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Comcast argues that bigger is better. Big is a bad thing, said Cohen. Acknowledge that. You offer a hopeful perspective of opportunities for everyone to be sustained by the world’s resources. Your intuition is grounded in what is solidly real; you’re driven to ground an ideal vision. (Rachel Weisz) / (Queen Victoria).

“People are going to keep coming back. What are they going to do, send cops in every night and waste taxpayer dollars?” asked Gabe Meyers. “The cops are the 99 percent, but they’re doing the work of the 1 percent. The name Kioxia (kee ox ee uh) will be adopted for the names of all Toshiba Memory companies, largely effective on the same date. Kioxia is a combination of the Japanese word kioku meaning “memory” and the Greek word axia meaning “value.” Merging “memory” with “value,” Kioxia represents the company’s mission to uplift the world with “memory,” which forms the foundation of the company’s vision. Kioxia will cultivate the new era of memory, defined by rapidly increasing demands for large capacity, high performance storage and data processing, which positions the company to grow sustainably as a leading flash memory producer for many years to come..

Vegetable Tanning A method of hide tanning which utilizes materials from organic materials such as bark, instead of the traditional chemicals. Vegetable tanned leather is stiffer than traditionally tanned leather, and gets darker from your body natural oils the more you use it. Bridle leather will typically be vegetable tanned..

One of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do in adulthood as a male is tie a tie. Neckties are one of the hardest things to teach and hardest things to learn. Tying a tie is so hard that the majority of men are picking up clip on ties instead, despite their lack of maturity.

The title of this sub is not an invitation for you to be cruel. The purpose of this space is to determine whether or not someone is in the wrong, not to tear them a new one. People post here to learn and to grow from what they learn here. I am soooo sorry that I haven been writing as regularly lately and I really hope to get back into the habit. Anyway, I just want to say to anyone who took at SATs last week that I hope you did well and I would also like to hear what you did as a treat afterwards (I went to watch International Rugby and then I went camping with my class for a week and then went to Pizza Express; I know, I lucky). I also want to make sure that you guys all have a awesome half term and I would love to hear what you will be getting up to (I just relaxing at home).

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