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Method: Players performed a weight traiing session followed 2 hours later by a speed training session (WS) and on a separate day reversed the order (SW). Countermovement jumps (CMJ), perceived muscle soreness (MS), and blood samples were collected immediately prior, immediately post, and 24 hours post sessions one and two respectively. Jumps were analyzed for power, jump height, rate of force development, and velocity.

In 2013, the most recent year the Arkansas Times has been able to get from DFA, about 670 returns reported taxable income of $1 million or more. They paid cumulative state income taxes of about $170 million. Reduce the top tax rate to 6 percent on those earnings, and you talking a savings of $22 million for those 670 people, or about $32,000 each.

From the kitchen cabinets to the kitchen flooring, we’ll make sure the entire room is constructed with durable products that will look beautiful for years. Likewise, your bathroom remodels can involve replacing the bathroom countertops and bathroom cabinets, installing a new shower or tub, laying down new flooring, and much more. In short, we can professionally design and renovate just about any aspect of a kitchen or bathroom, or for that fact, any room in your home..

Herb is the guy that calls to make a reservation for your entire restaurant for a private party. He says he knows you’re struggling financially, and he’ll only choose your restaurant if he can come for a free dinner tonight. In addition, you must make the beautiful server treat him like a baby put a bib on him, cut up his food, and feed it to him by hand.

The Razor Series is the next product they had available. This line of batteries, called the RazorPlus and RazorMax will come in 3000mAh and 6000mAh capacities, respectively. There are no built in cables with this power bank, but instead it has two full sized USB ports and you have to provide your own cable.

The first stage uses five uprated Shuttle main engines (the Shuttle had three) with LH2/LOX propellant. The SRBs are like the Shuttle”s, but more powerful. On the smaller version, there is no need for a second stage, as the propellant combination provides a long burn and high exhaust velocity.

After spending years in radio in Kearney, I thought I would dabble in the world of city government, moving back to Bridgeport in 2008 to be the City Administrator. I couldn kick the radio bug (even though I had taken lots of medications and painful injections!), and was hired in 2011 as the Director of Operations at KNEB. I couldn be happier to be back in the radio business, and absolutely love my job (and the severe weather coverage, too!).

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