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The History of Celebrity PhotographyStill photographs were used as early as the 1890’s by the Hollywood film studios to document the movies and promote their stars. The early Hollywood photographers were freelancers hired by the celebrities themselves. This gave the photographers a lot more freedom, resulting in very intimate and personal portraits of the stars..

Men: “In terms of cut and function, I try not to stand out for the wrong reasons,” says Underwood. “I like lined trunks that cut above the knee, but don’t mind going shorter if the fit isn’t too snug. I don’t wear board shorts and have never understood why guys layer on top of actual underwear underneath that’s a lot of wet cotton to be sitting around in all day.”.

My niece, Riley, turned four this week, and I just loooove a good excuse to throw a party. Here the deal though; I lost my mind. My motto is, big, or go home. Yeah, it’s stressful. I don’t know how to talk to them at times, probably because they’re teenagers. I mean, I never had much patience with teens, even when I was one myself.

Fraud, identity theft: 700 block of Flintridge Avenue. A woman reported attending a baby shower at a friend’s house on Knight Way on Oct. 20, at which time she reported her purse and wallet were secure. Cinema, like the Maltese Falcon, is “the stuff that dreams are made of”, and people have always been ready to part with their cash in a bid to have a part of that dream in their everyday lives. It’s why corporations cough up for product placement of hardware or gizmos in all the latest blockbusters. It’s why sales of Ray Ban Aviators shot up by 40% after Tom Cruise wore them in Top Gun, or why Chanel’s Rouge Noir became the must have nail lacquer of the season after Uma Thurman flaunted it in Pulp Fiction..

Yet people still go about their business and feel generally free to behave as they please (within reason), accepting that being surveilled is just part of modern life.Does Google Glass change that equation? And how? Certainly, adding one more camera to the mix is negligible, but the device suddenly puts a face on the act of surveilling. Now the camera is right there in front of you, not in some tucked away corner. And there’s the watcher, wearing the device on his or her face.

With so much plastic floating around, there is no surprise that it finds its way into the food webs of marine ecosystems. Our news feeds are battered by reports of stranded marine animals whose stomachs are littered with plastics, clips of animals mistaking plastic bags for their primary food sources, and new studies quantifying the presence of micro plastics in almost all areas of nature. The problem is more than just full bellies of unnatural content, which in of itself is a great concern.

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