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For every $1 dollar used to purchase a Wild game magazine, the PIIC donates $1 back to the Foundation. Since 2009, PIIC has contributed over $950,000 to the Wild Foundation, over $828,000 of that being matching funds from game night sales. Thanks to our amazing fans and the PIIC, the matching program is on a trajectory to surpass the One Million dollar mark in donated funds.

5. DISCUSSION OF TOPIC AREA 2 IDENTIFIED IN THE CC SUBCOMMITTEE WORK PLAN A. On November 30, the subcommittee will be discussing Topic Area 2 on its work plan. To that end, EV technology is advancing rapidly. However, Brian Kingston, president of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association, said this week in the National Observer, “price parity with gas powered vehicles remains years off.” Others believe that day could come in the next couple of years. That why some proponents argue rebates and government incentives are so important to grow the market.

Please see the wiki for more detailed explanations of the rules. It ended “it’s the first sixty years that count and I’ve got 30 left.”TIL in 2015, a plane made an emergency landing after the crew received an indication of smoke in the cargo hold. She was assigned to work at a POW camp, like most African American nurses at the time, and fell in love with a German POW there..

The lawn apparels are ultimate for designing salwar kameez particularly. Every print of each designer salwar kameez brings some sort of inspiration and creativity behind it. Both stitched and unstitched dresses are available in all sizes. Psychiatrists don’t give out a bipolar diagnosis only to say that you can manage it with therapy. They give out the diagnosis when bipolar events have occurred and the patient is in need of treatment immediately. Therapy cannot stop manic episodes.

The researchers are quick to acknowledge that they have not yet even made a working prototype of the basic element of their system. But Microsoft is working on a prototype for the hardware should efforts to build qubits succeed. Burton Smith, a well known supercomputer designer who came to Microsoft from Cray in 2005 has moved to lead a new quantum hardware design group.

In his 2018 Executive Capital budget, Mayor Soglin reduced federal funding sources for the Public Market by $3M in recognition of the uncertainty of the new administration in Washington. Instead, the Mayor proposes to use $3.05M from closing TID 32 and TID 27. I believe increasing the share of city funds for this project is a reasonable course of action given the changed conditions at the federal level.

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