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Once an industry that soared above the political fracas, Fukushima has put nuclear energy onto the political map. A recent poll published in Lib found that 60% of respondents supported a progressive withdrawal from nuclear. This figure represents an increase of 9% on an Ifop survey conducted in March.

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As she turns to Pietro, Wanda sees his chest riddled with bullets and a ghastly face, just for a split second. It’s what her brother (played by Aaron Taylor Johnson) looked like after he died in Age of Ultron. Wanda flinches and then looks at Pietro again, and he looks fine.

Soghomon as an adult (Samvel Tadevossian) is more an occasional offscreen presence than a genuine character, and the film ends with his arrest in 1915 in Istanbul (he survived the Genocide, but the trauma left an indelible mark and from 1919 until his death in 1935 he lived in an asylum in France). Unfortunately the film makes weak use of his influential music. Visually, “Songs” looks like an extended re enactment from a second rate history program, the kind that always has a smoke machine just off screen to provide atmosphere when the evil guy approaches..

The research team ran four different simulations in their work, each one with slightly different variables. In three of them especially, the magnetar created an hourglass shape. Heavy elements like strontium and gold are created inside the hourglass.

The color bar next to the plot indicates the probability. Clicking a different type of bounds animates the plot to demonstrate how the bounds changes. Hovering over or tapping on the plot reveals more information about the position being pointed at.The gap between upper bounds and lower bounds gets vanishingly narrow near the edges of the unit square, which means that we can accurately determine the probability of the intersection given the probability of the marginal probabilities.