fake ray bans 2021


Speaking of the originator of sunglasses, it must be Ray-Ban well-deserved. Ray is glare, Ban means blocking, and blocking the dazzling light is the essence of sunglasses.

fake ray bans

A Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun” starring Song Joong-ki. The single products he wears in the drama have become fashionable new favorites, including this Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, which are loved by all the big brothers. Of planting grass.

Today, “Luxury Easy Buy” will share some tips on authenticating Ray-Ban3025 sunglasses/sunglasses.

1. Label

The genuine product uses a polarized label, the LOGO is delicate and clear, and the red is relatively fresh;

The fakes are non-polarized labels with thick LOGO and lighter red.


2. Foot cover

Ray-Ban sunglasses can be distinguished by the foot cover at a glance, the genuine foot cover is uniformly transparent. The color of the foot cover of the fake sunglasses is black.



3. Frame logo

The logo of the genuine frame is clear and delicate, and the edges are neat. The logo of the imitation frame is deeply engraved, the whole is concave and sticky, and it is rough to the naked eye.

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