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As a reminder, real rates, important for the Fear Trade, are what you get when you subtract the consumer price index (CPI), or inflation, from the 10 year Treasury yield. As of January 6, the 10 year yield was 2.18 percent, while the 12 month CPI for November December data will be released later this month came in at a barely there 0.50 percent. Real rates, therefore, are running at a positive 1.68 percent, which is a headwind for gold..

“Part of my role is to go out in the community and promote educational empowerment,” she said. “Recruit a little bit to see if we can get some more Black Canadians, Black Nova Scotians coming to X and just letting them know, they’re very welcomed here, are represented here and we want them to come. Also to help the community feel more involved with the university I’m really looking forward to that.”.

Not just about economic development, you can have economic development until you start dealing with other issues your community faces. Bass says, kind of why I spend a lot of time these days on issues of homelessness and opiate addiction, and mental illness, because until we get our house in order how are we really expecting to be economically bustling at the seems? her early announcement (more than a year before the election) already Bass is not the only fish in the sea. She being challenged by Dani Burkhart.

On Mayes’ side is SolarCity and other solar power companies, plus their customers. They’re being battered by utilities that want to place extra charges on solar customers that reduce the payments they receive for the power they produce from their panels. Their initiative would ban utilities from levying those extra charges and ensure that solar customers are paid full retail value for their contribution to the grid..

The reality is a Prenuptial Agreement can create a situation where the marriage will be more difficult to terminate rather then easier to end. You can design a prenup that states divorce can not happen unless a travesty has occurred, like being unfaithful or whatever you decide is important as a couple. And in contrast, the majority of states accept no fault divorce..

Research indicates that many countries that are rich in natural resources have got very low economic growth and are generally poor. This is because of various reasons including corruption among others. Nations that do not have these resources are even richer.

You may have to position the sofa a few times to get it just so, but all in all, you’re pretty satisfied until you notice there’s no art on the wall. And so you decide to buy some art that matches the sofa. I cringe a little while I write this, but in reality that is how many of us choose art.

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