely the look but keep it chic and elegant.

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Windows: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. There were themed night and specials every night. Food cooked to your liking on the grill and more desserts than you could imagine. Please no underage shipping or incest shipping appreciation. Told you what I do if any of you did that and you didn listen! Now I can just go around not keeping my promises, can I? heart begins to race. If anybody moves cut the girl eye out and make Lover Boy over there eat it.

It is mainly done on plain or laminated labels and cartons, pouches, polybags, cotton bags and also on solid surfaces. Concertina coils have been developed by the manufacturer since the time of World War I. Its flexibility enables components to be positioned inside the most efficient places..

Hey, aren’t they all but particularly today. Hamilton at Monza, McIlroy in the golf, Murray tonight in New York and The Olympic and Paralympic Parade this afternoon. The only thing is I wish the kids could all get to see it live. Some members of Congress give Calderon a standing ovation. Arizona has been invaded by illegals with automatic weapons who now control the border in parts of Arizona. It is time to tell the Feds to drop dead and protect our border with the National Guard, Sheriff officers, and vigilate groups..

When I was younger I was super scrawny and would just eat junk food non stop but not get fat. Some may say that is lucky but I believe that is what got me in this position with my stomach looking gross compared to everywhere else. I didn’t play sports through my youth I was a little pussy.

Hiccup fans will flip for this awesome Giant Fire Breathing Toothless Dragon. The metallic blue mythical creature measures 20 inches tall with 22 inch pull out wings and features real fire breathing effects. Simply add water to fill the pack on his back and push the button to activate lights and smoke as he gets ready for action! Place Viking figures (sold separately) in a special saddle on his back to soar through the sky.

It’s worth pointing out that there is a tradition of large corporations commissioning music, and not just for image ads or the quasi civic pomp of a World’s Fair. Thomas Watson, founder of IBM, was famous for his company songbook; but not many people know he actually ordered up an symphony in 1936. Michael Eisner recently did the same, commissioning a Symphony to be played at all Disney theme parks during the year 2000.

Given global parameters and multiple parametrised operators, adaptation often becomes a crucial constituent in the design of MAs. In this study, a self adaptive self configuring steady state multimeme memetic algorithm (SSMMA) variant is proposed. Along with the individuals (solutions), SSMMA co evolves memes, encoding the utility score for each algorithmic component choice and relevant parameter setting option.

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Are you looking for KOREAN COSMETICS, Woongjin Coway _ ReNK, Skin Renew Perfect Day Cream 50ml (recovery, skin care, nutrition, radiance)[001KR] online to buy? Pricing is something important that you have to think about and you should have a research before you buy something online including KOREAN COSMETICS, Woongjin Coway _ ReNK, Skin Renew Perfect Day Cream 50ml (recovery, skin care, nutrition, radiance)[001KR]. Here, we have some useful information for you to consider before buying KOREAN COSMETICS, Woongjin Coway _ ReNK, Skin Renew Perfect Day Cream 50ml (recovery, skin care, nutrition, radiance)[001KR] online . This is the price comparison list that helps you to ensure you will get the best price for online KOREAN COSMETICS, Woongjin Coway _ ReNK, Skin Renew Perfect Day Cream 50ml (recovery, skin care, nutrition, radiance)[001KR] purchase..

These two techniques enable the use of DPs to study nearly all types of Electrical Power Systems (EPS). The developed theory is validated using a twin generator system from the More Open Electrical Technologies (MOET) project. 2015 IEEE. Modern vehicles increasingly utilise a large display within the centre console, often with touchscreen capability, to enable access to a wide range of driving and non driving related functionality. The text provided on such displays can vary considerably in size, yet little is known about the effects of different text dimensions on how drivers visually sample the interface while driving and the potential implications for driving performance and user acceptance. A study is described in which sixteen people drove motorway routes in a medium fidelity simulator and were asked to read text of varying sizes (9 mm, 8 mm, 6.5 mm, 5 mm, or 4 mm) from a central in vehicle display.

And Valiviita, J. And Van Tent, F. And Vielva, P. Whereas in most countries affirmative action programs or quotas are reserved for underprivileged or disenfranchised minorities, in Malaysia the beneficiaries of government largesse are the bumiputeras, “the sons of the soil”, a category that includes, expectedly, the orang aslis and other aboriginal people, but also, quite unexpectedly, the numerically dominant Malays. It has been argued, of course, that though the Malays are a majority, the Chinese are the dominant economic force. But the claim that “bumiputera” must be understood in the economic register can only be viewed as disingenuous, considering that the Indians, whose poverty is only eclipsed by that of aboriginals, are not only not entitled to affirmative action privileges but, some five generations after they arrived in Malaysia, still may find themselves denied citizenship and even identity cards.

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Troisime enseignement de notre Baromtre mais non des moindres, les marques italiennes jouent la carte de la sduction pour s’imposer en dsirabilit. Les marques italiennes font une perce remarquable dans notre classement. Les dirigeants franais des groupes LVMH et Kering ne s’y trompent pas qui multiplient ces dernires annes les contacts avec les dirigeants de ces marques (dont ils possdent dj certaines).

Children Museum has worked proudly with Trane and the Ingersoll Rand Foundation since 2015, said Nikki Hill, executive vice president, EdVenture. Ongoing support, including through this latest grant, enables our continued efforts to provide innovative, hands on learning experiences to local students that inspire a new wave of lifelong learners. Columbia facility expansion, along with workforce initiatives and community donations, are in line with the company 2030 Sustainability Commitments, which it announced in May upon accepting the World Environment Center’s 35th Annual Gold Medal for International Corporate Achievement in Sustainable Development.

Numerous other routes were also used to a lesser extent; one branched off from the southern route and headed through the Eastern end of the Taklimakan to the city of Loulan, before joining the Northern route at Korla. Kashgar became the new crossroads of Asia; from here the routes again divided, heading across the Pamirs to Samarkand and to the south of the Caspian Sea, or to the South, over the Karakorum into India; a further route split from the northern route after Kuqa and headed across the Tianshan range to eventually reach the shores of the Caspian Sea, via Tashkent. So at sixteen years old began my romantic life of travel.

It almost Christmas and I haven made anything that I needed to or wanted to. I a terrible person. It break and I don feel like being intellectual right now. Give it more detail than the rest of the character. By giving it more details to a character’s face compared to other parts of the body, it will call attention towards the beard overall compared to anything else because of the number of details to it as everything else is not as heavily worked on. With both having a similar style between the overall piece and beard, you must alter the beard in a way that it becomes more pronounced (this can be done with line thickness changed, perhaps making the color of the beard/opposite of images tone.

Here are some of the things that stood out most about this Panasonic television: Fantastic picture quality The use of unique picture technology (notably the V Real Pro picture technology), accurate colour reproduction, and high contrast ratio all combine to deliver quality HD viewing on your television. Image enhancement This is made possible by the incorporation of V Real Pro 5 scene enhancement technology to further improve on quality of your home viewing. Thin LED construction It therefore facilitates in ease of placement and makes it very lightweight while looking stylish and sleek.