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Any abrasive, like the baking soda mixture will “sand” the glass itself, you just need to polish it further with a soft and mild abrasive after the initial application of the backing soda mixture and buff it with a cotton cloth for a while. Deeper scratches will not be fixable. Either that or buy a new pair or in the hopes of not offending any very sensitive souls donate the costs to a non profit.

Six months, the cancer had spread to her lung. In desperation, her son phoned a doctor in the United States to find out how to get an innovative immuno oncology treatment to Canada. Said if we can find a centre in Canada, and had $40,000, they could make it work, Barnard explains.

Though Talking India commences with questions from Jahanbegloo designed to acquaint us with Nandy’s early education and formative intellectual influences, it is mainly organized around the principal cultural issues and political questions on which Nandy has, over the course of the last three decades, lavished his attention. The culture of the Indian state has long been of interest to Nandy, and here he discourses on the discomfort of Indian lites with democracy and their disdain for, and fear of, Gandhi the original article, not the namesake who proclaimed an Emergency in 1975 and had little opposition from intellectuals for doing so (30 31, 38 39). Apropos of his controversial views on sati, or the practice of widow immolation which the British outlawed in their territories in India in the 1820s but which has made the rare occasional reappearance in more tradition bound parts of the country, Nandy affirms that a ‘respect [for] the principle enshrined in the mythology of sati’ can be sustained alongside a vigorous repudiation of ‘the practice of sati in historical time’.

Western Christendom, of whose and ideological personality Columbus was as good a specimen as any, had one might say specialized in the production of images of Otherness. The Israelites, as even a cursory reading of the Old Testament suggests, saw the earth as hostile and they an almost murderous conception of it. The hostile attitude to nature, as well as to other cultures, whose gods were perforce to be destroyed, incorporated in Judaic monotheism and on to Christianity as well (pp.

We assess how social and cognitive functioning is associated to gaining employment for 213 people diagnosed with severe mental illness taking part in employment programs in Andalusia (Spain). We used the Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status and the Social Functioning Scale and conducted two binary logistical regression analyses. Response variables were: having a job or not, in ordinary companies (OCs) and social enterprises (SEs), and working in and OC or not.

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