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The music was so loud I couldn’t hear anybody’s names (or maybe the quaaludes were kicking in), but I will say it was also completely unforgettable and a thoroughly novel approach to inner city travel. I did jump off at the first stop (no, not the liquor store) feeling sure KGSR had a thing or two to teach Capital Metro about public transportation. More people would take the bus if more busses were like these.

While there’s plenty of buzz about every new watch, fitness tracker, and head worn device, the retention rate is low. Used (and cheap) Galaxy Gear smartwatches are strewn across secondhand sites such as eBay, and research from Endeavour Partners has found that “one third of American consumers who have owned a wearable product stopped using it within six months. What’s more, while one in 10 American adults own some form of activity..

The NetBlocks observatory said it detected an intentional blackout of popular services including Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and Viber.The defense ministry said the shutdown would extend until the government concludes its investigation into the bomb blasts that rocked churches, luxury hotels and other sites.NetBlocks cautioned that such post attack blackouts are often ineffective.”What we’ve seen is that when social media is shut down, it creates a vacuum of information that’s readily exploited by other parties,” said Alp Toker, executive director of the London based group. “It can add to the sense of fear and can cause panic.”The group said its monitoring of Sri Lankan internet connectivity found no disruptions to the fundamental infrastructure of the internet, meaning the blackout was directed at specific services. Some social media outlets, such as Twitter, appeared unaffected, but the blockage affected popular messaging services.”That’s going to be a problem for people trying to communicate with friends and family,” Toker said.Some internet users are circumventing the social media blocks by using a virtual private network, which masks the location of a computer, Toker said.It isn’t the first time Sri Lanka has blocked social media.

It fitting that K Billy ads boast of being station where the survived given Tarantino deliberately cultivated reputation in the films to come as a polisher of rusted stars. Chief among these celebrity resuscitations is his repurposing in Pulp Fiction of John Travolta, then wasted in dreck like the Look Who’s Talking franchise after a creative downturn in the 1980s. Even more so than his savvy deployment of Keitel gravitas in his debut, Tarantino makes expert use of Travolta slightly rumpled star of yore mythos, embodied by his still formidable cheekbones and wolffish smile as well as the throwback of his demonstrable skills on the dance floor..

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