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Variance in urban noise induced changes in psychomotor speed, attention, Trail Making B A (executive function), and immediate recall and social noise induced changes in verbal fluency (executive function) and immediate recall were explained by a combination of baseline cognition and paranoia, noise sensitivity, sleep, or cognitive disorganization. Higher baseline cognition (but not IQ) predicted greater impairment under urban and social noise for most cognitive variables. Paranoia predicted psychomotor speed, attention, and executive function impairment.

He was released on his own recognizance. A North Street resident reported Thursday evening that someone broke out the rear window to his father vehicle while it was parked at their home.The reporting person told police her heard the sound of glass breaking, then discovered the damage to his father car. Damage was estimated at $200.Nothing was reported stolen from the car.

It was hypothesised that the circadian rhythm in human adult stem cells differs depending on the source of tissue and that different entraining signals exert differential effects depending on the anatomical source. Dexamethasone and rhythmic mechanical stretch were used to synchronise stem cells derived from the bone marrow, tooth dental pulp, and abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissue, and it was experimentally evidenced that these different stem cells differed in their circadian clock properties in response to different synchronisation mechanisms. The more primitive dental pulp derived stem cells did not respond as well to the chemical synchronisation but showed temporal clock gene oscillations following rhythmic mechanical stretch, suggesting that incorporating temporal circadian information of different human adult stem cells will have profound implications in optimising tissue engineering approaches and stem cell therapies..

The race however just might not happen this year and grand scheme, that’s okay, kinda devastating to be honest, but okay all the same. We shall see what unfolds over the coming days and weeks I guess. Here’s hoping. This is the weekend before what would’ve been Mardi Gras (“Madras Grass”); there should be just time enough for a few pieces of cinnamon King cake before next week. If my brother does come by this weekend, maybe we’ll run off to someplace and buy a King cake and see how it goes with dark rum.Up there on my bookshelves are half a dozen of the little black 5 x 8 leather bound journals I’ve always liked. I have a large hardbound journal that I opened at Mardi Gras of the Year Twenty, and it’ll last me at least two or three more years.

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