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At 100 years old, Kraft Foods’ Oreo seems younger than ever. The brand’s “Daily Twist” campaign has made the cream stuffed sandwich a social media darling and sometime daredevil. It kicked off June 25 with a polarizing image of the cookie, septuple stuffed with rainbow filling to celebrate Gay Pride Month a bold move for a brand that topped $2 billion in revenue last year.

The Andhra Pradesh government’s decision to build three new mega cities as well as 14 smart cities is specious. The state lacks the resources to fulfil this overly ambitious plan; neither can it depend entirely on Central transfers. A smarter move is to expand existing large cities rather than build anew.

You will not join them, right? You will stay by my side and fight against this injustice? what if we stay friends and I become a Death Eater and ask the Dark Lord to spare you, and only you? ok let me give you chance number 48710. Let try again. Sev, murder is BAD.

While this slick dramatic thriller plays with some intriguing ideas and themes, it never actually breaks the surface, relying on silly plotting and simplistic moralising. It also uses autism as little more than a plot point. Still, it’s sharply shot and edited to create plenty of interest, with comical asides and some intense action.

With two starting points, the marina in Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge Park, the mass of Santas were fed instructions and destinations through the Santacon Twitter feed that this year led us to at least 10 locations such as the South Street Seaport, City Hall Park, Time Square, carols on the steps of the Public Library, the dance club District 36 and Rick’s Cabaret. And this was before the after party was announced in Brooklyn. There are also suggested rules for Santas to follow, such as arriving on the scene with canned goods for the Food Bank for NYC and patronizing bars that donate portions of Santacon proceeds to Toys for Tots..

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